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Ice Fishing – Trophy River Pike (13,1 kg)

Ice Fishing – Trophy River Pike (13,1 kg)

If you catch a personal best when fishing with
Team Baitbox, there will be champagne. Let’s open it to celebrate, or what do you say, Jonsson? Often, it’s a bigger fish you catch when it has flagged. This is something enormous. This is easy more than 22 pounds.. Undoubtedly. Jonsson had promised big pikes. I just had to come. I believe in this one today.
Has a special aura around it. I know why we only catch smaller fish. If you don’t sacrifice anything, you don’t catch anything. During these days, Jonsson have had two main tasks. Butter and big pikes. Yes!
– Great! It was this one we came for. It’s taking line.. I had taken some time off from work and together
with Tobias, I decided to during three days.., fish and fish in the hunt for a whopper pike. In the beginning of March, I travelled to the northern part of Sweden
to fish really big pikes together with the guys from Team Baitbox. It’s long time between each flag, but often
it’s a big pikes when you catch something. I don’t know what’s happening. Think it’s a fish on. Think it’s something there. Go ahead. That was a bad hook setting.. How does it feel?
– Small. Maybe it’s some weigh on her.. At least I can hope. Well, decent. Decent.
– It was quite good. Yes, indeed. Let’s see if I can land it, despite
I did the worst hook setting ever. Do you want help to land it?
– We do everything for the film. It’s a quite good morning.
– Insane. Yes, really thick. Well, 30 centimeter more on that one.. Will be great. The first morning when me and Tobias
was here, we had really great fishing. I don’t think I ever have had that
many flags as we had then. Flag again! It takes line, let’s go. Are you ready?
– Yes. We caught two decent pikes. Two fish
that weighed 12 and 14 pounds. They were not long but they were thick. There was potential for larger fish too. We fish in a big eddy that’s connected to a river.
Since earlier, we know that it swims big pikes here. The question is if we were going to catch anyone. I know why we only have caught smaller fish. I haven’t mash anything. Let’s do it so we hopefully can catch a personal best today. One in the hole and one to myself. If you don’t
sacrifice anything, you don’t catch anything. It’s true, because the Indians did that in the old days. Now we must wait, Tobbe. It’s like the most places where there are big fish.
You must fish, fish and fish to catch anything. It’s slow. Don’t think it has flagged since 9 am.
– And the clock is soon? Soon 2 pm. Probably we catch something at 2.30 pm. I will pack everything together and put the weigh
sack in the bottom. Then we certainly will get a flag. Received a text message. It was fun, at least it happened something. The second day we got reinforcement by Simon Ekdahl from Team Baitbox. I’ve known Andreas Jonsson for 15 years and when I heard that Tobias should be here, I drove all the way from Umeå. Three hours driving, because Jonsson had promised big pikes. I just had to come. That’ll do it. One for me.. ..and one for something big, something that’s bigger than me. I always fish with dead bait. I then avoid the smaller fish.
I’ve had great fishing on dead bait last year. If it was coincidence or not, I don’t know.
It’s stupid to change. How much did that pike weigh?
– 32 pounds. I will try to beat that today.
– Sure, go ahead. It took some line. First fish for today. I hope it’s something
bigger, since we have bad weather. F*ck. It was nothing. Not fun. Try again. We’re fishing in a water where we know there are big pikes.
There has been caught fishes close to 22 pounds. If you get a flag and lose the fish, it’s not fun, because it’s likely a big fish. It’s always tragic when you lose a fish here. This day’s second flag. It’s on the same rod. The fish hasn’t taken any line since I got here,
so it’s unclear if it’s something there. It’s probably not a world record but let’s try. I will go home. Give it another try. Third time, maybe. Since Andreas caught an enormous pike last year and also
some other big ones, we know that there are big pikes around. For almost a year ago, I did a similar effort.
The best fishing day was extremely good. I caught a new personal best twice the same day. First a pike
in the morning that almost weighed 22 pounds and then a 32 pounder. I want to experience that again, but could be hard.. It has flagged on this rod. It’s yours, Jonssa. It’s fish that takes line. Hurry up! Put the coffee cup away! It’s the “tie”.
– No, but I’ve caught this one a couple of weeks ago. It’s the pike that’s extremely ugly. Here’s a pike I’ve caught a couple of times before.
Same fish I caught for a couple of weeks ago. Time to release her. Didn’t put up a good fight. Simon, I think you have a really good rod holder.
– Indeed. You must show it.
– Our treasure that we have had for a while. It’s because of this one we have caught a lot of big pikes. It brings luck. Furthermore, it’s not many that has a rod holder like this. That’s to our advantage. I believe in this one today. Has a small
aura that usually attracts the ladies. When we lived in Norway, it had flowed ashore in the fjord.
If the person who threw it would see it today.. ..well, I don’t know what they would think. But it’s good to recycle things. I’ve always
thought that, it’s good for the environment. It’s important to bring much and good
food when fishing pike for a long time. Today we will eat pita, red deer,
salad and an oriental dressing. Without good food, you easy lose your concentration and can miss a flag. We’ll get new energy when eating food.
We can then fish for further 12 hours. What if the pikes were as hungry as I am right now.
– Probably will be, when smelling this. Ojojojojojo, holy cow. It’s an extremely strong roach. He’s only tricking us. We were eating and then it only was the roach. Had to put down the kebab. Goddamn. Will be cold when I get back. Big problems I have. Tasted good?
– Really awesome. You did great.
– Thank you. It’s good to feel a fish after a 5 hour break. When the last and third day came, we felt it was now or never. During these days, Jonsson have had
two main tasks. Butter and big pikes. Yesterday, he brought much butter, which resulted in smaller pikes.
Today, he didn’t bring much butter, and that was probably the medicine. The sun is rising and we have a flag. We heard the jingle this time. Jonsson caught a
smaller one and now I will catch a big pike. It takes line. Be prepared to land this one. It doesn’t weigh 4 pounds..
– A better fish. Holy cow. It looked good. It looked good.
– It’s fun when they look good. It’s not everyday you hook a big fish. When you see the big
neck and the enormous head coming up to the hole, you know.. ..that you either going to land the fish of your dream
or the line will snap. You’ll get extremely nervous. This is something enormous. This is the difference between a great and a decent film. It takes line.. I thought I lost it. I can’t handle it.
– Even the camera man is nervous. When fighting a big fish, it’s mixed emotions. It’s many thoughts
in the head and you doesn’t get many chances to land it. This is easy more than 22 pounds. Undoubtedly. Are you ready? Land it!
– I must have good shot. You doesn’t get many chances, because I’m extremely nervous.
– What do you think I am, who must land it? It takes line.. What the hell.. Can’t handle it, I go away and drink coffee. It’s a real fighter.
– We will not get many chances. Have I checked the line.. It’s huge. He must be tired soon. It’s insane. Are you ready? It’s easy a 22 pounder. It felt like I lost it when it twitched its head. If we lose this one, I will run out in the water. I can tell you one thing, I’m starting to get nervous.
– Then we are two, most likely three. I’m not nervous anymore.. I am really nervous.
– I can tell you one thing. This hasn’t been caught for a while.. ..because it fights really hard. Here it comes. What a fish. Ready? Quickly, land it! Nice and steady. What the hell!
– Hey, you.. This one hasn’t been caught earlier. This is crazy.
– Yes! Well done!
– Are you kidding? It was this one we came for. What do you say? Is it a decent fish?
-It’s a decent fish. It was this fish we came for. Have been here for
three days and only caught some smaller ones. It was this fish we have been waiting
for and in the end, we caught her. It weighed 13,38 kg with weigh sack and was 117 cm long.
I think the weigh sack weighs around 0,2 kg. She has something in its belly. It’s something hard. Fat one. It’s time for her to go back. Look, she is brutal. It’s insane. Now. She swims away. Best feeling ever. Look at my clothes. I have hugged her. It was worth it.
– Well done, Jonsson. Indeed, you did great. If you catch a personal best when fishing with
Team Baitbox, there will be champagne. Let’s open it, or what do you say, Jonsson? You can open it.
– Sure? To celebrate this day.
– Let’s go for that.

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  1. Skapligt å leverera så på beställning. Grabbarna i Baitbox kan man lita på. Grattis till pb Tobias. 

  2. Snusdelen borde editeras bort, såna dumheter borde man absolut inte uppmuntra till under några som helst omständigheter! BASTA!

  3. Måste säja att ni har sjukt bra musik till era videos! har ni nått avtal med nått mediabolag? dela med er av kontakterna ^^

  4. Congrats! Great pike! I`ve just had a record 11.6 kilos. But it`s less than caught guys! Wow! Awesome!

  5. Jävligt trevlig video! Kan nog faktiskt vara en utav de bästa ismetes filmerna jag har sett! Top 5 helt klart!
    Tumme upp!!

  6. Great job guys, this is the best fishing video on you tube! As a fellow fisherman I especially liked the respect you show the fish and traditions you keep going.Great work!!

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  8. Stället ni fiskar på påminner jävligt mycket om ett ställe i Arjeplog där jag brukar fiska gädda, öring å harr

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