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Interview of IBPS AFO 2019 topper: Ravi Dhakad (with subtitles)

Interview of IBPS AFO 2019 topper: Ravi Dhakad (with subtitles)

I was totally exhausted few days i very much regret I remember one line of Bhagwat geeta Do your duty without thinking about results so wakeup hello everyone welcome to GURUKULAGRI.COM in AFO online study is one of the online institute make revolution in AFO and with in less time achieved huge success you all know that in AFO 2019 exam 45 questions out of 60 gave by one of the trust worthy online institute is GURUKULAGRI.COM like expectations were that 2019 AFO topper is also given by lets meet the AFO 2019 topper Mr RAVI KUMAR DHAKED Mr. RAVI KUMAR DHAKED welcome to GURUKULAGRI.COM and we warmth congratulation to top in AFO 2019 thank you sir so Mr ravi kumar what can you say in your success First of I say special thanks to that in their 1st year they give lots of AFO selections included me . what is your journey in this success in graduation I did from CTU Jaipur pass out in 2016 and i give my first AFO in 2017 or in 2018 I reached to the final interview but due less marks in mains I did not get selected or in 2019 finally i selected in Bank Of Baroda Mr Ravi all you said that due to less marks in mains 2018 you did not get selected in that period what kid of challenges did you faced I totally exhausted I felt regret few days but thing is that to do afo after few days i controlled my inner feeling and again start preparing but i follow same as 2018 in between I think that still i did not get select this thing happen for few days one of my friend tell me about GURUKULAGRI.COM and he said first quiz we get and then i gave the quiz and i like the material and I purchased it and i study regular from that and then i got the success everyone think that every time exam pattern will change in this what you like to say that like if i talk exam pattern for common person exam pattern exam pattern will change and who are experienced he can predict exam pattern like tell us important modules and from that modules questions came in exam IF i were talk about AFO syllabus whats you say about that? in syllabus i did not read according to syllabus in modules there is from basic to high level content which is more than sufficient and this is the syllabus for me In study some parts are difficult and which is not easy to learn what is you strategy for that scheme data is very difficult for me like Farm friendly hand book i read that again and again but did not learn that so provided video of that first I saw that and in video tell what they tell same image of video I capture in my mind so i say this type of tough data can be easily learn by the help of video In your perception one AFO aspirant , how many hours should study and how he study? every student have different strategy for that if i say about my self , I study for 5-7 hours per day and I study with positive attitude if by chance some 1 or 2 days i did not study then i recover it later but regularity is in me is strongest point if regularity is there then flow of study is good without any hurdle at some day I study 8 hours but never skip the regularity during exam preparation candidate face pressure of that and how can he tackle the exam pressure ? pressure is natural but like strategy to reduce pressure is do not think about exam result here i remember one line of bhagwat geeta Do your duty without thinking about results what we do today what we will do tomorrow and what did yesterday there should be regularity in schedule and continuity so like this before exams we will reduce pressure how we can tackle the AFO exam and how we can give the best perormance in that 45 mins in AFO mains exam how to tackle and best performance both are important in passing exam in this what is plan in that I have given first free quiz and i liked that level then i join test series and then i gave that test series what problem i face in questions then i saw them into module and in next mock test give good performance so that thing help me Mr. Ravi aspirant those who preparing for AFO 2020 what will you suggest them for that aspirant i suggest that how long you , how much you study doesn;t matter what you read or study this is important not quantity only quality and like that your teacher is should also a quality person like your time will not waste Mr Ravi some times happen candidates who did not select by 1 or 2 marks and then they frustrated in their life what will your message to them i tell them that any struggle is not bigger that encouragement failure are those who did not fight so wake up and till not stop when you will not achieve your aim this is like this Do not lose heart to try impossible to possible without doing never will be parise real example of this in front of us RAVI KUMAR DHAKED Mr. ravi kumar dhaked nice to meet you thank you very much now at you what stage and achieve more stage like this from our heart congratulations

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  1. I'm selected in BOI as SO(AFO) in computer certificate instead of mentioning NO I have made mistake and mentioned YES will it be problem during DOCUMENT VERIFICATION and I have made an affidavit of it

  2. I m listening this video 14th time…..nice quote always inspired every student….karma karo aur fal ki ichha mat karo

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