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Hunting Giant Bull Moose and Grizzly Bear in Alaska

Hunting Giant Bull Moose and Grizzly Bear in Alaska

What I see is coming down through that
the elders at the end there, we were like silent ninjas. In a steamroller. So, it’s day four of the hunt and as you
can see behind me a little bit cloud. Now we have been rained in most of the
mornings about midday, so just gonna head along to the end of the strip here and
start doing some glassing. Now the weather has been pretty changeable,
yesterday we had patches of rain and then bright sunshine, saw a lot of game
moving around but the wind wasn’t in our favour. This morning the winds a little
bit lower so rather than working against it we’re gonna start glassing the valley
the other way that I’m just showing you now. But, still being day four into the hunt
our second day out hunting due to the weather but that’s one of the things you
have to contend with when you’re here in the big country. Still plenty of animals
down there there’s still plenty of hunting to be done and it just means
getting out there braving the conditions and seeing what we can see so far so
good. four days in a tent with the wild man
and loving every minute of it. So, fingers crossed we can see something later today. It is now ten past twelve the rain has
just stopped a fair bit of cloud there quite a lot snow last night if you look
up there on top of the glacier there. Snow fell down on top of the rains it’s
quite a lot cooler. There’s Mark in the distance surveillance situation, makings game plan, it’s closed in a bit down in the valley
now because we’re talking so I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing but we’re
gonna have a look and see what we can see. After the excitement of yesterday’s
epic trek into the wilderness, it’s more than a little frustrating to be hemmed
in once again by the weather. So, when the fog finally lifts we’re straight back
out glassing. However, we’re not the only ones taking advantage of this break in
the rain. Two young moose bulls are preparing for the rut with a few rounds
of sparring whilst it’s unlikely they’ll be challenging the larger bulls in the
prime rut it doesn’t hurt to begin honing your skills early. But, these are not the only animals moving around and we see glimpses of what we think is a
grizzly bear feeding on the berries in the distance. But, just as we’re planning our approach the fog descends once more signaling the end of our days hunting. We thought we were on, we thought we were going to go off and get a stalk on a
grizz this afternoon who’s a fair way out and we made the plan you got geared
up and we even got the bergen’s on at one time and then the fog rolled in and the rains followed in afternoon you can hear so
we’ve just been in and we’ve cleaned the guns sorted everything out. Ian’s sorting his wet clothes out. Just getting folded up yeah as you can see look at our bed
space beautiful now we’ll turn to the the younger member of the crew. There you go, where it drops that’s where it stops. Cool and the gang. So, that’s it until the
morning hopefully the morning is going to bring bright sunshine and a nice
steady favorable wind and we’re going to get some fur on the ground catch you
later. So, day five and here we are where we
normally sat in our tents. As you can see from outside put your raining still and fogs come in we did see some moose last night and
we did see some grizzly bear, problem is we’ve gotta find them again this morning.
Find a root into them and hopefully the fog won’t come in and get in our way. Really dangerous out, you can’t be moving
around and fogs heavy but looks like it’s coming in even further, so
just a matter of being patient waiting spending time with these charming fellas, look at them, look how happy they are. All happy campers, fingers crossed we’ll get out today, but looking at this no guarantees. Whilst we can’t get out hunting in the fog we busy ourselves with chores around camp including fetching glacier-fed water
from the creek for cooking. It’s vital that everybody pulls their weight and contributes to the tasks there’s no room for cherkiss here. Our predominantly freeze-dried oats for breakfast, ramen noodles for lunch and mountain house for
dinner oh and copious amounts of tea and coffee. It’s day five of the hunt and we’re finally out with some decent weather. It rained pretty much from 8:30 last night right the way through to this
morning o’clock the weather’s been pretty thick on us so that’s a good sign
for us not only can we get out here in glass, but hopefully the game will start
moving around. Now, on the far hillside to my right we’ve seen a decent sized grizzly bear a nice dark one still looking for the moose that we saw last
night and couple days ago there’s one out down on a left-hand side here on the
opposite face. He bedded down roughly where we saw him yesterday but it’s his
patch out behind us we’re hoping that a cow of the two young bulls and those two
trophy bulls we saw a couple of days ago will pop out for us. But, like a
wilderness hunting it’s just a matter of being patient but at least we’ve got a
break in the weather that’s the thing that’s been holding us back
hasn’t dampened the spirits but it’s getting to the point in time we’re
wondering are we gonna get out and see anything at or not it’s just a matter of
sitting down now keep glassing the area and sooner or
later something should pop up. The afternoon sunshine is a welcome friend after what seems like an eternity of rain. The stiff breeze also does a great
job of keeping the incessant flies at bay. The sheer beauty of this landscape
belies the very real dangers it represents both from the rugged
environment and its predatory inhabitants. Although we’re eager to get
out and explore its endless nooks and crannies we know the planning and preparation are key to our success. From our vantage point we can
cover huge sways of ground, letting our binoculars do the hard work for us. We
can see the meadows that will attract the moose and the bright red berry
patches on the slopes that are irresistible to bear. If we’re patient and meticulous in our observation the right opportunity will soon presents itself.

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