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Jamie Foxx Interviews Gabrielle Union || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Jamie Foxx Interviews Gabrielle Union || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– Now I can talk about my love
of playing Words With Friends but like if I was single people be like, don’t talk about playing word games, you’re gonna scare ’em! (laughing) (upbeat music) – It’s one thing when
I bring on incredible, legendary actors and actresses. It’s another thing when
I bring on my friend, who happens to be
incredible and legendary. She’s been in Bring It
On, Birth Of A Nation, Bad Boys, she gets down. Anything she does she turns it into gold. I’m talking about my
friend, Gabrielle Union. Ladies and gentleman, Gabrielle
Union in the building. Gabrielle Union!
– Oh! – What up babe?
– What up baby, what up? We took right over here,
looking so beautiful. Are we going all the way? – Mmm.
– Mmm. – We been drinking buddies for too long! – Yeah we been drinking for a long time! – No stop it, stop it.
– Tell her, Gab when was the last time you turned, when was
the last time you turned up? – Yesterday, yesterday.
– Ah, you turned up. – Check my IG feed.
– Said check your IG. Uh what movie changed your life? – Grease. – Grease, why was I expecting Spike Lee? Was I stereotyping just now? – A little bit but I mean
I’ve always loved a musical. But Grease, this idea of music and hot girls and, you know, ’cause I was very
raised kind of sheltered and you know, nice girls did
x,y,z and I was like, well nice girls don’t look
like their having a lot of fun. (laughing) And then the Pink Ladies. These bad, the girls who were
bad but they seemed to have all the fun, all the
dudes, matching jackets. And I could literally say
the whole movie verbatim. – Name something,
– But it changed everything. – Can you say something
from Grease, just anything? – Cha Cha DiGregorio, the best
dancer from St. Bernadettes. With the worst reputation. – (cackling) Oh, shit. ♪ There are worse things I could do ♪ (snapping fingers) ♪ Than go with a boy or two, ♪ ♪ Even though the neighborhood
things I’m trashy ♪ ♪ And no good I suppose it could be true ♪ ♪ But there are worse things I could do ♪ And then I set out in my
own real life to find out what those worse things were. (laughing) And I’ve had a great time
ever since, you know. – My God, what else did you grab from? – There’s moments
especially when I was doing, Being Mary Jane where I say, what would Angela Bassett do? – Wow. – And then I go back to, You’re the bad motherfuckin’ influence! – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– You know, that’s and I try to think how would
she prepare for this moment? – Angela Bassett, Oh Ike no! – Oh I mean between What’s
Love Got to Do With It, and Waiting to Exhale, I mean all the performances
in both of those, huge influence on how I even prepare. – Wow, wow.
– You know what I mean? ’cause you know like a lot of
times you look at a script, you’re like, okay that’s
like a nothing line, it’s a throw away line, but you’re like, Angela
Bassett wouldn’t throw it away. Angela Bassett, would make this sing. (distorted music) – When have you been the
happiest, ’cause you’ve had a lot – I think now.
– of break time. Now, ’cause you understand.
– I think now, I’m at an age where people told us there would be nothing for us and I kinda just
categorically rejected that. – Wow. – And probably about two years ago I started really working on my self worth. And my world opened up
and when most careers are starting to shut
down, mine is taking off. I feel like an ingénue, at 45. – How important is it now, in the environment that we’re in, that people like yourself
take the bull by the horns and start doing their own thing? – People are split here. Do you make your opinions known and run the risk of it
effecting your bottom line? Or do you speak your
truth, zero fucks to give and let the chips fall where they may and whoever fucks with
you, they fuck with you and if they don’t, they don’t. – Yeah, I think its the latter – For me, it’s the latter I
emptied my basket of fucks there’s nothing left,
I just speak my truth. – Right. – And there are days, where I’m like feel like
death threats today, so I’m just not gonna,
I’mma hold back today. – So what you mean, death threats? What you talking about? – Oh baby when you speak your
truth, as a woman of color. The venom, not just nasty
comments and trolls. I’m talking about, die bitch. I know where you live bitch. And because you don’t know
how nuts people can truly be you have to take everything at face value. So there are just some
days where I’m like, I don’t feel being told
to die bitch, not today. Whether we are big stars or just you know, – Yeah whatever it is
– struggling, whatever. We don’t feel worthy, a lot
of us really struggle with our sense of self worth. So you could go through
50 comments, all good. You’re amazing, you’re wonderful,
you’re this, this, this. And you’re like, I know somebody out there feels the way I truly feel about myself, which is you aint shit. And you wait, you scroll, you scroll, you scroll, there it is! And the one comment out of, you know 500, that’s the one you never forget. Because inside, deep down
you haven’t gotten to, that’s how you really feel and you found someone
to validate that feeling that you have about yourself. – But do you feel that way? – I did,
– Do you feel that sometimes? You used to?
– I used to, I used to yeah. (hip hop music) – Here we are, Off Script
we talking about the movie, talking about the moving Breaking in, just a little synopsis of it. – So it’s a movie about a
woman whose father passes away, what she doesn’t realize is her
dad was into some bad stuff. It has attracted some bad guys to the house unbeknownst to her, and she steps outside for a glass of wine and all freaking hell breaks loose. – Wow. – They take her kids hostage
and she has to literally, break in to save her children. And the whole time the bad guys are like, it’s just a woman. – But they didn’t know
its Gabrielle Union. – They didn’t know. – If Gabrielle Union your momma, you know somebody ass
about to get broke in half. – Can you imagine if
we flipped the roles– – That’s what I was gonna say! – Of how most romantic comedies– – What role would you
take from back in the day, that was a man’s role
but you would take it and put your spin on it? What role would that be? – I might wanna be
Warren Beatty’s character in Splendor in the Grass. – Oh, wow. – I mean he literally drove Natalie Wood, crazy in the movie. That is a plot point
– (laughing) oh, oh, oh. – that a woman would never come up with. – Oh my God, oh my God (laughing) – (laughing) Those are
the differences between having inclusion in a
writers room and not. – Oh my goodness. – Like how good is the dick,
that the bitch went crazy. (laughing) Like that’s not a thing. Ain’t nobody gonna need like medication because like the dick
left, that’s not a thing. – It just depends on what
dick you talking about though. – That’s something that
happens in men’s minds, no. – Just depends on which
dick you talking about girl. – Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, but. (laughing) – No I’m just, I’m just serious. (laughing) (hip hop music) We’re gonna do a scene, from Boomerang. And I’m gonna play the
part of Halle Berry. – And I, will be Marcus. – Marcus, okay, how’d it go last night? – It went okay. – Just okay? Must of gone pretty well
you didn’t get home, til the middle of the night. – Yeah well I went for a
walk, so I could sort some things out that was in my head. You know I was trippin on it. – Like the fact that you still
in love with Shaquilaleen? – Or Jacqueline? – Jacqueline, that’s what I
– Jacqueline. – Jacqueline, you only
love your damn self. – How could you say that, what?! This is the jedi mind
trick that dudes use. What, what? (laughter) How could you say that
I never cared about you? Jacqueline says that I’m
a better person now and, and this is where the
real fuckery comes in. And, I owe that all to you. – You just–
– You are the reason I cheated on you.
(laughing) Don’t you see that? – You just love her, her long hair. And the fact that she used
to go out with Mike Tyson. I’m out of here, I’ll get
the rest of my things later, let me just tell you one more thing. I might not be all glamorous
and I don’t have to, have a weave all the way down my back. But let me tell you one great thing about me alright, I got heart! You know that and the bad
thing about having heart Marcus (sobbing) is when it gets broken. When you deal with people like you. Stay the fuck out of my life. (shuffling papers) – And the way the scene
really ends is he’s like, Jacqueline! (laughing) This bitch is crazy,
y’all know she’s crazy. Everybody knows she’s psycho,
she couldn’t deal with it. (hip hop music) – My great friend whose
a legendary actress, legendary philanthropist,
legendary woman’s activist. – Best selling author.
– Best selling author. – Clothing line.
– Clothing line. – I sell watches and wine. – She sell watches and wine. We’re gonna check out your trailer. – Please do. – And thank you for coming
and hanging out, Off Script. Jamie Foxx, this been amazing, love. Here we go, Breaking In. Let’s take a look at it. (hip hop music) (suspenseful music)
(beep) – What’s wrong mom? – It’s not your job to worry about me. It’s my job to worry about you. (suspenseful music) (wood creaking)
– Mom? (suspenseful music)
– Mom! – [Mom] You made the biggest mistake. (suspenseful rock music) – I’ll do anything to protect my kids. (suspenseful music) – [Narrator] Breaking In, rated PG- 13.

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  2. Wow! What a lovely woman and fantastic person.

    Smart. Articulate. Beautiful. Introspective. She’s at a whole different level than any other guest I’ve seen on the show.

    This woman should be running Paramount Studios. She knows her movies and characters. Hollywood is need of a desperate rivivification.

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