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Khawto | Official Trailer (A) | Prosenjit Chatterjee | Paoli Dam | Raima Sen | SVF

Khawto | Official Trailer (A) | Prosenjit Chatterjee | Paoli Dam | Raima Sen | SVF

Like playing with words? Why? Hello, Antara here. I did not call to play
with words. I will play with you. As in? Opportunity, bravery and power, these can turn the Angel into Devil
and the Devil into Angel. Nirbed Lahiri from ‘Drishtikon’? Father of self-destruction. Trash. Dark romantic. A lecherous writer,
missing from the city. What’s your magazine called?-
-Jathor. Crazy loner, old fart! His gaze itself
is disgusting. I don’t do, what people say. I cannot fool Srijita anymore! What I write, is what people do! Come on,
I’m ready. You are sick! Srijita! Rather, Dhrubo Lahari was
the happier guy, Ghatak da. He got into danger
becoming Nirbed Lahiri. One murder gives birth
to two murderers.

100 thoughts on “Khawto | Official Trailer (A) | Prosenjit Chatterjee | Paoli Dam | Raima Sen | SVF”

  1. Thanks A Lot Shree Venkatesh Films For Giving Me The Opportunity To Make Background Music For This Theatrical Trailer

  2. Seriously bumba da is great . Cannt wait to watch it . Dada u r too good to act . No one can touch ur place in .

  3. Time to admit that Kamaleshwar Mukherjee is the face of new-age Bengali cinema..He has simply added a new dimension to it right from his first film UROCHITHHI….Seems like Bengali film industry is gonna get another masterpiece from Kamaleshwar..Kamaleshwar is a perfect blend of Arthouse and Commerce films……Just keep doing it…

  4. In anticipation…Tollywood is rocking it like no other…cheerio guys…wat a kickass trailer….just wow!!!

  5. ক্ষত যদি বাংলাদেশে মুক্তি পেত তবে সিনেমা হলে দেখতে যেতাম ……অসাধারণ একটা ছবি হবে মনে হইতেছে……

  6. The story is plagiarised from a script "DEKHTE THAKOON CRIME NEWS" by Sandeep Chaudhuri. Shame on the makers without giving due acknowledgement to the creator, especially when the director is from my Alma Mater who claims to be the author.

  7. Superb trailor…following your youtube channel but do not get content or videos in Facebook. Plaese update your Facebook account like SVF Youtube channel.

  8. Valo trailer….but 1ta question….sex scene bojhate gale ki smuc r semi nudity dekhatei hobe????

  9. একেই বলে trailer.. সিনেমাটার অপেক্ষায় রইলাম।

  10. Suspense, Thrilling movies needs a hell of a power packed Background music.. And I am amazed. That was Something I never expected. At Top notch. Bumba da is looking great .. But I wish Amitabh jis voice was there with this background music…. Osadharon! !

  11. Trailer dekhe to mone hochhe "shabd"(2005) hindi movie tar duplicate….abhinay e bumba da darun kintu ebare tukli ta bondho koro please………

  12. sotti…bengali movies at its lowest. bhaba jayna, ei bhasa tei nayak, pather panchali, agontuk, meghe dhaka tara, sanyasi raja, etc etc hoechilo. Ekhon maximum cinema sexual content. ebong churanto atlamo. kobe er poriborton ghotbe janina

  13. Ekhonkar Bangla movier galpo hindi movier galper cheye haazar guna valo… Far better than bollywood… Hindi movier director gulo faltu 300-400 crore khorcha kore shit banay… Banglar director der theke sekha uchit ei gadha gulor

  14. prosenjit nijer image noshto korlo ato age e r paoli dham er toh kono prestige e nei… Movie ta na korleo hoto

  15. মাত্র মুভিটা দেখে শেষ করলাম, মাথা হ্যাং হয়ে আছে… প্রসেঞ্জিত চ্যাটার্জি তার জীবনের বেস্ট এক্টিং করে ফেলসে এই মুভিতে।

  16. bengali directors should stop focusing on sexual scenes and concentrate on the main story
    the movie could have been without those scenes
    India has its heritage
    we should try to maintain it instead of following what western people do
    That doesnt prove that we are modern
    Our heritage is our pride

  17. কলকাতা সেই ট্রেডিশনাল যুক্ত সুন্দর ছবি গুলো ছেড়ে চোদাচোদির কাহিনী নির্ভর ছবি বানিয়ে যদি মনে করে তারা এখন জাতে উঠেছে তাইলে আমি বলবো তোদের ব্ল্যাক পুসী মাগিদের থেকে ওয়েস্টার্ন সাদা মাগিরা অনেক সুন্দর।

  18. ছবিটা দেখার সময়ে এতটাই ডুবে গিয়েছিলাম কাহিনীতে… নির্বেদ আর অন্তরার খালি ফ্ল্যাটে স্নানের সময়ে যখন অলোকেশ আসে আর লেখাটা খুঁজে পেয়েও খালি ফ্ল্যাট দেখে ঘুরে ফিরে দেখতে যায়, ক্লাইম্যাক্স সিনে পৌঁছানোর আগ দিয়ে আমারই অসুস্থ লাগছিলো যে এখন কি হবে!!! লোকটা কি ভয়াবহ শক পাবে! দুর্দান্ত মেকিং।

  19. Osadharan akta movie, ajj bujhlm bangla vasar khela kak bole,kano bangla taugh language,sathe prosenjeet r osadharon acting skill

  20. The trailer is very classy and precisely excites our Senses to watch the movie.
    The background score is thrilling!

  21. Omg ! Lustful relationship in Bengali?
    First this looks like Bollywood cinematography and sexual contains. Well done.

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