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Make a Great Waste Oil Burning Stove Heater

Make a Great Waste Oil Burning Stove Heater

ok hello YouTube just a quick video of a prototype just a test of Australian guy Ozzirt I don’t know invented over ever it is but came up with it anyway and it’s
it’s very very good em and remarkably tolerant of of setup so here’s what i have i have an 8-inch
diameter saucepan just like a casserole pot stainless steel with two handles on
top of that is a car brake disc this one was ventilated and I welded the
other side the inside diameter i welded the the ventilations closed so it
sealed that’s a thirty mil hole in the brake in the brake discs and it allows
air and fuel into the pot around the brake disc I have 2 x 12
millimeter holes one there and you can just see the other one there so all i have is a piece of two pieces
of threaded rod down to two big washers holding the handles of the pot and
pulling the pot up tight to the eh – the brake discs some half inch pipe dripping the oil
1/2″ copper dripping the oil directly into the the hole some flexible tube half inch gate valve
some half inch pipe 1/2 inch elbow and a half inch tank connector and dirty black waste motor oil that’s it not preheated not thinned down no compressor and you can hear it and i’m just messing with some another pot similar to the one
underneath which is some water in it stainless steel and it was burn like that until it runs
out are you shut it off Purely temporary setup a domestic stove some
flexi flue x some flue that I had lying around there you go little to no smoke you want
to be looking at the that to see any I can see some heat ok nothing really so temporary set up a some
scaffolding just to hold up the flue pipe up and it works really well when it cools down i’ll show you
the setup and this some 6-inch flu pipe is not welded to the to the stove inside
the stove I just have a bolt going through it and
it is it just sits down i’ll show you that when it cools down but it burns like that all day now this is purely
temporary only made it very recently and it just works I can add air to the to the mix if I want by sliding this you know standard stoves stuff
but it is burning really clean as it is so that That says h that means it’s beyond 530 degrees c system only goes up to 530 so H and the door is 352 312 just under the
pot these are degree centigrade okay and there’s a couple of baffles in
there to kind of it try and keep the heat in the stove again the oil Thank You the stove there you go very easy to build thanks very much
Spike in Australia and anyone else to be honest i have watched lots of
videos so this is not my invention I’ve just copied it from someone else but it
is so easy to make it just its great you can burn I don’t know if you can see the heat
haze after the water’s going to boil soon yeah I welded some 6-inch pipe to a car brake discs that’s it, drilled a 30 mil hole here and 2 x 10 mil
holes at the back I don’t even know if it needs those I
don’t think so a standard pot an eight inch pot 3 inches deep and that’s it and I just don’t know if we will see it
I just got a 6-inch hole big enough for that pipe into the bottom of stove and
that could be into the bottom of a barrel or into the bottom of anything
you want really thats sealed the beauty of the stove for now is you can see the
flame you can see it burning but as soon as you open the door you change to
combustion mix and you just get smoke coming out this way I used three meters of flue and that’s
just that’s just a winch i bought in a shop called aldi and it brings my door up and down so very
easy to set up this is purely temporary I don’t want to drill any holes in the
roof in any case this is just for something
to do but a bit of flex flue six inch or so i don’t know if its
5-inch flexi flue into a six inch flexi flue and it goes up about three meters 2 x- 1.5
meter sections and what looks like kind of half a meter so 3 and a half
meters of flue but the flue is massively important because it makes the draw it
makes them the roar and it causes the combustion to happen that sucks the air
into the holes to mix with the flame and keeps the whole thing going ok so here’s my burder unit very easy to
make it starts off with an 8-inch diameter
3 inch deep cut pot i drilled a 30-millimeter hole and a ten mil hole and another 10 that
always going to be larger but broke the larger drill bit so threaded rod just to go under the
handle and connect it to the brake discs ok standard domestic 8 inch stainless steel
heavy base pot nothing special nothing else done with it that’s it now I drill three rows of
holes one, two, three but when I fired up initially the fire was
too low it was all happening down here so i don’t use this row these two rows are outside of the the
stove and i just use this row to anchor it within the stove okay we’ve got six inch pipe i’m going to show you the measurements
now this brake disc is 10 inches and I cut the center out of it this is the original center so just cut
that out leaves a little bit of a step and i
welded on the six-inch pip. The spacings of the holes from the weld roughly 2
inches and 4 inches there goes the tape ok so two inches from the the brake
discs and two inches above that the next row holes ballpark each row of holes are
spaced one inch apart you can work your way around 1 is 1 inch
one inch and so on all the way around when you get to the end you just put it
in the middle of what’s left so the stove is here and two roles are two rows
of holes are exposed to the atmosphere if you like and the other row of holes and
this much of the flu reside within the stove that’s it the ventilated discs I welded these all on the inside so
they are sealed and that’s it I drip my oil in here the big one the 30
millimeter hole that’s not enough for combustion within the pot so it just
sits on like that and that’s it just put the two threaded rods and washers
up through it tighten it and that’s it it goes back
into the stove and it’s a it’s ready for action again really good thanks to spike in Australia it and everybody else just had a go at making this some some of them I’ve
seen are really successful this one works works really well and I
think it’s really easy to make get yourself a 10 inch brake discs off a
car and some 6-inch flu I mean if you’ve got the bits – overall I’ve got eight inches of the
6-inch pipe and and that’s it so you just need a brake discs eight inches of
pipe and a pot

90 thoughts on “Make a Great Waste Oil Burning Stove Heater”

  1. Thank You for your last post.   I wanted to ask one more question.  What is the best way to cut the circle for the cast iron stove? 

  2. Just wanted to say thank you!  Finished mine today.  Works awesome.  Including stove I made it for $145.00   Can't believe how well it works.  Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great videos ! Thanks.
    One question I need to build one but need a way to control temp. Can I do that just by adjusting oil feed ? And will it combust properly at a low feed rate ?

  4. Hi, thanks for your video. your set up is fantastic. i've been heating my home for the last 2 years with a home made waste oil stove made from 2 gas tanks and the burner is a vaporising pot burner. You could use a stove with a back boiler and heat the water in your central heating system. you sound Irish? I'm in Galway. All the best

  5. No smoke!! That's a nice setup you got there! Thanks for sharing this. I built one a few years ago but it required a small ac fan to force feed cool air to the flame. I like your setup better. Thanks and God Bless! LS

  6. please how much oil does this stove burn in say 8 hours ? I realize the more heat will require more oil,but less just say high heat and then I can figure from there,….
    Thanks for a great video and the time you have taken in making it…..Johnny B.

  7. Hi D.Mulder. I looked at your burner video and it looks very well done but I think that you have too many holes in the secondary tube. Why not temporarily block off some of the holes and see the difference. You could be losing too much of the flue draught through the secondary tube because of the amount of holes in it. Check out my second video to see the sort of heat this produces with far fewer holes.
    Waste oil stove heater lighting from cold to red hot in just a few minutes.
    Hope this helps. Cheers

  8. That is one good looking oil burner.  The gear heads back 30 years ago had some crazy looking home builds in our garages !  Glad to see it's still around, not the cleanest , but saved a lot of money. Good job.

  9. hi ,, I have been making oil burners for years,, all different one,s ,,, but the one you made works very well ,, after seen this I am going to build a stove from plate steel ,, and put a boiler in it,,,   I work in a scrap yard so oil is no problem,,,  thank,s for the good video,,,  

  10. Hello friend. I have a question re: this fantastic oil burning heater of yours. And I promise I'm not trying to be a smart a#@. You have a 8" pot right? and a 6" burner tube and flue. That means there is a 1" difference in the dia of the two, yet you drilled a 30mm hole for the oil intake. It's got me confused so I thought I'd ask you for an explanation. Is part of the hole on the outside of the pot or something? I love this video and look forward to you reply. Billy in Australia.

  11. Doesn't veg. oil leave a lot of sticky, tacky, crusty, tarish residue to clean in the burn pan every time you use your stove? 

  12. Love that set up, just wondering about rods that you have holding pipe ,disk and pot inside of your stove. Have not seen that in any of your videos.Would appreciate if you could answer.Thanks,Robert

  13. Good Video Thanks. What gauge flue pipe are you using and how did you drill the holes so evenly. Is it the thin steel pipe we call stove pipe in the U.S that will lay flat before lock hinging the edges together ?

  14. Great videos! 
    Would this type burner work if it was set inside the stove instead of hanging from the bottom outside the stove?  Then could you add air and oil line into the top of burner and be able to use it as a multi burner assemble and have the best of both if your electric went out. Thanks in advance.

  15. Thanks mate.
    I did similar burner. I went to scrap yard to find some material to do this and what was funny, I found all the same parts next to each others which you have been using.

  16. How does this make it as a heater for a home?  I can't see our inspectors passing this.  Suggestions to make it legal for the home?

  17. 3 comments, 1 cool accent, 2 good thing im a welder because why the fu.. do we use the standard measuring system its so stupid and I have to know both anyway it sounds like you gotta know both as well. Just why ya know. It pisses me off. Lastly cool stove thanks for sharing.

  18. Gerry this is great! Have built a waste oil water heater for a hot tub in a 48kg cylinder with a couple of heat exchangers where the air and oil is blown in with a leaf blower. Works great but is more than twice as thirsty as yours and a little savage I'm honest. Going to have a crack at this but have one question which shows my lack of experience. If most brake discs are cast iron how do you weld the steel pipe to it? Many thanks!

  19. well, waisted oil car contains heavy metal particles and burning is supposed to produce dioxins which are dangerous for Health. Not sure this is such a good idea so use this kind of fuel …

  20. Hell, you could make extra money on the side just doin' oil changes, keep the oil and use it in the winter to heat your place.

  21. does the length of the flue make any difference ? mines only about 4 ft long , Im still playing round with it , but when its running full out , it just blasts black smoke out the stack like a steam engine climbing a hill . Im not exaggerating , either . 

  22. Hey there! Have you heard about – TK Explosion Easy Website Builder (do a google search)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  23. The rate of oil you are adding to the pot seems excessive, a drip design always works better, last longer and is much safer. The location of the waste oil to the furnace is what bothered me most, if anything went wrong it could cost you the house, garage and even your life so I please think long and hard before doing anything like this again.
    I'd rather see you doing these videos in manner that keeps you the safest, not trying to be spoiled sport either just I have seen what fire and waste oil can do to a person and its not very nice trust me and it all happens as fast as well, a fire does.
    This fire you were burning was way to hot, a cast iron pan is also the best as it will never burn through or melt! 
    I friend has an old fuel oil furnace he converted into a drip waste oil burner and he burned down his first garage with it by doing one thing hap hazard like you were doing here. He rebuilt the garage and found another fuel oil furnace which he modified correctly and it still works great even after 15 years now. The garage/shop is very large and always nice and warn even in the coldest Minnesota winters which get way below zero.
    Good luck.

  24. Me gusta esta bonita yo fabrique una parecida suerte amigo fabrica otro diseño y yo lo Copeo saludos desde tijuana mx

  25. Hi Gerry, greetings from Greece. Wonderfull job. What is the size of the holes in mm , that you drilled on the 15 cm diameter pipe?
    Regards Tasos

  26. Hello. Great project, going to make one for my shop. But have you taken any measurements on the flupipe to see how mutch heat goes up and out there. Not a big problem for me as I have alot of free oil to burn of 🙂 But the main intention will bee to heat my shop, not the birds outside 🙂 

    Best regards

  27. Nice job Gerry! I especially like the fact you don't need an electric blower for this design. I am wondering if it would work with a smaller flue, and chimney such as a 4 inch/ 101mm? and a smaller disc brake rotor. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

  28. Hi Gerry Have you done any research into the Babington burner ? it just may interest you ? You're very good at what you do and i find your videos very informative . Where are you located ?

  29. Hello my friend , i am using waste oil to heat the water for free ,but i have to ask you something. i have petrol stove that burns diesel fuel-petrol . can i change and use inside the fuel tank a oil ? Thank You !!!!

  30. hi if you add a hair dryer to the chimney about 4ft from the tank you should get a better burn it will force air to be sucked in through your secondary burn chamber.hope this idea gives you better combustion

  31. Good job.I built a used oil burner from plans in Whole Earth News magazine  given to me from a friendin the early 1970s.Was a miserable failure most of the time. Smoked the shop up and got complaints from the neighbors.However, yours makes a roaring noise, proof of good combustion and. It runs clean out the pipe. The system we used dripped oil on a hot pair of cast iron frying pan. It was more complicated than my description, but all in all it sucked.

  32. It seems like a good idea until you realise old engine oil can contain high levels of "lead" from worn bearings!!

  33. That produces soooo much smoke.  That is why U have the chimney high in the air.    So much pollution U put in the air.  TERRIBLE.

  34. Nicely done, for me that would be to hot indoors heater, so i made my one a little bit forgiveable :<) .

  35. Hi Garry… nice job friend!! Whether you copied or not, that mini hell rocks!!
    I'm wonder if by conditioning it could be used as a foundry for forging metal??

  36. The temperature of your heater is similar to mine.. Mine is a copy of a German Kroll heater. I just loosely copied the Kroll design.

  37. most important temp reading is the exhaust pipe….and it wasnt taken……if theres to much heat going up the chimney its worthless

  38. I can hear it gangbusters at 2:12. The red glow on side of casserole pot seems a tad dangerous to me. Not to criticize mind you…. Burning waste oil if one can get it cheap/free is a great idea AFAIC. Any idea how many BTUs it's putting out?

  39. how do you light it. is the oil dripping while it is lit? are the holes the cause of the "compressor sound" force air whatever it is cause I can't describe it. Thumbs Up. i Like, OLE!

  40. i see you've made a different and my questions are answered there
    the sound is what kills it for me, unless there is no sound but sound is being amplified from camera's microphone. i Like, OLE!

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