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Lincoln Takes Over the Vlog!

Lincoln Takes Over the Vlog!

– Hey everybody. I’m Lincoln. This is Ty.
– I’m Ty. – And today we are taking over the vlog. (dramatic music) Yup. So the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to Lagoon and then we’re gonna go
to the BYU football game. – Yup
– Go cougars. – Go cougars. It’s just us.
– Hopefully it’s good. ♫ What can I say except you’re welcome? We’re almost to Lagoon. There it is, how do you flip it? No, that’s how you take a
picture when you’re filming. (“You’re Welcome” from ‘Moana’ playing) – Uhhh. – See there it is! Yeah, we’re really good at this. There’s the Spider. There’s a white roller coaster. I think it’s like called
the White Roller coaster. – We’re gonna try it out. Kenzie’s taking us. She’s awesome. – We’re starting on the roller coaster, whoa, what’s going on? Uhm, you can hold on to it. – I got it.
– Yeah, you got it. We’re going up right now. (People in front talking) Yeah, I would keep it in because we’re probably gonna… – Wait, what happens if I drop the phone? – We’re almost there, we’re almost there. – Hands up Lincoln, hands up Lincoln. Wooo. Ahhh. I almost dropped it. That was bad. I almost dropped it. Ahh! – So, we’re about to go on a ride it’s called the Spider. Kind of scared about roller coasters. So, we didn’t film on it but it was absolutely amazing. I kind of want to go on it again. – We could not film on it. – Yeah, I would have lost the phone. I was like, whaa! Okay, so we just went on Wicked but we couldn’t really
take the camera, again. It was really fun and crazy. You’re just like waiting
in this dark tunnel and then all of a sudden you’re like whaa! And then you just shoot straight up. It feels like a Tesla to be honest. Right now we’re probably
doing the best part of Lagoon is the Basketball park. Come on, Ty! (techno music) That was close. That was close Ty. Oh, he hit one! What’d you get, Ty? – Pacers flag because I’m
not taking a Warriors flag. – Oh, come on! – Push the button. Here we go, Lincoln! (techno music) There’s one! Oh there’s two, Lincoln! Three! Here we go! (techno music) Yes, Lincoln! One more! Last one! Oh! Good job, Lincoln. It’s not regulation. What’re you gonna get, Lincoln? Warriors, we can bury that up. Ah ha! Ah, there he goes. Warriors. Boo. After that kind of fail at basketball. Oh! I missed so badly. – [Woman] Sad day. Should we go do a new one? (upbeat music) (buzzer) (buzzer) (bell) (buzzer) – Ah, it didn’t break. (buzzer) – And then we did another game and I knocked them all
down on the first try but I forgot to film that one and the other time just now my finger was over the lens. – Seriously. – It’s okay. This is like my first vlog that’s just me. – [Woman] Let’s see it boys. – Yes! – [Woman] Nice. How are you going to share it? – Snakey and sharky. I think we’re heading out now. I hope that all this footage can be used. Now we have the BYU game. The fun is not over. So, we kind of didn’t vlog much. We drove to Lehi, Utah. That’s where we are right now. Ty slept during the drive. It’s like an hour and 30 minute drive. – It was a pretty good sleep. – We’re just sitting here and then we have a dog. His name’s Jack. So, I don’t know where my dad went. – Yeah, we’re waiting for him and then we’re going to go to the game a little bit early and do the cougar walk where the players walk down
and we like high five them. I’ll show you Jack now. Hi Jack. – Hi Jack. – Hi Jack. – Hi Jack. – [Ty] Grr. – Now he won’t give it to me. It’s a good job. (upbeat techno music) Oh no, don’t hit the camera. Sorry, guys. (upbeat techno music) So, scores 15-16, I’m up. I fouled Ty and this is to tie the game. Balls up and he missed it. Ah, Lincoln wins it! Ah, yeah. This is what Ty looks like when he loses. – [Ty] I don’t lose. – Made it to the game.
– Woo. – There’s lots of red. Lots of red, which is kind of sad but there’s also lots of bluee – Let’s go cougars. – You can follow Sabrina on Instagram. Sab.Riley. – [Ty] No, it’s Sab.Christensen. – Oh yeah, my bad. – They’re married. – Sab.Christensen. – Sab.Christensen. Go follow her. (laughs) So we made it to our seats today. – Front row, perfect. – Yeah, they’re great. There is a camera right there. That’s the youth section up there. There’s the cougars over there. (Ty sings ‘Despacito’) Please stop singing it. – ♫ Take it slowly. No, its “Desparito.” – No. (laughs) Doesn’t despacito mean take it slowly? – I don’t know, does it? – Yeah. – I don’t know about that, spanish. 40 more minutes until the game starts. – 40?
– 40. – Oh my gosh. – We’ve been here probably for 30 minutes just sitting in our seats. – It’s still so cool watching them go out. We’re on the Utah side. – Yeah, there’s lots of red here. Yeah. There’s a big fancy camera right there. – That’s what we use to vlog. – Yeah. Or we just use my phone. Either one. 30 more minutes. The stadium is getting even more packed. There’s lots of ‘U’ people here. – What do you mean you people? – Especially in like this area. On this side of the stadium. There’s lots of red. So, we have nine minutes left. – [Ty] It’s been there for so long. It’s been on that guys back for a long time. – [Lincoln] It just wants a ride. – [Crowd] ‘U’. ‘B’ ‘Y’ (pump up music) Here we go. – [Lincoln] We’ll have to blur that out. – [Ty] Yeah, edit it out. – [Lincoln] All that white right there, that’s all the student section. It’s still there. It’s probably been on there
for like three minutes. All of this is going to be blurred out. You can’t see anything. – [Ty] You cannot see any of that. It’s gonna be blurred. – [Lincoln] Nothing. Everything’s gonna be blurred. Woo! Let’s go. There’s a camera! Woo! Oh, they kicked it off. He buffed it on the first play. – First play fumble. There’s the wave. – [Lincoln] There goes the wave. Here comes the student section. That’s the student section right there. It’s looking better. Here it comes. Woo. – Utah’s winning 9-0. Half time. I still believe we can win. Woo. Go cougars. – Yeah. Go cougars. It’s 13-19. We have a shot at this. We’re gonna beat the Utes. What? That’s game. We had the ball and it was fourth down and we didn’t get the ball. – We were close. – We did. It was a good fight. We lost for the seventh time in a row. Are you coming to the next game? – I’m gonna try. – And there’s the day
of me and Ty vlogging. So, there we go. There’s the vlog episode. – Peace.
– Bye. – [Woman] Sad day. Should we go do a new one?

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