Leave it to Beaver (Shnuggletof Version)

Hey Beaver, look what I found! Cool Wally! Yeah! Now we can play baseball! Let’s play baseball near the house, just in case! Are you ready Beaver? (Intense Music) (Breaking sounds) It’s all your fault! You hit it too hard! Your the one who pitched it perfectly! Well, you hit it too hard… Beaver! Wally! It was Beaver’s fault! It was not! It was Wally’s fault dad! You gotta believe me! Now Beaver. Now Wally. Hey Beaver, we could climb up that tree over there and get away from dad! Eh, but Wally, I don’t know- (Whisper) I’ll do your chores for a week. YEAH! Let’s do it Wally! (Music Intensifies) Now boys, what did I say about climbing up into trees? I’m gonna text mom, that your being so mean. Now Wally, what did I say about using technology that doesn’t exist? Now Wally, what did I say abut zip-lining? Now Beaver, don’t drink drinks that don’t exist. Now Wally, what did we say about washing our hands? It’s good to keep yourself clean! Now Wally, what did we say about tying our shoes? Now Beaver, I told you to sweep the yard. Now sea salt. Now boys, what did we learn from today? Well dad, I kinda learned to not hit the ball that way but that way, okay? That’s what I learned. I learned that you should never let him bat. Dad, don’t listen to him! Beaver is terrible. It’s all his fault! Now Wally, what did I say about climbing up into trees- and Beaver!!! Now Jonah’s hair, what did we talk about? Looking good.

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