alright hey guys Scott here I’m with myths and Ross and that guy Barney and today we are back with more do not laugh more the CEO starts guys as always I want to say thank you so much for all the support you guys haven’t shown my channel in pretty much everything I do if you guys want to go ahead and show some more support you can go ahead and slap that like button and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already also if you guys want to comment down below a a joke in the comments below so that you guys can do your own little do not laugh in the comments below as well so um if you guys don’t know what do not laugh is pretty simple concept first person to three points wins in order to get to three points you have to make the person in the center laugh that was that was probably my like sleekest intro i’ve ever done yeah that was a clean man I don’t know actually there goes there goes the self-confidence thanks for that so may max yeah that’s the easiest job how about it makes you walk up okay alright no no no no I need him live that was a dope we did Ross you know what since you seem pretty excited why you go first okay face of scoreboard alright let’s see let’s see what he’s got Ross that is so offensive Ross oh my gosh Wow boss it’s actually really nice looking I need one last thing what the heck is happening alright max turn around well hello there pals you welcome back to another cooking with Earl you know I’m your host Earl today we’re gonna be making a nice a nice a nice chocolate cake now I mean now as many of you know I’ve retired my job as a dungeon beast to become a four-star chef what is this oh my god I just like the fact that his name was Earl I like the dungeon monsters become a four-star chef not a five-star chef let’s take your point what a way to start oh great how is the follow of that alright ready can I make the Ross laughs you can try hey brothers and sisters how’s everybody going how’s everybody I’m sorry guys Tom at least you Tom Oh have you ever been tired of you like I’ve ever had like a sad life and all that’s whoa now it’s all of a sudden relating to me because I have a way to fix it didn’t work no it just feels so much better your life has improved so many of the stories you just can’t figure sell life why is it saying specific I simplify which playback you just made your joke incredibly dark what it just didn’t work nothing worked to fix the sound like hey you want to have a party all right take the point and go I’m in the middle but you didn’t put your point down so if you don’t put your point why not you boy guys out ignores boys 7 7 xx the best part is my name used to be the dark Sasuke thing but someone huh Barney broke my son to make it it’s it’s my guys I listen to this call Ross Roger slows Siri cats they swap but you get to great deed look at me just focus on me we’ll be right we’ll be through this eventually come on it’ll be alright so I’m uncomfortable how’s that work what do we do the heck are you the most dangerous game we Ross I don’t get it you’ve never seen the most dangerous game the most dangerous game is human oh the book like when I was in high school for people who don’t know what it is the most dangerous game is like this book about these people who like go on this island or whatever then they started getting hunted by people the guys like oh man I’ve hunted all games I had no idea about that job you’re as just talked about my job had nothing to do with that oh but your can link it to something else is your wine wait did you just get him with that Chan or Adam Chan oh my god I know what he just did well how do you know just look up he may have been a little early I’m gonna need you to turn around yeah I’m not I’m not dealing with this one like he broke just seeing the beaver I’m not I’m not taking care of this look at my little tooth just know my last joke for whoever gets a it’s quite a doozy well Ross I want you to know one thing I’ve been perfecting my ability to teleport however it’s only got one small problem with it you’re one of those breakfast brigade weirdos crap your pants reminds me of birth yeah yeah no I go then you’re me and you’re pretty much guaranteed boy yeah we make you laugh cuz bar here is your party boy it will even understand Joe alright so I’m going back I said that oh let me quickly I gotta just quickly yeah can I just Adam you can see me clearly right yeah the rain is gone yeah I just like to say hello viewer my name is Ross I want to say you’re doing great watching this video thank you okay right you’re finally ready I don’t know what’s going on man but killers have been getting follow lately I just I found this thing and they once I picked it up I just feel like I got turkey pulling right I passed this one too smack screeching am i okay to be frightened he’s not gonna joke but just look at the tree Hey go wait um get a butthole thank you no no turn around okay meter up yeah congratulations you’re a one millionth visitor please hit the button to collect your prize why would he not understand that I didn’t have a computer in the old country all right cool take this one so Adam doesn’t want to give me the way I need you to turn around max you got to help me man yeah but turn into a chicken only the kiss from a beautiful princess can save me I need you to kiss my head I’m gonna assume that was a kiss it’s working max I think it’s working it’s working you weren’t a prince yes now what does it make you laugh no no no you gotta put your head down put your head down Russ I know it’s on top of it max is Max’s so hard not to give Ross the win you want to go home max I think you want to go no I’m just looking up for no reason no mauled it believe it believe it this is really hard somebody else go can we call it and let Adam knows he’s been laughs you didn’t laugh Justin look though I already looked at he’s doing just putting his head down house it’s tricky bass sitting here saying believe it with a friggin straw hat on believe it max I’m gonna go collect the dragonballs I’ll see you later Adam good luck on your joke oh crap do you joke anyway cuz I was gonna do my joke anyway hear ya voicing two characters oh hey how’s it goin well thanks you want an autograph what stupid and then I had one more joke here we go alright three two one wow this is an exciting video but anyway guys that was do not laugh thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you guys like this comment or any the channel click that like and subscribe button also make sure check herbage downs that inscription below because they’re all beautiful people but so anyway guys thank you so much I’m gonna I’ll see you

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