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Jamie Foxx Interviews Vince Vaughn || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Jamie Foxx Interviews Vince Vaughn || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– I was just saying yes to fun. I was just saying yes
to fun too much, right. I was saying yes to
being open to that stuff. – Hashtag yes to fun.
– Weren’t you? (upbeat music) – This next guest is so amazing, he needs a dramatic piano roll. He’s the funniest man on the planet. He’s been in Old School, he’s
been in Wedding Crashers, he’s been in Swingers. Give it up for Vince Vaughn. (piano playing) V.
– Good to see you. – Come on man. – The place hasn’t changed a bit. Get in here. – Come on man. – Good to see you.
– How you doing man. – I’m doing great. – You’re too tall for my trailer man. – I’m too tall for life. – What you– I am right? I’m like circus tall, just on the border. How you been? – I’ve been really good. – I think it’s so cool you’re doing this. You amaze me, you do everything. There’s nothing you’re not
exceptional at, it’s true. – I appreciate that man.
– The comedy, it’s crazy. Piano, drama, you’re directing stuff. – Male exotic. – Now you’re like doing,
male exotic, big time, that’s true, that’s true,
but that goes without saying. – Listen, every time we see each other, there’s a connection. – Always. – But just on you as an artist, where you came from,
what got you into this, what was your first, your big break. – The entertainment industry
was like another world. It was a different planet, right? – Right, right. – So, I didn’t even
realize it was something that you could do as a living. So, my first big thing, I remember, I booked this Chevrolet commercial. I mean that was it.
– That was it baby. – They paid so much money, it was. – Wow, how much? – Did you ever do a national commercial. – Man, I didn’t do that, you, how much? – Jamie, I’m telling you, you do that, I made $60,000 in a year. – And that was big cheese at that time. – Huge.
– That was crazy. – But didn’t you feel that way
every time you did something, didn’t you think this is it? – I thought, listen. – Every time.
– Every time. I’m gonna tell you my story. I actually auditioned
for a television show, got it, somehow there was some situation with my manager and the lead dude. It was a little kerfuffle on the set. A little donnybrook. Somebody was sleeping
with the wrong whatever. I told everybody I was
gonna be in the pilot, in my hometown, and then I
got cut out of the pilot. – Yup. – So, I was like sitting
there celebrating, telling everybody, we had a pilot party. And I wasn’t in it. – Did no one call you to tell you? – Nobody, nah, they didn’t tell me. – That’s terrible dude. – And so my grandma’s
like, that boy out there doing drugs, he ain’t
doing, he aint’ doing. – That’s terrible. – What I see in you is, I see the undercurrent of, of all of it. I see the ability to
be in Wedding Crashers, I see the ability also when
you did the speech in Psycho, we all have a little mad in us. That speech took me to a whole thing ’cause I see Vince Vaughn,
hey baby all of that. And then all of sudden. – That’s a pretty good by the way. – Yeah, hey baby, of course you were there and we were hearing
everything, we, of course. So, but, but, I see that, talk about that. – I feel like, as an actor, or as a person everyone has all sides to themselves. – Right. – Like in High School,
sometimes you get rewarded, you feel safe in one area. I’m a jock.
– Right. – Or, I’m smart.
– Right. – Or I’m the funny guy.
– Yeah. – And so you always present that. – Yeah. – The beauty of being an actor is you get the permission to try to dive into those other side of yourselves, where, a lot of people don’t investigate. So, and a lot of it to
me is watching people who I would go, oh that guy. – Who was that guy.
– That guy’s scary, I see that guy’s got, or
that guy’s got issues. Oh, I know a guy who
feels like that, right. – Yeah, so was that some guy that you were channeling or just. – Different people I knew. – Oh wow, wow.
– Different people I knew. I mean aren’t you the same? Sometimes it’s not specific, it’s just recognizing a feeling. – Exactly. – That you know that energy in the room. You know that energy and you’re like, oh God there that is. – I worked with Robin Williams,
he was incredible at improv. But somebody by the name of Ron Howard, Google that for you
youngsters, Ron Howard said you was the greatest improv ever. – I don’t know about that,
but that’s very nice of him. I love, I loved it, I did it younger. You did as well.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So, I loved it but I think
people make too big of a deal like it’s, I think friends
do it joking around as kids. – Right, right. – When you’re bored and you
don’t have a lot of stuff around you, you’ll be
like, okay let me come in, I’ll be this guy and you be this. You try and make each other laugh. – Right. – So, it’s always just playful. – How did family life change you? Vince Vaughn, I, just tell me if I’m wrong but I saw, when I would
see you out, I would see this tall dude who was
just, I mean, it was this. You know, but then. – I got to a point, I loved being single and I just love meeting
people, I love, don’t you? – Yeah. – I love meeting people. I like, I like, you know, I
think sometimes you can have a whole relationship in two
days with somebody, right. I mean that in the best way possible. – (laughing) Yeah, yeah. – I mean that, I think
that’s, I enjoy that. – So, so, so what do you mean? – It’s connecting, it’s connected. I love getting connected.
– So you see someone and you just wanna get connected. – Yes, I like that, I like that feeling, I think it’s fun, I
enjoy that, I wanna hit, I wanna listen, I wanna hear about it. – You wanna what? – I wanna listen, I do, don’t you? I enjoy everything about it, I enjoyed it. But then, I always loved family. – You love family. – And family became important,
kids became important to me. – Right, right, right. – And so, I got older and what we do, you always feel like you’re 18, right. – Yeah, yeah. – I mean we don’t have a structure. One day we do something, then we don’t. And then you’re off for a
while so you find something. But you never have like a job and a thing. So, it’s like, I just
felt like I was a kid. I never, but I wasn’t,
I was getting older. And I remember thinking
to myself, like at first I was like well I just
gotta meet someone great. And I thought, that sounds so arrogant. Like, as if I’m perfect. I just haven’t bumped
into someone terrific. I thought, I have to start
changing what I’m doing to bring that around me. – Wow, that. – You know, now I’m
thrilled, and I’m glad, I love my kids, I love my wife. I really enjoy spending time with them, I’m excited to be there, right. – How many kids now? – Two, how many do you have? – I have two kids.
– That’s great. – 24 and 9.
– So, you started young? – Yeah, I started young. I was 25, 26 when I had my daughter. – You were a baby. – Yeah, and it was– – Were you ready? – I don’t know, but you know what– – Turned out great. – My stepfather was like,
yo, you’ll be ready. It’ll happen, and all of those
things that you’ve learned from your parents, you know you have like. It’s just, having a daughter is tricky because you do have to think, oh my God, I hope, how was I out there? What is my karma, how much did I put? – I hope she doesn’t meet me, is that what you were thinking? – Absolutely, but you know what, I actually tell my daughter
I hope you do meet me. – Yeah, no I mean that, in a good way. – You know why? Because, although in my
wildest, that was fun and wild. – Of course.
– But every time– – Sincere, genuine.
– Right. – You were connected, you were genuine and you were, yeah,
totally, totally, exactly. That’s that southern Texas stuff. – You don’t have that.
– Oh no, no, that changes. Or you play the piano,
or you make ’em laugh, you’re undefeated. – All I’m trying to do is– – There’s no, there’s no way. If you got your sights
on someone it was over, everyone else had to move on. ‘Cause you could present anything that, whatever it needed, whatever the need is. Whatever the case needed you were there. Oh you’ll pull the chair
out, you’ll make ’em laugh, you like to play the piano,
oh, I’m interested in that subject too, you’re
a dangerous man Foxx. You were a dangerous man. You were a dangerous man. – Vince Vaughn in the building. – Most people would have one
or maybe two go to pitches, you got, the catcher’s exhausted with you. He’s like, like you have
a fastball, a change up, and a slider, you got like,
you got that knuckleball, the screwball.
– The screwball. – You got the sinker.
– The sinker, hey. – You’re a dangerous man Foxx. – I was doing everything I can. – You’re a dangerous man.
– To danger. – And a beautiful man.
Cheers to you. – Thank you, cheers to you. ‘Cause I was always just trying to make it hard for her to leave me. Now, here’s the thing. – Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m from Texas originally, ma’am. Please have a seat. (singing) I see you Foxx, you’re dangerous. – As you can see, I’m outmatched. – No.
– When it comes to this man. – No, no. – As you can see, it’s Vince Vaughn time. – All right. – Good to see you dude.

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