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Learn Mandarin for Children with Miaomiao Ep.6 – Candy Moose

Learn Mandarin for Children with Miaomiao Ep.6 – Candy Moose

♫ Miaomiao ♫ Miaomiao ♫ Miaomiao ♫ Doudou ♫ Coco ♫ Benben ♫ Miaomiao ♫ Beepbeep ♫ Miaomiao ♫ Tantan ♫ Miaomiao ♫ Miaomiao (gentle music) (bird squawks) (bee buzzing) (sniffs) – It’s the candy moose. – Yay, Coco is giving us all candy! (laughs) – Delicious. (galloping) (snickers purposefully) (sniffing) (grunts) – Help, help! – I caught the candy moose,
all of the candy is mine! – [Candy Moose] Help, help! – What’s that sound? – The candy moose is calling for help. Help, bangzhu. – Help, bangzhu. – Bangzhu means help. When you need assistance,
you should call for help. – Bangzhu. – Help! – Bangzhu. (barks) – Let’s say it together. – [Both] Bangzhu. Bangzhu. Bangzhu. – Can you say it with us? – [Doudou] Bangzhu. Bangzhu. Bangzhu. – Great! (crying) – What’s happening? – Tantan has the candy moose! – Oh no, we have to rescue her. (chomps) (crying) (upbeat guitar music) (propellers hum) – There’s TanTan’s castle! Let’s help the candy moose. – Bangzhu. – I want candy. – No! – Where is my candy, hm? – Release Coco! – Candy moose is mine. – No, candy moose is everybodys. (laughs) (yelling) It’s slippery. (yells) (laughs) (laughs sinisterly) (suspenseful orchestral music) (gasps) (laughs evilly) (yells in shock) (suspenseful orchestral music) (yells) (yelling angrily. – Help, help! (grunts) – We’re safe. – Come on, candy moose. – Hey, candy moose is giving candy again. – Tantan, you can’t be greedy. The candy is for everyone to share. – I’m sorry. Thank you. – See you next time! (upbeat music)

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