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McDonald’s, Domino’s, Wendy’s Using Silly Putty Food Additive

McDonald’s, Domino’s, Wendy’s Using Silly Putty Food Additive

here’s something interesting dominoes
mcdonald’s and Wendy’s food have a chemical from
silly party Anthony sent me this story from
collective evolution we’ve heard about pink slime on this program we’ve heard
about mechanically separated chicken we’ve talked about tuna scrape we’ve
talked about meat glue what else have we spoken about Louis I
am artsy I Bieber Bieber but glance that’s
right area yet cast story in which is a beaver anal
gland that in me and there’s gotta be others to I am sure there are others yeah there’s
been so many so today I’m talking to you about the chemical poly dine at also lock sane which has
been staring up discussion due to its appearance in some fast food
menu items it belongs to a group of compounds
commonly referred to as silicones an application at the chemical range
edit supplied to contact lenses cat medical devices
Champoux conditioner it makes hair shiny and
slippery caulking which is not the type thing you wanna be
eating heat-resistant tiles polishes cosmetics and silly putty something that actually may be non-toxic because like a
little kid actually do try to eat it but is probably not particularly
nutritious or healthy the FDA does approve this chemical as
non-toxic even though it is non biodegradable and its commercial use in breast
implants has been decreased due to quote safety concerns it is under Section 170
6.2 100 considered AD foaming agent and unacceptable additive to food so here’s how it’s used
in fast food that I mention Domino’s Pizza lists this in their
breadsticks their cheese bread as well as in there garlic butter oil sounds delicious and
it’s commonly used on most to their pizzas mcdonald’s lists polydimethylsiloxane as an additive to
their cooking oils meaning that those in them is making
nuggets and french fries are saturated in the chemical Wendy’s uses it in their cooking oils
the FDA says that it is generally recognized as safe in food that term generally is kinda like the
term natural it can mean a lot it can mean a little
and it can mean nothing at all I yeah %uh there’s a lot of big
terminology when it comes to you FTA rulings on things they’ve got
they’ve mastered it one of the things that a couple of
people who commented on this story told me as they’re concerned that
polydimethylsiloxane to grades to formaldehyde under high temperatures and if it’s in
cooking oil that you could be literally eating formaldehyde not to
defend the use of this product I think nobody should be eating this
stuff formaldehyde does actually occur naturally in the body in small amounts
so the fact that it could degrade to
formaldehyde alone is not a reason specifically to
say we shouldn’t be having this but the back I don’t really want to be
eating something that’s in my shampoo or instill apart silly party that’s just
the that’s just my personal preference regardless if the safety tolerance
affirm aldehyde in the body right and also regardless of what the
FDA says about it because they are
completely morally bankrupt if you ask me well that’s the the
concern a lot of people have which is the FDA says it is generally safe we’ve
seen the FDA allows so much concerning behavior from big
pharmaceutical companies big food fast food et cetera do we really
trust the FDA I at this point consider the FDA a kind of superficial guided to starting an evaluation of whether
something is healthy or not for humans but it is by no means the be
all end all when it comes to figuring out what is and isn’t safe to eat particularly when we have terms like it
is generally safe in this small amounts for example well
what exactly does that mean where is the line and what is a small amount and what does it mean to be generally
safe it’ll kill you after 50 years or it’ll kill you after
five years what is generally safe mean I i just
think that we really can’t learned that much from the FDA at
this point but hopefully when you see the FDA comment on
something you going do your own research I don’t know I mean it’s tough you
people are busy I certainly don’t research every single
thing that I E sometimes you’re at a restaurant and you
don’t really know is this antibiotic least chicken or is it
sometimes you’re buying a product that says natural and you don’t really know what that
actually means and people are busy I mean it’s understandable its heart yeah it’s hard but yet I know
that if there were a specific ingredient that I wanted to know about I B FDA would not be my source more information on that no and no one
actually I research lately is when you buy he called products in
grocery stores sometimes they come like in a glass
container sometimes it might be in one little plastic ones that’s been package by the store a lot of pickled
products and I apologize and I just I have this a lot a pickle products like if you buy
I those spicy pepper cheese for example they’ll have a product in there it’s I
don’t remember if it’s a benzo a torso one of these things and I started noticing that some
products had it and some didn’t so I researched it the FDA considers it generally safe in small amounts or
something like that but when you research it really doesn’t
seem like the type a thing you should be eating so now I’m aware that anytime i
buy those it whether it’s pickles or peppers
or olives or whatever I look to see if it has these benzo wait
and if it does I don’t buy it that’s II its you you literally have to be at
that level if you wanna be paying attention to this right it certainly doesn’t hurt her to
read the ingredients on what your buying or looking at image do a quick
internet search and I mean the information is available it certainly is take a look at our
patron campaign to support the work we do on YouTube go to page three on dot
com slash David Pakman that p80 are CEO and
dot com flash David Pakman will be back after

69 thoughts on “McDonald’s, Domino’s, Wendy’s Using Silly Putty Food Additive”

  1. Whenever I first see stories like this I automatically think "sensationalism".
    Your pencil lead contains the same material found in CARBON MONOXIDE. OOOooo. Spoopy.
    In all honesty, though, for me especially (as a consequence of my profession) I have to know which chemical is actually being used before I jump on the bandwagon.

  2. I wonder how many cases of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, autism, etc. could have been prevented had these food companies and restaurants used only food as an ingredient?   

  3. "I don't really wanna be eating something that's in my shampoo or in Silly Putty."

    You must have a hard time staying hydrated then. 

  4. stop eating fast food cook ur food at home come on ppl wake up its 2014 we dont live in dark age we have internet and public library go learn how to cook and the danger of proses food its unnatural especially and unhealthy for ur kids it effect the development of bairn how can u do this to ur self and u still want to live longer and live healthier life style what a joke 

  5. yea pickles usually have artificial color, alum in it…not sure about sodium benzoate that's usually dried fruit or they usually use sulfur dioxide.

  6. "I don't research every food I eat." Then research it! Don't just assume it's a spooky chemical and talk about how dangerous it is.

  7. Funny story: some guy on craigslist was giving away half a gallon of this silicone David is talking about. He described it as 'what was left at the bottom of the barrel' and said it was good for adding to hair-care products to give hair extra shine. I wanted to get it to lubricate treadmill walking belts but I didn't know if it was meant for that. I did look up the spec sheet on it and I didn't see anything about it being food safe. This brings me to another thing David said….notice how they add these chemicals and compounds to the fry oil and not the food itself. I think they do it so they can claim that food does not contain it. It's kind of like saying you use 100% chemical free chicken in your fried chicken. THis is attractive to buyers but realistically, the food won't have the 'look' or 'mouth-feel' or 'fast food taste' that people like so you simply put the chemicals in the oil or the breadinding flour. Most of the wording you see in the food industry is meant to con people , anyway. '100% natural' 'white meat chicken' (they never actually saidi breast meat, theysaid white meat, that could mean bleached meat. etc.

  8. Do they really need to add anything other than chicken and breading, maybe a little salt, too…… NOBODY got time to be eatin BEAVER ASS, friend. ūüôā

  9. Fast food sells only the most disgusting collection ingredients as food. I hope donuts, cake, and ice cream don't fall victim to this because that's my last bastion.

  10. The only way to actually KNOW everything about your food, is to be a chemical engineer researcher yourself, and examine your own food with various tests and a microscope. So, are you really sure there's no benzomcmashwhatever in your food? REALLY? You're very trusting of the FDA when it comes to labeling. LOL. I'm not saying one shouldn't question foodstuffs, but you guys sometimes contradict yourselves badly–which means you're not thinking on all cylinders. Which might mean that there's too much fear or other emotion in your analysis methods.

  11. Everything is a chemical. Everything we eat is chemical. I mean there are a¬† lot of great reasons to not eat deep-fired fast foods… but this is silly. Everything is a chemical, and most things are edible. And GRAS is just fine, the test used to pass this shit are scientific and rigorous.¬†

    Sod off and science up… Are you a biologist David? No… Then stick to the fast… There is cellulose, B12 etcetera in shampoo! OMG!

    I hate stuff like this. Now I am defending a food I would not eat for "real reasons"…

    Go get a quick bachelors in biology.

  12. All microbes in Yoghurt are GRAS too. Nothing in science is 100%… GRAS is like a theory in science… e.g., Evolution.. GRAS = it has yet to be seen to cause harm that's as safe as a thing gets.

  13. There was a list of gross ingredients in food a few months ago. Like sawdust in shredded cheese, human/ animal hair derivative in baked goods…

  14. Why can't they just make and serve real food with actual chicken, beef and pork, with no additives other than some spices or sauces, if you make your food fast good people will buy it.

  15. It's moronic to object to a chemical simply because it's used in something else that may be unpleasant. Water is used in many things that are toxic. We gonna get all freaked out by water? Of course not.

  16. Dammit David, stop feeding into these stupid left wing ideas about "natural".
    Your "personal preference" has another name in logic: "argument from ignorance" or "natural fallacy"

    Dumbass. EVERYTHING is "generally" safe. Water is toxic at a certain amount.

    Biologically the arguments make you people look stupid, but even economically, why the fuck would a company poison you when they want to keep you alive to buy more food?

  17. this is why organic is the only way to go thx for the ha bisky vid to get our FDA and EPA back


  18. david you want to know what else is fine is small dosages because its not any worse then aspartame/sucalous dried nail polish and it tastes better then that shit as well

  19. Anything containing the prefix "benz"is a benzene ring derivative and it ain't good; benzene is a hydrocarbon and a carcinogen. 

  20. All the people at the FDA should be forced to eat all the foods that contain the "generally safe" ingredients they approve!

  21. "I don't want to eat something that's in my shampoo!" – Then don't drink water. Did you know that they use water in nuclear reactors? And as industrial solvent. Think again David.

  22. I rarely ate fast food (or microwavable packaged meals) as a child and still cannot fathom why so many people eat this way. Sure the less prepared food from the grocery store isn't perfect either but after a life of meals cooked from scratch or damn near it I find fast food so unappetizing and unsatisfying they aren't worth the 'low' prices (and they aren't low, it's much cheaper to cook for yourself- assuming you have the time).

  23. okay, so food is poison… but alcohol's healthy. ¬†um… 'k. ¬†o.0

    you realize you're saying these things out loud, right?

  24. I would not call what you receive at McDonald's etc to be " food", anymore than I would call what you received in a can of RedBull or RockStar to be a "drink." What you receive from McDonald's or Domino's is basically  chemicals and waste products fried in oil.  All the parts that your grandfather use to throw away are recycled by fast food corporations and served to you at relatively low prices. You are better off skipping a meal and having a cup of coffee than you are eating the dreck they serve in fast food "restaurants." 

  25. This certainly begs the question of How many pickled pepperachinos could pakman the pickled pepper picker, actually pick?

  26. We are nuts Рhow can this be called FOOD?  But Рif one eats at any of those restaurants Рperhaps you deserve silly putty

  27. about the comment about companies not wanting to poison us because they want us alive to buy more…I don't know about that.Wouldn't big pharma make more money on keeping us sick and keeping us sick amd buying their products all the while we are still eating this crap too.

  28. In a morally bankrupt society indeed. Pharmaceutical companies make no profit in a healthy society, governments make no profit in a self-driven and responsible country, banks make no profit in an equal and fair community. They poison us and present us with the cure at the same time. Lead us while teaching us stupidity and stick their hands in our wallets while skimming away out wealth to fuel the earlier said statements

  29. I feel you're making some artificial distinction here between food and nonfood ingredients, in the same way a scientifically illiterate person might distinguish "vital" matter and "nonvital" matter.

  30. I remember Silly Putty (when it was introduced) stating that it was okay for small children, because it was non-toxic.  I think play dough is also non-toxic.  Fresh water is also considered non-toxic. (two bits, someone will comment that they don't get my point)

  31. eh on a whim i looked up the toxicity of silicon compounds and it looks like most of them are remarkably non-toxic.  meaning that it takes pretty high concentrations to produce any notable effects, even in pregnant mice and their offspring.  i'm inclined to trust the FDA on this one, although i have no idea what they need this for in food.

  32. I'm 73 and I am sure I will soon die of something, but it won't be from this and neither will you. Is it good? No, but we have bigger problems than this.

  33. These days the very FUCKING FDA are gonna approve just about any fucking thing that is patent by a multimillion dollar company cuz they pay part of their disgusting salary in bribes through corrupt lobbying politicians.

  34. In other news, most foods contain a compound that is found in HUMAN FLESH, and in fact makes up around 60% of total human bodyweight! D: Scary stuff.

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