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melt × KAWAII♡PATEEN with Rani【with English Sub】|melt × KAWAII♡PATEEN! Raniインタビュー!

melt × KAWAII♡PATEEN with  Rani【with English Sub】|melt × KAWAII♡PATEEN! Raniインタビュー!

Hello my name is RANI. I just use a stronger eye shadow instead. Oh wow I see it now! You haven’t used any eyeliner at all! I am so sorry for the word pun. Tell me more about the Rani Wani. Rani likes wani (crododiles). Be sure to check it out! Hello everyone, I am the Lolita fashion reporter Cathy Cat. Today we are doing a behind the scenes for the new Harajuku fashion magazine called “MELT” which is published by Takarajima. I am happy to present you today’s guest RANI. Hello. My name is Rani. First of all you work as model, right?
– Yes. I will ask her some question so you guys can get to know her better, be sure to watch it till the end to find out more about FASHION, BEAUTY secrets her SECRET and also what exciting new projects she will be doing. So stay tuned for the video. 1: FASHION CHECK! What type of Japanese fashion are you wearing today? I am wearing items from the brand DRUG HONEY. I actually wear this brand on a daily base too. But generally my clothes are not as gothic as this, so this feels quite new to me. What part of your style do you want people to check out in particular? Today let me see… it would have to be this one. See though lace. Recently lace has been in style (in Japan). I generally don’t wear that much lace so this is kind of refreshing. I find your choker pretty cool. Could we focus on that? It’s a cute skull, right?! Yeah, I can see it. A skeleton head. You said your daily style is a bit different. How so? I wear more items from the brand GLAD NEWS. The clothes I wear in winter and summer are very different. In summer I generally wear more colorful items. But I generally wear black and white monotones a lot too. Since it got hot recently, I keep wearing more colorful clothes. – So the right opposite to today.
– Exactly. Would it be okay if I mentioned what I am wearing today in contrast? First of all a dress from the Lolita Fashion brand BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. You just went “wooo”? Your English pronunciation sounds so different. This is the Kira Kira Kumyachan dress. If you look closer the character is dancing all around the dress. And there are also some real sparkles (kirakira) on the dress, true to its name. It has some real glitter on it. If it’s in store have a look. The lace here right at the top has a necklace attached in it. I thought that was a really nice idea of the designers. And it looks like you can take it off if you need to wash the dress. And all the stars and moon symbols add to the dreamy effect. It has a star shaped brooch and I added even some more stars to my coordinate. This dress looks like it could be out of some fantasy world. 2: BEAUTY CHECK! Do you have any skincare routine secrets? When I get out of the hot bath, I use a product that combines toner and lotion. I have one I like and use all the time. I splash it on gently and then pat it in. It says it will make a big difference. Might be a lie though. But I decide to believe in that and add lots of it. Is there anything you do in the mornings when you wake up? Recently it’s so hot so I always wash my face. I wash it in the bath before bed but also first thing in the morning with face soap. Do you have any special makeup tips or skills you can recommend? Well, my makeup is actually specific… I don’t use any eyeliner at all. I just used a stronger eye shadow instead. Oh wow I see it now! You haven’t used any eyeliner at all! But why not? I used to wear eyeliner when I did my makeup. I overdid it though and create exaggerated almond eyes with it. I didn’t like that look, and was looking for another style. Then I discovered that an eye shadow creates a much softer look. That got me to my current makeup style. Since we are talking about fashion, what do you generally do RANI? Of course I model but also… I am actually also the singer of a Girl band called HYSTERIC LOLITA. I KNOW HYSTERIC LOLITA!!! You do? I DO!!! Thank you! At the end of last year we decided to breakup the band. So I now started to work as solo singer. In September my first CD will come out! Hey that’s super big news! Guys take notes! Solo singing CD debut in September! What name do you use for your solo career? Rani, just like that. How would you describe your music type? Definitely rock music. It’s the type of song that even I get really into. So you’re like “Wow my song is too cool!” Yeah like “Wow this is pretty terrific.” I totally get into it when I sing it too. That’s how good the song is that they created for me. What’s the name of the first song? X X Warning (Batsu Batsu Keikoku) Whoever listens to this song, can insert what they want to warn themselves about where the X X stands. For example the name of a person they don’t get on with. So the people who listen to this… can take it as a warning or advice for themselves as well. I also took a part in writing the lyrics. It’s a song that contains a lot of things I wholeheartedly put into it. I want to express my sympathy with who listens this song. Everyone can sympathize and add their own feelings into this song? Exactly. Any live gigs planned? I actually had a debut live performance in May. The next gig has not been decided yet but before September I will announce some. Check out my webpage 3: WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR BAG? So what’s your bag like? What brand is that? No brand at all.
– No brand! OK! I asked her to introduce her bag totally sponaneously so we might get some really interesting things popping out today. Looking forward to it. First of all here is my wallet. Bant? Banned, as in “banned you are not allowed in.” Or something like that right? Probably! That’s the brand of my wallet. One of my favorite brands. It’s from the UK right? Yes my favorite UK brand. Here is my schedule diary. Wow that’s a jump from skull wallets. It’s the cute Littlest Twin Stars! I love them! There is a sheer uncountable number of Littlest Twin Stars goods at my home. You’re kidding! That’s almost hard to believe! Yeah this diary was actually from the 100 yen store. I like your pen too… It’s from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion, high five. I love the Anime too. Who is your favorite character? Kaoru!
– He is the best! This is actually a limited ballpoint pen that you can only buy in Hakone. Wow you are totally into it. I have a very special Eva pen. It’s one of those things you want other fans to notice and recognize. “Please realize the value of my pen” Yes, that’s why I use it. A fluffy mouse is popping out of your bag… Those are my house keys. Again I see the Littlest Twin Stars. Isn’t that a LISTEN FLAVOR collab item? I got it as a gift from a fan and use it since. I like reptiles so I have some of those on there. Lizards, frogs and such… Wow again that’s such a discrepancy between reptiles and the Twin Stars That’s a sudden surprise. Reptiles and also a crocodile… Crocodile? (=Wani) Rani’s Wani? Oh no I did an old man’s word joke there… I am so sorry ! Tell me more about the Rani Wani. Rani likes Wani. Near Atami prefecture is a park And there are just crocodiles but many different types. It’s quite an interesting place. I bought it there and since it’s cute I added it to my keyring. The Rani Wani. We also have… My phone cover says… Poison! Is it from some type of brand? No it’s not. In Ikebukuro was an exhibition about poisonous creatures. They did a second installment of that and I went there with a friend. And bought it there. Was that inside the Sunshine City aquarium? That’s right! and I like the moray eel is printed on it. Your purse contains unusual creatures and the cute Littlest Twin Stars. It’s quite a terrific mix in there. I think its fun. Definitely a go. The gap makes it cute. 4: SECRET Tell us one of your secrets. I often go to Hidakaya and order a high ball and fried gyouya dumplings. And sit there drinking and eating. Alone? I go to the izakaya alone quite frequently. Well, going to a large bar alone doesn’t feel quite right but… that’s why I go to little fast food places for meat bowls and such. get a beer and some food there. We got another cute difference here. I really mostly go there on my own. If you see someone with this hair color drinking high ball and eating alone, that’s probably me. Is that a “hard work day’s celebration”? Yeah. I cheers to myself, “Good job” and eat my gyouza dumplings. and have my high ball. That sounds fun. Final message to all your fans: I will release my solo debut single in September! So get it, listen to it, and come rock out at my gigs. And about the new Japanese fashion magazine MELT. It contains all kinds of fashion like the Lolita fashion or the gothic fashion that I am wearing right now. Its pages are bursting with cute fashion styles front to back. So be sure to check it out if its in your stores. So everyone, that’s it for today! Thank you! I also do a lot of videos on Kawaii Pateen, check them out!

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  1. え、ロリータの人日本語ペラペラすぎて二度見してしまったwロリータ可愛い!!

  2. Rani's so natural and nice. She seems funny too. I like how she's not trying to be over the top. Btw, that hairdo really suits Cathy, she looks beautiful <3

  3. Gap Moe is the best! The more videos Rani does for Kawaii*Pateen, the more I like her. She's very cute with her mix of coolness and awkwardness~

  4. I love her, she has a "no Brando" bag ! she likes reptiles and went into a poisonous animals 💕

  5. 日本語上手になってる!

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