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Japanese Eye Shadow & Highlighters Makeup products unboxing|Kawaiiアイシャドウとハイライト化粧品コスメ紹介

Japanese Eye Shadow & Highlighters Makeup products unboxing|Kawaiiアイシャドウとハイライト化粧品コスメ紹介

19 thoughts on “Japanese Eye Shadow & Highlighters Makeup products unboxing|Kawaiiアイシャドウとハイライト化粧品コスメ紹介”

  1. I wish there was a store for all of these brands and products. Has KP considered running an online international store?

  2. Majolica's products are packaged so prettily. Also, can I just take a second to say thanks to Kawaii Pateen for always responding so diligently to viewer comments? It's really great that you take our thoughts and opinions into serious consideration and answer questions so soon after we ask them. Thank you!

  3. @KAWAII PATEEN I guess there's something wrong with your videos. Everytime I watch your videos it's always laggy and suddenly not connected to server. But when I watch other vid, they all alright..
    If there is, fix it please
    'Cause it's really uncomfortable watching your great vids but it keep reconnecting

  4. I've noticed that some vibrated colors apply better with the sponge applicator, I guess I need to stop throwing them out and give my brushes a break. Love the model, she always has a vibrant aura to her.

  5. I wanted to buy all of these products ><" oh my, and btw can kp make more of hair tutorial? Some of videos of the hair tutorial really helped me so i hope to see more in the future :3 maybe something that involve twin tail? Thank you for amazing videos !!

  6. I noticed that no one on this channel ever uses eye shadow primers. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but if they did, the eye shadow would look more vibrant like they do in the packaging.

  7. 일본아이섀도우 넘나 좋다고 알려져있는데ㅜ 한국에서도 팔지만 컬로도 많이 없고 비싸기만 하고ㅜ ㅜ 언젠간 일본가서 다 사와야지ㅋㅋ

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