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Max & Ruby: Duck Duck Goose / Ruby’s Snowbunny / Ruby’s Snowflake – Ep.49

Max & Ruby: Duck Duck Goose / Ruby’s Snowbunny / Ruby’s Snowflake – Ep.49

♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and her
little brother, Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪ Duck, Duck, Goose. Duck, Duck, Goose. Duck, Duck, Goose. Okay, Max, we’ll play Duck,
Duck, Goose one more time. But then we have to do our Bunny Scout winter
bird-tracking project. Duck, Duck, Goose. (Giggling) We’re playing,
we’re playing. Duck, duck, duck… goose! (Laughing) Watch out, Duck, here comes the goose. Honk, honk! (Laughing) Max made it
back first. The duck wins again. Hey, Bunny Scouts. Who’s the best bird
trackers in the world? BOTH:
Bunny Scouts are. (All laughing) Duck, Duck, Goose. Sorry, Max,
we can’t play anymore. If we get pictures of 5
different kinds of birds, you know
what we get? ALL:
Our winter
bird-tracking badge. We have to look
and listen very carefully for any sign
that the birds are around. BOTH:
Right. Do we have
everything we need? I’ve got the camera. And I’ve got
the bird-tracking guide. Wow, that’ll make
our job a lot easier. And so will this. It’s birdseed
to attract the birds. Oh, great idea, Ruby. All right,
let’s get tracking. Duck, Duck, Goose. (Sighing) That’s strange. All the birdseed
is gone. I know
I put it right… Huh? Max, your snowball
picked up all our birdseed. I guess we have to start over
and put out some more seed. Maybe not, Ruby. Look. (Gasping) Check the book,
Valerie. Check the book. That’s it. Look. VALERIE:
You’re right, Ruby. It’s a purple finch. ALL:
Wow. (Geese honking) All right,
we’ve got one bird. Four more to go. Duck, Duck, Goose. (Sighing) I can’t play Duck,
Duck, Goose now. Why don’t you try
the playground. Come on, Max. Playground is just
as much fun in the winter as it is
in the summer. (Bird chirping) What was that? Valerie, Louise, I found another bird. What did you see, Ruby? It’s not what I saw, it’s what I heard. Listen. (Bird chirping) There. It sounds like it’s saying
“Chickadee-dee-dee.” (Gasping) There’s a bird
called a chickadee. I saw it
in the book. Now we just have
to get it to come out. Use your
birdseed, Ruby. Good thinking,
Louise. (Bird chirping) (Gasping) Get a picture,
Louise. Oh. That was amazing. That’s 2 winter birds. Three more to find. (Quacking) (Geese honking) We have to look and listen
for any signs of a bird. Yes. Duck, Duck, Goose.
Duck, Duck, Goose. (Sighing) Not yet, Max. We still need
to find 3 more birds. (Sighing) Duck, Duck, Goose. (Gasping) Look what I found. A beautiful red bird. (Chirping) It’s a cardinal. It says they have
a very beautiful song. (Singing) (All sighing) RUBY:
Now we’ve seen 3 birds. Only 2 more to go. I don’t see any sign
of birds over here. Nothing here either. Hm, or here. Oh, we need to find
2 more birds, but how? (Gasping) My birdseed, it’s gone. But there’s a trail
of seeds in the snow. Ah-ha, Max tracks. (Gasping) Max, what are you doing
with our birdseed? Duck, duck, goose. Wow. Look at that. I can’t believe it. So now we have a chickadee
and a cardinal. A purple finch. And the ducks and a goose make
5 different kinds of birds. And that means
we’ll get our… ALL:
Winter bird-tracking badges. Yup, thanks
to Max and his… Duck, duck, goose. NARRATOR:
Ruby’s Snow Bunny. (Wind blowing) (Laughing) (Humming) Oh, what
a beautiful winter day. And this is
the perfect spot to build our snow bunny,
don’t you think, Max? (Giggling) Sled? (Laughing) Don’t worry, we’re going sledding right after
we make a snow bunny. Huh? Not just a normal
snow bunny… we’re going to make
a huge snow bunny, and I can’t do
that without your help. Sled. Come on, Max. Help me roll up a big snowball
for the snow bunny’s bottom. Thanks, Max. This is getting
really hard to roll. Oh, now I see. We’re pushing it uphill. We need to go back
to where we started. We’d better be careful it
doesn’t get away from us. You push on that side, and I’ll
guide it from this side. Okay,
start pushing. I’ve got it. Keep pushing, Max. ROGER:
Hi, Ruby, hey, Max. Hi. Roger! You coming sledding? RUBY:
Sure, right after
we finish making a giant snow bunny. Uh-huh, sweet. Sled. (Gasping) RUBY:
Stop! (Sighing) That was close. Come on, Max. Let’s finish
our snow bunny. Sled? Max, we can’t
leave him like this. Look, he’s only
got a bottom. You don’t want
to leave our poor snow bunny with no middle
or head, do you? (Sighing) Look how huge
the bottom is now. We’re going to make
the biggest snow bunny ever. And this is the perfect
spot to build it too. Nice and flat. This is just
the right size for the middle part
of our snow bunny. Can you help me
lift it up? Max? Hm. Ah-ha. Max? You can’t
hide from me. I can see your sled
marks in the snow. (Gasping) Got you! (Giggling) Sled! There’ll be plenty
of time for that later. Right now, I really
need your help with our snow bunny. There. Why don’t you make
the head for our snow bunny. And don’t forget
the big bunny ears. I’ll see what I can
find to make the face. Sled. Huh? Look what I found. Some stones
for his eyes and mouth, and a pinecone
for his nose. Let’s get the snow
bunny’s head on first. (Sighing) I knew I couldn’t
do it without you. Wow. Want to give
him a face? Here, Max. Make sure
he’s smiling. Good work, Max. (Giggling) Oh, I nearly
forgot the arms. I’ll go find
some branches. Why don’t you
make a snowball for the snow
bunny’s tail. Hey, up here. You coming, Max? Roger. That sled is
just what I need. ♪ (Laughing) This will be perfect
for our snow bunny’s arms. (Grunting) See? This is our biggest
and best snow bunny ever. Isn’t it
beautiful, Max? ROGER:
Wa-hoo! Sled. Don’t worry,
I haven’t forgotten. Wa-hoo! Sled, sled! Yes, yes, we’re going
to go sledding, Max. I’m just enjoying
our snow bunny. ROGER: Look out, Ruby! (Gasping) I can’t stop now! Oh, no. Roger, don’t hit
our snow bunny. Sled. I can’t look. Whoa, awesome. Roger? Snow bunny. You’re both okay. Uh-huh. Oh, no. This is a terrible
place for our snow bunny. Sled? Great idea, Max. (Kids cheering) RUBY:
Look at that smile. Our snow bunny
must be happy. And he’s nice and safe here,
Max, thanks to you and your… Sled. ♪ (Ruby sighing) Don’t you just
love snowflakes, Max? They’re so beautiful. See? Snowflake. These snowflakes
are nice, but I’ve got some
that are really yummy. Want to see? Grandma and I baked 3
giant snowflake cookies. Snowflake. I’m going to decorate them all
by myself and surprise Grandma. I want them
to be perfect, so I have to make sure
they’re exactly the same. Snowflake. No way, Max. You can eat a cookie
after I’ve decorated them. Okay, time for
an important decision. I can use white icing, red sprinkles
and large sugar balls. Hm, too Christmassy. Or orange icing, green sprinkles
and small sugar balls. Uh, too summery. Hm, or pink icing, white sprinkles
and medium sugar balls. Perfect. You can never
go wrong with pink. Hm, I’d better
test the icing. (Giggling) (Doll whimpering) (Whimpering) (Ruby humming) I can’t wait to show my perfectly decorated
snowflake cookies to Grandma. And it won’t matter
which cookie anyone chooses because they’ll all
be exactly the same. (Doll whimpering) (Ruby gasping) Max. Max, why
is Cry-baby crying? (Doll whimpering) Huh? Hm. Max, what are
you up to? (Whimpering) There, there. Hush now,
Cry-baby. Hm. (Chuckling) Snowflake. (Bullhorn honking) Step away from
the cookies, Max! I told you, you can eat
a snowflake cookie with Grandma and me after
I finish decorating them. Now please let me
get back to work. Oh, little brothers. Hm, it’s not too bad. I can cover up this messy pink
icing with white sprinkles. (Humming) ♪ Snowflake. RUBY:
Perfect. White sprinkles make
these cookies look like real
snowflakes. Oh, but I need
to be careful. I have just enough
white sprinkles to make the other
2 cookies match this one. (Gasping) What are you doing? Snowflake. You’re way
off target, Max. And you made me spill
all my white sprinkles. Why don’t you play
Emergency Mountain Rescue while I finish
decorating the cookies. I guess I’ll just have
to use green sprinkles. (Remote beeping) ♪ Green and white sprinkles
are definitely the way to go. Time for
silver balls. Perfect. (Humming) Hm. There. Now all I need is a pretty
plate to serve them on. (Grunting) Just the thing
I was looking for. Huh? (Gasping) Bring back
that cookie, Max. ♪ Oh, no! (Sighing) Now none of the cookies
are the same. GRANDMA:
Yoo-hoo, Ruby! Is this the house
for snowflake cookies? It was until Max
and his toys came along. I wanted
to surprise you with perfectly decorated
snowflake cookies, but they didn’t
work out. They are
perfect, Ruby. Only you would go
to the trouble of making
snowflake cookies just like
the real thing. What do you
mean, Grandma? Well, everyone knows
no 2 snowflakes are alike. Look, every single
one is different. All of my cookies
are different too. So each one
is a perfect… Snowflake. ♪

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