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Mars Needs Moms – Trailer

Mars Needs Moms – Trailer

Hi everyone from Anteprima Cinema! Let’s see the trailer of the movie Mars Needs Moms. See you later with the news of today. The latest Disney’s movie, Mars Needs Moms, will be released in our cinemas in June 2011. On Mars there are no moms, so its in habitants to kidnap women living on Earth and make them raise their children. Milo, a 9 year old boy, discovers that his mother was kidnapped by Martians, and his mission is to bring back her home. The film was made with the Motion Capture technique, of course in 3D. After the movie The Wall, directed by Alan Parker in 1982, it seems that the producer Andy Harries is interested in making a new movie, also inspired by the famous Pink Floyd song, Another Brick in the Wall. The film is set in London in late ’60 and tells a true story of a music teacher sent to teach at a troubled school, who’s willing to change things. That’s it for today. Goodbye from Anteprima Cinema!

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