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Kawaii Idol makeup from the daemon realms|魔界アイドル✜メイク

Kawaii Idol makeup from the daemon realms|魔界アイドル✜メイク

Pikarin, the idol of the Daemon world Catwings! Aggressive Not too strong, but absolutely shiny red Everyone, let’s become daemon idols! Hello , this is Pikarin Shiina from the Daemon world, 21,000 years old A pleasure to meet you all So this time for all of you in the human world, I’m showing you the idol makeup of the Daemon World Let’s start right now The color contacts are Kumi Koda brand, Love Ale It looks gray at first glance, but once you put it on it’s very deep colored and it looks really good. One of my favorites recently The sun light has been pretty strong lately so Givenchy’s CC cream with UV protection Since CC cream has many things inside so and it has UV protection so it’s good Next is the Anna Sui powder This is so suitable for Pikarin. This….case. Bought it for the look. Wait, the product is good as well! I wish for a red version. Next is nose shadow This is from Susie. Just making Suzi (nose bridge) with Susie This looks like a manicure but, it’s actually a cheek polish from Addiction. This time I’m using it as a highlighter, It could also be used as a blush. Well, very thin though It would be a highlighter to the spots you want to give shine, and can used on the cheeks as well. Great product It gives light This is the Love Liner This is so soft and easy to draw You can draw in the very very deep part of the mucus This will be drawn a little bit toward the outer corner It will be drawn again with a liquid eyeliner so it’s only a little bit right now With the pencil eyeliner, the outer corner will have wings It will be good to draw you eyes as if they were the tail of the whales Next are the eyebrows. After making Suzi with Susie, drawing the eyebrows It will be enough to draw it in the same shape as your original eyebrows The eyebrows reflect what you have experienced and felt during that day dirrecyly When you’re angry, your eyebrows will show it and when you are happy, you get happy brows so I believe eyebrows are like picture diaries. Next is this red. Red that I use often With this, drawing some daemon hair Concealer Just erasing here around the lips and trying to make it look like the edge of the lips are pointing up When you erase this part you will get a happier face. I got this info from a makeup artist. Please try it out Next is the mascara. From Majolica Majorca This will be applied as long as there are eyelashes Can’t see all my bottom lashes… Apply mascara on the lashes you can see… This Tony Molly Kiss Kiss Lipstick as the base I think I got this from Mizu-Kitty while doing modelling for Popteen It becomes very slimy, which is good. This is really cute. It’s a Korean one, but do they sell this in Japan as well? This is the product of the day So into it This Astro boy Tony Molly one can be used for lips or for cheeks I will use this on my lips, and of course on my eyes as well. and did it around the eyes. Just like an eye shadow You know the wet eye shadows? You put it on like a gel eye shadow This won’t make it a too strong red, but a shiny red To lighten up the whiskers and the red that I had put in, this goes in soft and naturally. It also gives volume, so a little shadow will give make the face look more defined This one goes on the neck as well This one also a nice scent. Well, the best scent you can get from the eraser category… It’s so fun painting it If you want more shine on the whiskers, if you put this on the painted whiskers, you don’t have to erase the red, or add more to make it darker it will show the red in a very nice gradation so this Tony Molly lip balm is really great For the hair the pig tails are the way to go I do half pig tails depending on the mood I have quite short hair lately but I wanted to do this with long hair It feels great. Putting these ears on. These are half wolf and half cat ears It’s a head dress as well. Putting this on and creating a pig tails will achieve the Daemon idol look There have been fans who have made the ears by themselves, I think it’s real cute, amazing and I’m really happy about it I hope that human people loving Pikarin will make their own version of this daemon idol look. The important thing for the Daemon makeup are the whiskers These red whiskers that match completely with this Daemon makeup and this cat line. This line right here So aggressive. And, the eyes are circled pretty much with red But when I do live concerts, I tend to sweat quite a lot so that is why the makeup is done really thick so that it won’t come off or wrinkle up easily By the way, this pose is… It’s a pose Pikarin does in the PV of Makai Joshi Koi Mode I’m always doing it at concerts Rin rin Pikarin Mondai Girl…. Love limited to girls Rin rin PIkarin Mondai Girl… NO way, no way That is how the song starts. Please watch my other videos! There are plenty of them! Good bye Pikarin Shiina doing KERA and Popteen model I am also doing idol from the Daemon world, in this human world Today, I’m trying out the visual K makeup So let’s start it Color contacts are from Contact Film. White and Red It’s visual K so it should give that non-human look, that mysterious look Rimless white I believe you can use these color contacts only when doing Visual -K This rimless white contact lenses With rims, it may be possible. These white contacts look very scary, so to avoid the contacts standing out too much, it’s essential to do the makeup in the right way to make it stand out This is a base. Green colored one from Etude house I wanted to have that pale skin look Green comes in here. The green hides the red of your skin well I have very normal skin. When person with normal skin use this, it looks really pale. so it’s really good. Also good with red skins on the face.

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