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Lavender Essential Oil Cold Process Soap + I’m Planting a Garden | Royalty Soaps

Lavender Essential Oil Cold Process Soap + I’m Planting a Garden | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, welcome
back to Royalty Soaps! Today is February 29th,
which means it is leap day and consequently the last day of February, so I thought it would be nice to do a soap that both encapsulated February, the most romantic month of the year, and reminds us once again of
the fast approaching spring. So, let’s do lavender. Lavender is such a beautiful, quintessentially romantic flower and also something that is sold at a lot of Texas farmers markets. There is a lavender farm actually like 60 miles away from me. I have a goal this year
to go and visit it. It’s just, I can’t do a
farmers market collection without a lavender soap. It’s necessary! Now, if you weren’t following us over at the Royalty Soaps Instagram, that is where I share most
of my behind-the-scenes, inspiration, if I go anywhere,
like the lavender farm, I’ll be talking about that over there and showing you guys little sneak peeks, so go follow us over at
Royalty Soaps on Instagram. You can also follow me, I have some really cool spring projects that I’m gonna be doing over there. And also you can follow Kenny, who will be doing something, probably posting pictures of his outfits. And without further ado, let us make a lavender blossom soup today. I have here my melted oils. My oil blend consists of organic sustainably-sourced palm oil grown right here in the United States, pure olive oil, sweet
almond oil, castor oil, and coconut oil, and of course, the recipe that I am using today can be found in the description box below. I like to soap around 85
to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. I have found that I have the
best luck with soap making at these temperatures. Too hot and you have a higher probability of glycerin rivers, and too cold and you might get ash. So, this is what works for me but it might take some
experimenting for you. Now using my Cuisinart stick blender, I’m going to stick blend on
low for about 10 seconds. (light upbeat music) My recipe has very little water in it, so it comes to emulsion rather quickly. It also has a lot of hard oils
in it and that helps as well. If you were working with a
recipe that had a lot of water and a lot of soft oils like
olive oil or rice bran oil, that’s gonna take a lot longer
to get to this consistency. I have here four buckets. One of them I’m going to
remove and the remaining three will be our bottom layer. The first color we will
be adding is white. We’re using titanium dioxide
to make our white color today. Though there are white micas available, I just find that it never gets
my white white bright enough. – [Kenny] You can say
they’re just not quite white. – [Katie] The next color I am adding is I Dream Of Purple from Mad Micas. It is a perfect lavender,
sorta lilac color. And then finally I have Purple Vibrance, this is from Nurture Soap,
which is a very true purple. The fragrance I’m going to be
adding today is lavender 4020. This is an essential oil. There are multiple different types of lavender essential oil, however this one is the
least expensive option. With our essential oil
added into our containers, it’s time for blending time! (bright upbeat music) Now, I know this doesn’t look
like much of a difference between these two purples
but there is, trust me. We’re actually going to go back to our original mixing container
to add our colors into, this is how I’ve chosen to swirl them. Will it do anything special for the soap? Very probably not, but it’s fun to pour new ways. Gonna get all of the soap batter out of my little containies. – [Kenny] Ooh, that lavender is strong! – [Katie] Yes! Now using my spatula I’m gonna give it two quick little turns like
that and we are going to pour this first layer into our
two brambleberry molds after this quick commercial break. Oh, look at this! So beautiful. It looks like a marble
countertop that’s also purple. Do they have purple marble? Some stone expert should
let me know (chuckles). Okay, sugar’s gotta tap
these down on the ground. Now using my Popsicle stick
in no particular order I’m just going to sort of
make some divots on the top. Basically, I just want it to be textured. Not anything really big
and nothing very deep, because I certainly don’t
want to pour that next layer and there be air bubbles in the soap, because it was too thick and it couldn’t penetrate far enough. So I’m keeping everything pretty shallow. I’m also making sure to get
all the way to the edges, ’cause it always looks a little bit funny if you don’t include them. Looks like they’re lacking up the sides. With the first layer done, it is now time to move along to the next
layer, the final layer. Well, sort of, because we still
have the frost at the top. I’ll just stop talking now. For the final layer we
will also be adding in some I Dream of Purple from Mad Micas. I wanted to finish with a
true lavender sort of color and then I’m going to mix
this in by hand to begin, because of how sick the soap is, it looks like I won’t
actually have to blend it in with a stick blender at all, which is really really handy. – [Kenny] Pun intended. – [Katie] Mmm, now for a satisfying pour. (bright upbeat music) Okay with our base done,
it is now time to mix up our soap frosting. (bright upbeat music) So using some of the
items in the Royalty Soaps soap frosting club box,
namely the medium coupler and the Ateco, Kenny says,
826, I do believe he’s right. I am gonna start by doing my
classic three, two, one method across the bars. This is just what I do because
I feel like it gives you your most even piping look. Using smaller tips typically
creates a more uneven look, which in my opinion makes your soap look a little more like a beginner made it. Bigger tips just sort of make it look like you know what you’re doing and they cover a lot of mistakes. A lot of you guys have
said you miss my rambling about my life and what’s going on in it. So I though today I just
talk about some things that I’ve been thinking about
up in this brain of mine. This year I feel, dare
I say, a Divine calling to do a garden. And I should preface this
story by saying first I have no natural affinity towards plants. I do not love them. I appreciate them and
I definitely will buy bouquets at the store, but
the idea of growing them is stressful and sort of scary. It intrigues me but I’ve
never really set out to do it. And yet in my house
these past couple of days I felt increasingly drawn
and like I simply must create a cut flower garden. Now, for those of y’all who don’t know, a cut flower garden is a
garden created specifically for blooming flowers intended
for bouquets and centerpieces. I think this is just one of those things that sort of burns you up inside
until you go out and do it. So, I have been researching, I’ve been looking to see how
big a plot I should set up for the garden, which seeds I should buy and where I should start them. Now, before I move on with anything, I’m going to be adding some
Here Comes the Bride mica from Mad Micas onto the
top, just a teeny tiny bit. I wanna make it shimmery, but I don’t want to cover up the purple. And then I’m going to add on
these little lavender buds. Now, of course, these
aren’t actual lavender buds and even the shape of them
is not entirely accurate, but I love this flower shape
as an embed on top of soap. We’re gonna be placing on three per soap and then we’re gonna add some
pretty blue lavender buds. So anyway, the cut flower garden. Like I said I don’t
have a natural affinity towards growing things. My mother was always the gardener and anything I’ve tried
to grow inside my house has ended in absolute despair. I also did not have any
hobbies outside of soap making, and while I was growing
up, I did lots of stuff: I did quilling and knitting
and short story writing, embroidery, cross stitching,
friendship bracelet making, a little bit of baking here and there, and then as I became an
adult and I got married and I had children, all of my
hobbies sort of petered off as is the natural way
for most people’s lives. They get busy, they drop the
things that are least important and keep the things they love the most, but I seem to be in
another season of life, where I can add a few
things back onto my plate. I’ve got my house decorated
or at least organized, I’m not a big decorator and I really like a minimal surrounding, so it’s not like all out. Baby Will is no longer nursing and Lily is becoming
even more self-sufficient as the days go by. We’re right in the throes
of potty training which, oh my gosh, y’all say a
prayer for me (chuckles). But both of them were getting out of the incredibly needy stage
that happens with newborns and children in their first year. So, I’ve got a little extra free time now and it would seem that the
earth is sort of calling my name saying, Come plant in me! And it’s funny to me because
it seems a lot of people as they get older have this happen to them and though they never
once expressed interest in their younger years
in planting and growing, as they get older it seems
to be a call for many people to get back to basics, maybe
even to try homesteading. Now, that’s a giant leap for me. I’m definitely not at the point where I think I can handle that, but I think the example still stands. I started following a
lot of Instagram accounts and reading a lot of blogs
and I have my first book coming in the mail soon. In fact, I pre-ordered it not
only for me but for my mother, my grandmother and one of my best friends. For all of those ladies
truly appreciate the blooms. And like I said, this is
kind of a scary idea to me. I like to be adventurous in some ways, but I’m also a perfectionist
and if I don’t know whether or not I’ll
succeed, I’m often deterred from even trying because I want so badly to be good at something immediately, which, of course, is very
detrimental to think that way, ’cause it stops you from
trying out new things, and we can’t all be perfect
right from the get-go, it takes time. Soap making is a great example. I was not very good at soap
making for two or three years, I didn’t have access to a
lot of good information, and people back then
were four more secretive with all of their tips and
tricks than they are now. So, I had to learn a lot
of things the hard way and that includes the business
of soap making as well. I don’t have any intention
of selling my cut flowers, if indeed I get any blooms which part of me still
feels will not happen. I just want to do it to do it. And we’ll see where it goes. I will be updating my Instagram
about it, when I think to, but because this is a passion project, I’m not going to put any
pressure on myself to share or give any updates. I am by no means a floral Instagram, but if you’re kind of interested in doing something like this with me, I’ll link you guys some of
the resources down below that I’ve been perusing recently that I know will help me on
my little flower journey. Here are my beautiful lavender buds that I will be putting on top. I specifically chosen a variety
that I feel is very vibrant. Sometimes lavender buds tend to be, well, just a little brown and lackluster, but these particular ones are quite vivid and look super nice on soap. ♪ Sprinkle, sprinkle. ♪ And with flower buds on soap, always sprinkle more
than you actually want, because a lot of them will fall off, they won’t end up sticking
to the soap at all. That’s much better to
put on a little extra so that you finally get, once
all the bars have been cut, the amount you actually
wanted in the first place. It also helps to kind
of throw them on there, try to peg your brother
in the process, yah! – [Kenny] Hey, now I smell good! – [Katie] Oh, what a pity! And with a few quick
spritzes of rubbing alcohol, our Lavender Fields soap is complete. I think this happy little
batch is going to be one of my favorites from this month just because there is
elegance in simplicity. Also it smells really
good, so there’s that. We’re gonna wait 18 to 24
hours and then we’ll come back, we will chop up these bars and take a peep at the swirly twirly inside. After this quick commercial break. Y’all, I am filming this cutting
video all by myself today. It has been such a long
time since I’ve done that. I done dropped some lavender
buds on the table, ooh! Also somebody didn’t clean
the wires on this thing, that somebody is definitely me, that’s totally my responsibility. Fun note, you should
always clean the wires in between your cutting so that
you don’t leave soap on top. Oh, she looks prettier 18 hours later, because those purples have mellowed out into something really special and you can see it molded so cleanly. I love a shiny side of a soap. Now I’m gonna do my best to line this up and also, just so you know,
it is hard to cut soaps that have embeds with multi bar cutters, it’s hard to get them perfect
in a little bit shaving off of those embeds is not that big a deal. Welcome to handmade products, they’re not perfect every time. Y’all ready to see the inside? Let me push these two out. Oh, I can’t wait to see the piping. Oh my gosh! ♪ Isn’t she lovely ♪ Wow, I’m just, wow. I don’t even have anything
to say, which is rare for me. (laughs) Also those tops are just splendid. I love something as classic as a lavender without anything else mixed into it but having a little bit of a twist and it’s definitely very
modern to be frosting the top of your soap and adding embeds. So, we’re doing a classic with a twist. Now I’m working on something
in secret right now, but I still want your opinion, that’s right: you, your opinion. Basically, here’s what I want to know. Let’s say I have a standard line of all natural soaps coming out. Is lavender 4042, so just
the lavender essential oil good enough to stand on its
own to be a show-stopping fragrant soil all by itself or do I need to mix it with something? Doesn’t have to be mixed with,
say, a citrus or eucalyptus? I want to know if you guys like the smell of lavender as she is. Now, to vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the i in the upper right-hand
corner of the screen, it’s really easy and for
this particular video, I am gonna be taking particular notice of what you guys are saying, so if you are a customer of Royalty Soaps, take the poll, do the thing! Y’all, the older I get, the more I love the smell of lavender. I don’t know what it is. Am I an old woman now? I don’t know, but I hope I’m
aging gracefully and elegantly. I want to be like the Queen
of England (chuckles). Anyway, these Lavender Fields
soaps will be available on March 7th 3:00 p.m.
Central Standard Time on if you want one. If you don’t, I don’t care. And hey, by the way,
if you wanna see Kenny make a lavender soap, it
looks pretty similar to this, last year for Mother’s Day for my mom, I will leave that link right now in they upper right hand
corner of the screen, so you can go check that out. I love his rendition as well. Lavender’s just gorgeous,
it’s just so good! Anyway, be sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that is going out and getting you a lavender
fragrance something, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, like the lavender is
the most popular scent for basically everything bath related. I guarantee you, you can find
yourself a bath bomb at Target that smells like lavender
and it is very soothing. I like to put it on my pillow at night and then just (snores) right to sleep. Or maybe if you’re soap maker, buying yourself that little
embed mold you’ve been eyeing, I know silicone embed molds get expensive, but we have to invest in ourself
and invest in our business, so that little mold you’ve been wanting, go ahead and get it, it’s good for you, it’s good for your business. Either way, I don’t
really care what you do, I just want you to do something that makes you happy, all right? Anything, anything at all, it can be free, I say this in all of my
videos, it can be free, it doesn’t cost anything. Go be by yourself if that helps recharge, go watch yourself a cute cat video, anything’s that just
kind of slows you down, helps you focus and makes you happy, and I will see you guys in the next video. So until then, have an
absolutely wonderful day! I’ll see you guys over on
Instagram in the meantime, and yeah, bye, okay, bye! (laughs) Meow (puffs)! (bright upbeat music)

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