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– So what you wanna do
is make friends with her, it’s very important. – [Coyote] Who is her? – Her, she’s Karen the
moose, she’s an orphan. – [Mario] Moose? – Moose, yeah, she’s an
orphan whose mother was killed along the Haines Highway,
and, uh, the state called me and said do you wanna take her,
she’s got a four-acre swamp, she came up here, I can
hear her over there. So I’ve got these carrots
and I’m gonna open a door and then you just
offer her a carrot, and stuff it in her mouth,
and then you should kiss her on the nose, this
is very important. If she’s not kissed she’ll
feel like you don’t like her, that she’s not
attractive, et cetera. – You’re asking me
to kiss a moose? – Yes. – [Andrew] Is it a baby moose? – No, she’s not a baby moose. – This is a moose moose, like. – Well, she’s four
years old, see. – Oh, that’s not a baby moose. – She’s still growing. – Okay, well, let’s
go kiss a moose. – Let’s take a look. Well, maybe, I don’t know. You gotta follow
me because she’ll think something’s wrong, okay? (bleating) There she is. (drumbeats) – [Coyote] While on
location in Alaska, we had the wonderful pleasure of spending several days
working at Steve Kroschel’s wildlife sanctuary, where
we got up close with many different species,
including mink, red fox, and of course the highly
anticipated wolverine. Steve has the incredible
talent of being able to speak with animals,
and for several days, he mentored me as I
prepared to work with him. However, there’s no
preparation in the world for kissing a 400-pound moose. And before we knew
it, the crew and I were face to face with Karen. – I’m gonna give you this
carrot, I split them up here ’cause I got a few, and
I’m gonna open this door, and just stand right here and
then hope that she’ll take it. Shove it in the mouth,
shove it in the mouth, shove it in the mouth!
– Just like a horse? – Come on, kiss her,
kiss her, kiss her, you gotta kiss her on the nose! All right, try it again. Kiss. Now, see, I’m talking to her,
now it’s not exactly a juicer, you gotta go a
little bit slower. Here, try one this way,
she likes it in the teeth. Don’t let her pull
your teeth out though. – Out of my mouth? – Yeah, she’ll pull your
teeth out if you got, when she gets a little busy. Okay, now that’s
perfect, do it again. – That is nose to
nose with a moose. – Get in there, get in there, her neck is only so long. – Oh, I got moose
slobber all over my lip. – That’s all right,
it’s all organic. – You guys gotta try this. Can the crew try this? – I dunno, but you
gotta get closer. One more. (groaning) – I got moose slobber
all over my face. You guys wanna know what
moose slobber tastes like? It’s salty. I’ve never kissed any animal
this many times in a row, that’s for sure, right? – Oh, man, that’s a faceplant. – All right. I think Mario, you’re up, dude. – Me? – [Coyote] Yeah,
man, you’re first. – Go for it. – All right, I’ll do it. – [Coyote] Now, here, you give
me the camera, let’s switch. I’ll take Mario’s, musical
cameras, here we go. – So what do I do? – Get ready, here,
put it in your mouth, but don’t let her
pull your teeth out. – Okay. – If she starts
tugging on it, let go. – Do it again, do it
again, do it again. – Okay. – She loves it, look at
her eyes, she’s so happy. Jaws, come on, Jaws. – All right, all
right, here we go. You ready? – Don’t let her pull
your teeth out, let go. Perfect. You are as tall as a moose. There you go. One more, one more. – All right, all
right, all right, Mark, it’s your turn, come
on, put down the camera. Give the camera to Mario. – I’m the camera guy.
– Nope, let’s do it. Steve, he can do it, right? – Well, sure. – [Mark] Oh, Steve, you’re
supposed to say we’re done. – We got a couple of carrots. We’re done, we are. – She’s got good breath, she’s
got good breath, don’t worry. – All right, all right. All right, we can do one more. – Sure, go ahead, get ready. – So what do I do? – Put it in your mouth
and hold onto it, and let her pull it
out of your mouth, but don’t let her
take your teeth. – All right, all right. – People with dentures
sometimes loose them here. Here we go. Hold on, hold on, uh-oh. – [Mario] I like that look on
you, you look like a snowman. – That’s a lot of carrots, man. – Ahh, I nuzzled a moose! – [Steve] All right. – [Coyote] All right,
kissing a moose! – Yeah, I love kissing a moose. – Steve] You guys head out,
I’ll stay on this side, I’m gonna give her a french,
so, she knows the routine here. Come with me over here. – [Coyote] Bye, Karen. – [Andrew] Bye, Karen. – [Mario] Bye, Karen. – Wow, um, well, my face
is covered in moose slobber right now and if there was
one thing when I got to Alaska that I didn’t think
I was going to do, it was going to be
kissing a moose. Steve, thank you for
providing me with such an incredible experience. Kissing a moose. – I’ve gotta hug you. – Ohhhh, that was so awesome. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. While in Alaska, we did
see moose in the wild, and to be within 100 yards
of them was incredible. However, I have to
admit, kissing a moose was by far the coolest
moose encounter the crew and I
could have ever had. If you enjoyed this On
Location, make sure to go back and watch as the crew
and I got up close with a pair of juvenile
moose in the wild. And don’t forget, subscribe to
the Brave Wilderness channel so you can join us on
our next big adventure.

100 thoughts on “I KISSED A MOOSE, and I LIKED IT!”

  1. Credit to: Furby_Day_Dah(UPGRADED BY ME)

    Mister moose: Honey i'm home!

    Miss Moose: Oh hi sweetie what did you do today?

    Mister moose: I ate some carrots, what did you do today?

    Miss moose: Oh i got kissed by a coyote! He was so nice and polite!

    Mister moose: ….. WHAT!!
    Miss moose: Umm……Can I have a divorce?

  2. First kisses are so romantic but not all of them what if this was Coyotes FIRST KISS!
    Coyote: "Had my first kiss today"
    A friend: "OMG WHO WAS IT!"
    Coyote: "It was Karen-"
    A friend: "Whos Karen?"
    Coyote: "As I was saying, it was Karen the Moose"
    A friend: "A MOOSE!!!!!!!??!?!?"
    Coyote: "Yes and it was quite romantic"
    A friend: "ROMANTIC!?!?!?!?! I would rather u kiss me instead of a moose"
    Coyote: "YES romantic and I would rather kiss a pile of doo doo instead of u"
    A friend: "WOW rude" Starts crying inside

  3. Moose and bravewildness sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G first came love second came Marriage third came a baby in a carage

  4. Moose are so epic. Not only the fact that they can dive under 5 feet, but the biggest weigh 1800 lbs! Epiccccc.

  5. I got to kiss my dog

    All you have to do is say gimme a kiss and she'll kissyou on the lips 👄

    Or make kissy lips at her 💋

  6. Alaska: lonely men and the animals they love. Too bad the state just cut the education budget in half and gave women (teachers, students, mothers and kissable female humans) less reasons to brave the wilderness.

  7. Now that is my dream there. Maybe not kissing a moose but I want to see a live moose. They are so beautiful and majestic animals.

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