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LEDs in Resin Tutorial (October 2019 Kawaii Craft Kits)

LEDs in Resin Tutorial (October 2019 Kawaii Craft Kits)

Welcome to the October Tutorial Video! We will be making 2 projects! This is a 1 meter long (10 lights)LED strand. I will wrap the strand around the base of each light to shorten it. Now it will fit better inside this unicorn mold! Each kit came with one animal mold (either a rabbit, deer, or unicorn)! I make sure one light is at the horn and one inside the tail. Otherwise, I curl it inside semi-randomly. Turn on the lights to see the position better! For the end, I hook the strand around the lip of the mold. I mixed together a bunch of resin! This was used for multiple pours. Follow the directions on your resin bottles/packaging to mix the 2 parts together. mixing in the pigment ~ more drops of pigment=more concentrated color Adding in glitter. This is from own stash and was not part of the kit. However, each kit came with 12 colors of chunky glitter! Time for the POUR~ I pause at the bottom of the unicorn head. I noticed that air bubbles really build up around this area so I am making sure the resin gets into this area. Using a lighter to pop bubbles! And… more pour! Just a few more drops. Now it needs to cure (harden) for 24 hours. Demolding! Adding in detail with my POSCA paint markers (not included in kit). You can use paint or even UV resin to do this! Using UV resin to do this is actually faster, as you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry between layers. I needed 4-5 layers for the white part! You can use a knife to scrap away stray paint after it dries! ALL DONE!~ Glitter will tend to sink to the bottom of the mold unless it is extra fine. I don’t mind it since it makes the mane look cool! There will be a bright light now. (Sorry!) I poured these right after I poured the unicorn, using the same resin mix. After waiting 24 hours, they are ready to demold! Flipping the letters around to add the LEDs to the back. This is the 2 meter (20 light) LED strand. Wrapping the wire around similar to how I did before. But this time I am shaping it to fit behind each letter and so that it connects the letters along the bottom. Determine how many lights each letter gets before you start wrapping. After I make the wire frame for the whole thing – I need to secure it on. I am using UV Resin (not included). BUT you can also use a thin layer of 2 part resin or a glue such as e6000. I fast cure each light for ten seconds. After I get all the lights secured down I will cure the whole thing under the lamp again for 1-2 minutes. Flipping it around. All done! You can put this on your desk/dresser/whatevs. Use sticky tack to make it stand up securely. Or, attach some bails or loops on either end to make a wall hanging 🙂 Another light flash incoming! A pumpkin unicorn!!

4 thoughts on “LEDs in Resin Tutorial (October 2019 Kawaii Craft Kits)”

  1. I’ve got the unicorn mould but I’ve never tried it with led lights in, definitely going to try it though because it looks great! Thank you for sharing 🥰

  2. I want to subscribe to your craft box so badly but I can't afford them right now. I'm so happy that you have past boxes available to buy so if I do have the extra money to spend I can get them. I will be getting the subscription as soon as I can. I want mostly all of them so far an I'm trying to get it sooner rather than later.

  3. I would love to get one of your Resin themed boxes, so I can make a comparison between the good quality (yours), and some well know others which quality and prices are terrible. But unfortunately, you don't ship it to Germany… T_T

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