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KIA Ceed Tourer 2019 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

KIA Ceed Tourer 2019 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

KIA Ceed Tourer

Moose Test The first attempt, in which the driver still does not know how the car will react, was made at an entrance speed of only 73 km/h, instead of the 77 km/h that we always aim to. Even though we moved one of the cones of the first lane, completing the exercise was easy because the vehicle did not have violent reactions and the ESC came into action correctly, reducing the speed considerably. Oddly enough, the Ceed Tourer did not react with slight suspension bounces, which did appear on the 5 door Ceed. The tires of both cars were the same brand, size and were inflated to the same pressures. The highest entrance speed at which we managed to complete the exercise without hitting cones was 73 km/h. It is a lower speed that the one we achieved with the Skoda Octavia Combi or the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, for example. However, the reactions of the Ceed were better than the ones of those cars and similar to what we described earlier: safe, progressive and easy to control, although not nimble. In other attempts at higher speeds we did not manage to avoid the cones because the lateral slip of the tires was bigger and this prevented us from entering the cone lanes without hitting them. The body roll was always moderate, and the steering was precise and informative enough. Slalom The changes of direction were not particularly fast on this exercise. The body roll, again, was moderate, and the ESC came into action effectively as the speed got higher.

42 thoughts on “KIA Ceed Tourer 2019 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |”

  1. Hombre, no es para flipar…. es muy torpe. Así de memoria recuerdo que el Megane o Leon familiares lo hicieron mejor. Al menos no se pone a dos patas como algunos SUV y ni siquiera a más velocidad plantea más problemas que un subviraje muy grande, pero sin malos modos.

  2. With all new generation cars have a worse result than previous. After 10 years brand new cars will made this test at 10kph

  3. Creo que para ser un KIA, está ok. No vamos a pedirle deportividad a este adefesio… Cumple con su objetivo: ser un vehículo familiar

  4. Kia electronic is not so restrictive. Maybe would have been nice to have a sport mode esc (like this) and a city mode more restrictive.

  5. Bien por Kia, tampoco es espectacular pero si trasmite seguridad en paso de curva tanto en la entrada como en la salida de la misma,,min 1:28.

  6. i have tested a new focus and peugeot on race track in moose test and the both fail… but tahat was tested in 90 km/h ony one car who manged to was new corollas hybrid.
    Every test is diffrent and every car behaves differently in other circumstances.

  7. Can you please test the 2019 KA + Active? Or it performs exactly like the regular version? Thank you!

  8. Bu geyik testleri gözüktüğü gibi değil bazı araçlar virajda hiz kesiyorlar bazıları kia gibi hiç kesmeden devam ediyorlar.. anlık her viraj çıkıştaki hızları da yazılmalı

  9. Estás pruebas dan mucha información a los compradores,muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo.

    Tenéis pensado hacer la prueba de esquiva también con el Kia proceed GT?

  10. So its a safe, controllable, yet not very sporty or fast boat on wheels. Would say thats okay for the type of car and certainly better than some pseudy-sporty cars that suddenly oversteer at the same speed.

  11. Pregunta: Habéis pensado en hacer estas pruebas con un coche de 15 o 20 años para ver como reaccionan? Gracias, un saludo.

  12. Hmm Kia Sportage che tiene la misma plataforma lo hace mejor con 1 km/h..un modelo mas alto i mas pesado i con una altura de 60mm por neumaticos no 45 como Ceed.😯

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