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Lake Gogebic Ice Walleyes- Larry Smith Outdoors

Lake Gogebic Ice Walleyes- Larry Smith Outdoors

(energetic bluegrass music) – All right team, charge! – [Voiceover] This
is unbelievable. (energetic bluegrass music) – Hey, you know something? I’m going to tell you something. This is what it’s all about. – [Voiceover] We eat, fish eat. (energetic bluegrass music) – [Voiceover] Look
at the mouth on that. (gun shots) – (laughs) (energetic bluegrass music) – [Voiceover] Larry
Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by the Badger Sportsman magazine, Big Snow Resort,
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Auto Mall of Mukwonago. – And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive! (energetic bluegrass music) – Hey, this week
we’re up in the U.P. and we’re fishing Lake Gogebic, and I’ll tell you what
a real treat today, I’m being guided by two
really professional guys. And I’ll tell ya, Jon and Tom are taking
our guiding today, and they’re going to
put us on some walleyes. – Hi, I’m Jon Sibley
I have and I guide out
of Timbers Resort. Tim and Sarah are
great folks over there, they have an awesome bait shop. – [Larry] I saw that
this morning, nice place. – Nice place, I mean
everything you need. I’m here with Tommy Hicks, a good friend of mine
from the Ice Team. He doesn’t have ice
up in Superior yet, so he’s been playing around
with me the last few weeks here. Let’s talk about your guide
business a little bit. – Like you said, Tommy Hicks. I own Beyond the Catch, I guide in Chequamegon Bay
and the Apostle Islands. I’ve been up there
four years now. Grew up there born and raised. – [Larry] So you’re
telling me you won’t be
able to go this winter? Later this winter go up
and catch some big trout? – I think we’re going to be
out there in a couple weeks. – Wow, I’m excited about that. Tell us a little bit more
about your guiding up there, because that’s a very beautiful
area and a very unique area. – The Apostle Islands
are just fantastic. We do a lot of near
shore trout and salmon, we do some walleye
perch in the bay. Late in the year we go
out in the deep water in the Apostle Islands and
we do bobbing for lake trout. We’ll probably
get a little taste of that here later
in the season. – [Larry] Man I love
to fish lake trout, that’d be awesome. And today what
are we doing here? We’re up on Gogebic, we’re fishing walleyes, right? And we’re fishing
how deep of water are we fishing today you guys? – 11 to 12 feet of water. – Okay. – Then we’ll probably
move in a little shallower to a weed flat that
we’ve been fishing and doing really well on. So it just depends. you gotta be diverse
on this lake. – [Larry] Sure. Moving and keep moving
to stay on fish. – What can we expect? I know fishing’s fishing, but what can we
expect for numbers and what kind of size of
fish are we looking at up on this system here? I know this system’s
gone through a lot of transitions like a lot
of bodies of water, and I was talking to Tim Long
the other day on the phone, and he said there’s a really
a tremendous population of walleyes back in the
system again because of the work that they’ve
been doing on this lake. – Our average fish
are 13 to 20 inches. I mean we’ve probably
caught four or five really good solid
fish in the last week. – [Larry] Sure. – [Jon] A 28, a 24.
– [Larry] Nice fish. – Nice fish over 20, but
it’s not really common here. It’s more of a
Red Lakes scenario where you’re getting, you
know, 30, 40 fish a day. – A lot of fish We’ve been having times… We’ve got six, seven
beaver dams up at a time, you can’t keep em down. – [Larry] What’s the size limit
and what’s the numbers can you keep on this system? – You can keep five fish. – Right – Two between 13 and 15 inches. – That’s interesting. – And three over
15 or five over 15. – Okay. Very very interesting. And you know something
I never realized because I haven’t been up in the U.P. especially for fishing, I know these lakes set. This morning we all
had to have helmets on when you come out on. Is that on ATV and a snowmobile? – Okay your snowmobiles
have to be registered, and your ATVs have to have
an ORV sticker on there, so a Michigan sticker. And this is considered
public property. – Okay. – We have five new
wardens policing this lake which is a great thing. So you guys gotta
follow the law. Check into the laws
before you come up. – Great. Hey I’ve got an idea. Let’s go catch some fish! – Yeah, let’s do it! – [Voiceover] Badger
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that’s never had a meltdown. Even if your buddies do. – [Voiceover] Oh
look at that fish! Oh my gosh holy cow dude, look at that fish! (bluegrass music) (engine revving) (bluegrass music) – Hey Tommy, why
don’t you show us the rig that you’re using. We’ve got the Beaver Dam tip-up that’s a nice looking tip up, and we’ve got the
blue tip on there. When we’re fishing,
like on Winnebago, the water’s real clear, I’m using a real long
fluorocarbon leader sometimes up to four foot
when we’re using tip-ups. On Petenwell we use
real short leaders and sustain system. What do you use when you’re
on this body of water? Is it a short leader or? – I got the leaders
pretty short mainly. Tonight we’re going to
go up in shallow waters, so I’m only gonna fish
three feet under the ice, three or four feet
under the ice. – Holy cats in
how deep of water? – It’s seven feet with
weeds and you don’t want that sucker to
get down in them weeds and then they can’t move. – Okay. It’s a big thing, you’ll
notice tonight we gotta be right on the bite and you
gotta get down and get – [Tommy] that fish right away
– [Larry] Right. – because you don’t that walleye to feel any of that resistance. – And right now we’re fishing
a little deeper though right? – We’re out on a
sandflat just past the weeds right now. Some of these fish come
out here during the day, so we’re going to
fish, you know, right foot off the bottom. – Okay, that sounds good. Show us what we’re
using for bait and how you’re hooking that. – We’re using some pretty
big sucker minnows, and I’m just hooking them right in the back just so
they swim natural. – Okay. – We’ve got a number
eight treble hook and a real small split shot. I’m letting this bait do
a lot of work down there, I’m letting them
cover some ground. – Okay, you know sometimes
and I dunno if it works here, but I’m just gonna this
is what I like to do when I’m using any kind of
bait on a system like this where I want the bait
to move around a lot. And again, everything’s
a little different I usually just
bite the tail off. And what it does it
keeps that minnow moving all the time so it
can’t just sit still. You know what’s gonna
happen once that bait realizes that it can’t get
away from off that hook, what it’s gonna happen
it’s gonna keep moving and keep moving and try to keep it’s balance – Yeah we’re doing some
of that same stuff. – This one’s mine, so
let’s see what happens. – (laughs) Alright. – Thanks Tommy. (bluegrass music) – Nope Hey, come set this back up! – (laughs) – [Larry] Alright Tommy,
number three buddy. – [Tommy] Here we go. – Let’s see what happens. – Three could be very lucky. – Oh, that one’s
going pretty good! – The old Beaver
Dam, did we get him? – There he is. – Alright any size to him? – Oh, he’s average. – [Larry] We get to see what
a Gogebic walleye looks like. Oh yeah, that’s a
nice fish right there. – We’ll take that. – Yeah that’s a great
way to start the day out. Boy that fish is has
got it right down to his throat right there. – They’ve really been
grabbing and running today and one finally
hung on for us. We’ve been set up for what, twenty minutes? – At the most right there. You know that’s the great
part about coming up and being able to jig
and use tip-ups too, is that you’re covering
a lot of water here. We’ve got a pretty big area
here that we’re fishing. And yeah again, boy I can’t
wait to see what’s going to happen through the
course of the day. So far it’s been pretty good. – [Larry] Kenny you got one? – I got one. – [Larry] Jon, you want
to get that transducer out of there for me? Thanks. Not too bad now were you real tight to bottom when you
were jigging that fish? – Yeah and then I just
brought it up a little bit. – Are you marking many fish? I’ve only marked one over there and I had him pretty
much off the hole and he came off on me. – Yeah this is the only
one I marked so far. – Okay. Hey maybe you should
drill some more holes. Right? – [Kenny] I’ll get on that. – Yeah right, I’m gonna
try to catch another fish. Alright good job. (soft music) – Got ’em Tommy? There you go, oh nice perch. – [Tommy] Oh look at that. – [Larry] That is a great perch. – [Tommy] Oh look at that. – That’s a dandy perch. You know I haven’t
fished this lake in about ten years and the
last time, Tommy, I was up here I was
up here fishing perch I actually caught two perch. That was the only time in
my life that were actually 15 inches and one
was 15 and a quarter off this body of water. That is a dandy perch. – I’ve been here all week, this is my first perch. We actually though it was
a walleye until you said get on over here. – Look at that look
at that girth on that and the colors on him. They were absolutely
awesome fish. And that rod was
just sitting there. – Yeah, I seen the
middle start going crazy and I grabbed it. – Right, I always
thought the only way you catch these perch
up here on Gogebic was on wigglers. Excellent, we’re doing good! Nice job. – [Tommy] (laughs) (dramatic orchestra music) – [Voiceover] The new Beaver
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Tipz the first tip-up alert system sent straight
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and other products at or any of your
favorite retailers. (bluegrass music) – [Larry] Fred gall darn
it, you got 20 years on me. Alright let’s see what you get. You got him? – Got him. – Alright good job. Alright Fred. Fred from Deep Freeze our buddy from Deep Freeze. – [Fred] It took my line. – [Larry] Holy moly
is that a pike? – [Fred] I don’t know. – [Larry] Holy cats! – [Fred] Wow, here we go. – [Larry] What do we got,
there’s a line marker. We had a little bit of
a lull in the action about 20 minutes
now it seems like… There you go that’s a good fish! – [Tommy] Nice fish! – [Larry] Hold him up
for the camera my friend. – There we go! – Nice. – You know is that
pretty typical, Tommy,
about these bites? You know it’s like
that way at home, all of a sudden it’ll
be fast and furious for a half hour, 45 minutes then all of a sudden
you’ll be sitting for 20 minutes to
hardly anything. And then all of a sudden bing you get one
here, boom over there start marking them a lot? – Yeah we’ve been
noticing that all week you’ll look around the
lake and everybody’s running here running there and then everything calms down. – Right, boy this is a really, it’s a beautiful area
up here in the U.P., and, you know, this is
a great place to be. I’m really surprised
back in back of us there’s quite a few
permanents and everybodies really spread right out. Alright another
flag hurry come on! Alright, Kenny’s turn! – You know, Kenny, why is Tommy always busting your chops
like that all the time? That’s what I want to know. You know you seem
to be a nice guy, and he’s constantly on you. You got him? You missed one before,
oh there you go. You know these fish
remind me a lot of Winnebago fish. You catch a lot of fish
that are between that 14 and 18 inch size limit
and all quality eating fish. It’s amazing a system like this the amount of fish
that are in it. I mean you were up here
for what a couple weeks and how many fish did
you say you caught in a couple weeks up here? – [Tommy] Oh hundreds,
hundreds of fish we caught. It was non-stop. – What a great
fishery and this is also a really good
perch fishery too right? – Yup, we’re not quite
out to the main basin yet. The ice is a little sketchy. – Right. – So that’s why we’re
hanging up on the north end. – So after probably
next week, you know, with that cold front coming in. – It’s going to
help out everybody. – That’s awesome. Good job Kenny! Hey, I’ll even get
you a minnow, man. I know Tommy won’t do
that for you but I would. Hey Kenny, thanks
for the cookie. You know one thing I’ve
learned about tip-up fishing is that walleyes are pretty
good at getting the bait or coming up, especially
in the winter. They’re coming up to that
bait and they’ll kill it, and you won’t even
set the flag off. I always like to check it too. The other thing is
that, like I was saying, before why I bite the
tails off on the bait is once that bait gets down
there and it realizes it’s struggling to get
away and it can’t get away. It knows it’s natural
instinct is not to be moving down there to attract
any other game fish. So just by lifting
them once in a while to and checking them, it really
gets that minnow moving again for a little bit. So that’s just a
couple of key things. It seems like very
time you around check your tip-ups, then all of a sudden
they’ll start biting again. You’ll get flags again. I don’t let my tip-ups
sit more than a half-hour without checking them. (engine revving) – [Fred] Larry, what
do you got there? Get out of there. – What it’s the
only scooper I have! – Haven’t you ever seen this? – Oh, the one scoop. – The one shot skimmer. – Oh man, let’s see
how this thing works. – Here we go. So we’re in an eight
inch hole here, you got the eight inch model, – [Larry] Yup, one shot scoop. – [Fred] We go down and
we turn it sideways. You can see it encompasses
the whole hole. – [Larry] Yup. – [Fred] Pick it
up just like that. And if you got any left
there you just go back in for one more. There you go, clean hole. – You know what I say to this? – There it is. Give me that scooper. – There we go. – One shot scooper? – You got it. – Alright I’m going
to the next hole. You can have this one anyways. (bluegrass music) – [Larry] Alright! – [Tommy] Here we go Larry. – Last hour and a half have
been a little bit slow, but now we finally got a
couple flags in a row here. I just marked a couple
when I was jigging too. Alright, let’s see
what happens here. – Well we got off a
couple feet there. – You know it’s kind of funny we don’t have any wind today. Oh, got him? There we go. – [Tommy] Still throbbing. – [Larry] Little walleye, huh? Let’s see what we got. – [Larry] Oh, yes.
– [Tommy] (laughs) – That’s one thing
I always loved about this lake it is amazing. I’ve only fished this
thing two other times now and it was for perch and I cannot believe the size. – That’s the second one today. – Yeah. – I’ve been here all week, this is the first two I caught. – Are you serious? Well we must have brought you some good perch luck, huh? – Walleyes being a
little tough on us. – That’s okay. – [Tommy] But I think as
the sun gets down here we’re gonna put the
smack down on them. – You’re saying
this bite out here could be an all
night bite too huh? – Yeah. – That’s interesting, you
know, most of the bodies of water we fish are
all day bites so. I’m interested in
seeing tonight how good this bite is out here. But nice perch good filler fish. – Excellent, we’re
gonna let this guy go. – Back down to the deep. I love the colors with that
dark green on them things. (bluegrass music) – At Jiffy we pride
ourselves at being number one in developing the best
propane drills on the ice. It’s why our engineers
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Smith Outdoors ice fishing a full service guided
ice fishing adventure. We supply all the equipment and provide a hot
meal out on the ice. You just need to arrive with a Wisconsin fishing
license and get ready to catch fish and have
a great experience. We guide seven days a week, are fully insured, use the latest
tested tough gear, and will work harder than anyone to put you on fish. To book a trip please
call 920-361-4996. – Hey Tommy you got a knife? – [Tommy] I do. – I can’t believe I’m
starving and I found this smoked venison that was in my pocket
from the other day. – [Tommy] That
will hit the spot. – [Larry] It’s
pretty darn tasty. Let’s cut that baby up! – [Tommy] Like steak. – Yup. – [Larry] Tommy! I’ll get the trace (mumbles). – [Tommy] Ready when you are. – [Larry] I’ll get em. Alright nice lucky graph. – [Tommy] Nice, nice job. – [Larry] You know it
seems like since we caught that one on the tip-up and… – They’re just finicky. – [Larry] Yeah. – Oh that was about it. – I think they’re just
starting to come on. You know Tim came over
here before and I know you guys been fishing
out here and always are saying that early and late
bite is the best bite on here and this water really
is pretty clear. I was surprised. – Time we got another
10 minutes till the sun goes down here and… – Game on huh? – Game on. – [Larry] You just had to get
a full minnow on that huh? – [ Tommy] Yep full
minnow and they’re just coming in the screen
coming out of the screen that’s shallow water
you gotta remember. A lot of guys get
frustrated because you’re not marking many fish. – Right. – If you think about it we’re
marking a tiny, tiny area. – Maybe a foot and a half? – Maybe a foot. So them fish gotta
be right on your lure or they disappear or
they’re just making a circle and
they’re coming back. – Right. – And they key is up here
it’s not a jigging bite. Almost a dead stick or just
barely moving that lure. – Just kind of shaking. – Just to get the minnow
to take off again. – Okay. – Just to get them moving again. And they come and crack it. – Great, I’m gonna go back
and start jigging myself. I’m looking forward to this. Got one Kenny? – Yeah, I’m gonna
need help in here. – [Larry] I tell you
know we’re starting to mark quite a few fish. Oh, there you go! Hold that one up. Same thing that fish
was tight to bottom? – Yeah and then it just
came in and smoked it. – I see you switched
colors on me. – You did. Hey I thought you were
gonna use that pink. You know what? Kenny, he’s only said about
10 words all day today. You know what? Unless we’re a little too
far away we can’t hear what you’re saying. He didn’t tell me to
switch the fire tiger. Oh, we got a plant a
flag over there hang on. Kenny just got
that one over there and I ran for this one. And Tommy let’s see
what we got here. – They are starting
up in all haste. Everybody you can
see on the lake here is starting to run. – Well I think you
dropped it too. Oh, nope there he is. You must have came
back a little bit. There he is. – He’s almost come back
from the bottom of the hole. – [Larry] Alright! – [Tommy] Nice fish. – Yeah there we go. Hold that one up to the camera. You know it is
funny how like right away this morning
we did pretty good, and then through the
course of the day it was real slow. Good thing we had a lot
of good stories to tell. – (laughs) And now it’s starting
to, you know, the lights, the penetration is
going down and the fish are definitely
starting to come around and boy look at that fish. Got a it swallowed right down to it’s stomach there. – [Tommy] Yeah, we’re gonna
save him for a fish fry. – [Larry] Okay well I’ll
grab you another minnow and hopefully gonna
get a bunch more flags. It’s picking up pretty good now. (bluegrass music) – [Larry] Tommy gall darn it, I wanted to at least
catch a fish jigging. I cannot get over it. – [Tommy] Oh, get this one. – I actually thought
you were BSing me a little bit about
this late bite. The Blue Tip, that
is very slick. You can see that
from a long ways, plus I can hear it on my phone. There we go. – [Tommy] Got him?
– [Larry] Yeah. – I cannot get over
how fast and furious this fishing is here. I can’t imagine
how many walleyes are in this body of
water, man oh man. And they’re almost a lot
of them are like clones, you know, there are a lot
of 15 to 18 inch fish. And like I say for guys that
love to keep fish to eat, besides the Magnum Perch center in this body of water. What a great place to come
and you guys look like you got plenty of ice out here too. – Yeah we’re up to
about eight inches. – Yeah, not too shabby. – It’s definitely getting
a lot colder out here the last few days and
it’s gaining it quick. So that should be out on
the main basin like Jon said for the perch in
a matter of days. – Okay that’s awesome, great. Alright, I’m going to get
one too, gall dang it. – Boy I tell you
this is unbelievable. This is flag, you
guys, flag after flag, after flag, after flag. I just cannot get over this. Boy, this one really is… Oh, there ya go. – [Tommy] Hey there we go! – That’s a little
bit nicer fish there. Look at that coloring
on these fish too. You know and I thought
it was pretty interesting you know at home we use a
lot of fatheads and shiners. Now you guys up here are using smaller sucker minnows
for these walleyes. And it’s kind of interesting
for a body of water that doesn’t have
a lot of forage like minnows for feed up here that these fish feed
a lot more on insects, that you’re using a
big old you know… – Yeah they’re big suckers. It seems odd almost but
it definitely works. – [Larry] Hey it works
and that’s awesome. – [Tommy] It’s kinda
the same thing we do on the Pike Lake chain at home. – [Larry] Okay. – [Tommy] We use the big suckers
and you get any size fish. – Tommy, I tell you that
Blue Tipz is awesome besides having
that alarm go off, you got the light too. So let’s see what we get here. – There he is. – Got him? I just can’t get over
how these fish as soon as that light starts going down
how they just light right up. Oh there’s a little better one. It’s about the same, yeah. You know like I said
before these fish as far as eating size, that they can’t go wrong
this is absolutely… This lake is loaded
full of walleyes. Yeah, we’ve had a great time. – I had to shed the jacket off. I was cold a little bit ago
and now we’re warm again. – That’s the way it
should be right there. But no, what a great
opportunity to come out and catch a bunch of fish
up here at Lake Gogebic. And hey, you’ll be
heading back to Ashland and be catching… – Tomorrow. – monsters. – We’re going on the road, get rolling, can’t wait. – That sounds like fun. We’ll definitely be up
there to fish with you too. I’ll go grab you a minnow. – Excellent. – [Larry ] See what happens. (bluegrass music) – Hey folks, the Badger
Sportsman magazine wants to see you having
fun out in the outdoors, and all you have to do
to have a chance to win a brand new propane
Pro 4 augur like this, is to submit a picture
of you having fun out in the outdoors. Go to – Hey you know Tommy, we had an absolutely awesome day out on Lake Gogebic. And Tim, thanks for letting
us use your resort here. What a nice place to stay. Hey why don’t you tell
us a little bit about the Timbers Resort
that you have? – Well what we have here is 11 different
housekeeping cabins. They all vary in size. So when groups come in we just try to get then into the appropriate
sized cabin that have the number of beds
that they need. – [Larry] Okay. – Our winter rate is 48 dollars
a night per person plus tax. When these groups
of guys come in, they can all pay
separately and it’s easy to keep track of what your
bill is and stuff like that. Another thing with the
Timbers Resort is that we have nice flat level parking, and ample parking for these
big rigs that come in with enclosed trailers
and stuff like that. Access right to the lake. We’re situated on about
eight acres of property here. We have this bait
and tackle shop here so lets sell live bait, all
the tackle that you need to catch fish on Lake Gogebic. – Not to mention the
things that we caught all the walleyes on this afternoon. – [Larry] Beaver Dams.
– [Tim] Beaver Dams. – Well it works out good. You know what a great place. Hey, if you want to
bring your family or just your friends
and come out here and have a great time
catching a lot of quality eating walleyes and perch,
you know, give Tim a call. And if you want to
have some good guiding make sure you give Tommy a call. Absolutely fantastic
time I can’t believe the walleyes up in
this Gogebic lake. You know and I know
Jon it’s got huge perch you showed me a lot
of pictures of catches that you guys had. And Tommy you caught some
really nice ones today. Hey, how can people
get a hold of you guys when they want to do
some of the guide trips on some of the waters
that you guys fish? – On mine you can just
look up – Okay. – It would be the easiest. – Yup, Tommy? – and
then my contact number is 715-292-4342. You can also follow
both of us on Facebook. Fish With Guy guide service and Beyond the
Catch guide service. – Hey absolutely awesome
and just remember it’s a great day to be alive, and I’m Larry Smith. – [Voiceover] Not yet. – Gall dang it, I wanna
catch a fish today. We’re never gonna
get to fish today! – [Voiceover] Alright let’s
just do it how we were doing it. – Okay, alright. – Could you believe that when I found that in my pocket I’m like holy man. – [Voiceover] Are you
eating a candy bar? – No. (laughter) – Maybe you should
mind your own business. (laughs)

10 thoughts on “Lake Gogebic Ice Walleyes- Larry Smith Outdoors”

  1. This was my first episode I ever watched of yours Larry Smith, and let me tell ya… I'm HOOKED! 👍 Your show is absolutely 110% remarkable 👍 I'm glad I discovered your channel 🙂

  2. Good show. U do realize u fished with one of the areas biggest poachers and bullies? The ice team "pro" is who I'm referring to. Don't believe me? Ask around!

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