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Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E05

Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E05

Let’s go get you in. Don’t be scared. No, you gotta stay.
– (animal sound) It’ll be okay. I’ll be right up front. – This is a really important
vet appointment for Pumpkin today. She is going to have braces
molded. Because of the way Pumpkin
was bred, she ended up being
a dwarf pony. They can have issues. The family didn’t have
the resources to fix her leg. So they surrendered
Pumpkin and her mother
to us. – Hey! I know,
it’s scary. Come on, little girl. – When I saw her and realized
that it was all four legs that were affected, I wasn’t sure if we were
gonna be able to help her. She was so young, that
motherly instinct in me just wants to take
care of her. We always give them
that fighting chance. No matter how many
people tell us, “You can’t fix that,”
we always try. I’m the founder of Twist of Fate
Farm and Sanctuary. We help the animals
that nobody else wants. We show them love. Give them a place to live out
the rest of their lives. When Pumpkin first arrived here, I was nervous. She just seemed so fragile. – Welcome home. – But after a day or two, I came to realize that
in Pumpkin’s mind, she’s no different than
any other baby. – Feel good? – Just like this giant
ball of fire in this tiny little body. It didn’t take long for
Deacon and I to fall in love
with her. Deacon is my
three-year-old son. He and Pumpkin have become
really good friends. Deacon loves to
brush Pumpkin. He likes to sit with her. They just kind of hang out. – They’re both so sweet
and innocent, and I think they just
kinda get each other. And Thea, at first
she was like, “What is this
little human doing to my baby?” As a mother, I get it. But now she just kinda
watches them. Deacon wants Pumpkin to
go outside and run with him. To him, there’s nothing
wrong with Pumpkin. Deacon believes that
she’s like a magical little unicorn. We keep Pumpkin
and her Mom in a stall. But our vets thought it
would be the safest thing
for her. I feel like the bad–
like the mean Mom, and I’m like, “No, you have
to stay inside.” She doesn’t get to explore.
She doesn’t get to graze. It definitely hurts my heart
a little bit. But my hope is that
these braces will help strengthen
her legs to where she can spend
more time outside and enjoy life.
And her and Deacon can actually run
around together. As long as I see Pumpkin having
that will to live, I want to keep fighting
for her. – We’re here, Pumpkin.
There we go. Okay. Look. – How we doing? – Hey, guys.
– Hi. – How’s it going?
I’m Derek. You must be Ashley. – Hi, Derek. Nice to
meet you. – Hey, and this is
the famous Pumpkin. So, right off the bat, we’re just gonna stabilize
all the joints that need it. – Well, she may need
splints on all four. – Do you think that the braces
are gonna help Pumpkin to become more mobile? – All four legs on any
animal is very tough. It’s gonna really be about
her and her spirit, and her will to
want to move. And a lot of this
is unknown. So. Take it one day at a
time, one step at a time. – If we can get the right
stabilizer, hopefully Pumpkin
will do well. – Let’s start casting,
buddy. Our biggest concern is
Pumpkin getting too big before we can help her. We want Pumpkin
to have a good life. You know, sometimes that’s
not possible. I was nervous that someone
might say, “You know what? This
isn’t gonna work for her.” That–that didn’t happen. If we can help Pumpkin be comfortable to where she can live a long,
happy life, that’s huge. Thea is gonna be so excited
to see her again. This is the first time they’ve
ever been apart. – There’s your Mommy. Thea is very, very
protective of Pumpkin. She doesn’t ever let her
out of her sight. She is a great Mom. – Told you she’d be back. We have another miniature
pony, Lucy. Rescued from a neglect case. So our hope is that once
Pumpkin is better, we can introduce the
three of them, and they can be this
little family. I hope that these
braces work to the point where Pumpkin can live a somewhat
normal life. I’m hand-sculpting one of
Pumpkin’s legs. I can make things that fit
really well, but I can’t guarantee
they’ll accept them. Pumpkin seems determined
to walk. Actually, she wants
to gallop. So we want to get her
to that point. Derek is coming to put Pumpkin’s
braces on for the first time. – Hi, Derek! – I got all the legs here.
– Wow. – And hopefully Pumpkin
takes to ’em. – I will go get her, then. She’ll be right back. Might be the last time
we have to carry you. Here she is. I’m a little bit nervous. If these braces don’t work, then we have to make
another decision. – Here we go.
– You good? -[Whinny] That would be Pumpkin’s Mom,
wondering where Pumpkin is. – I do think Pumpkin realizes
that we’re trying to help her. Since day one, we’ve been working
with her legs. – I never know what they’re
gonna do. And this is the first time fitting
a dwarf pony with four leg braces. So, no one knows
what’s gonna happen. Moment of truth. [Whinny] – They’re a little bit better
in the front. – It’s okay. Come on. She’s close. There are things that I really
have to do back in the shop. I wish that wasn’t the case. Don’t get discouraged. She seems determined. She seems like she wants
to walk. So it’s on me now,
to just kind of redesign these. – I’m hopeful that Derek can
adjust the braces to make them work better
for Pumpkin. [Crow] We’re gonna refit
Pumpkin today. – Here he is.
– Hey, buddy. [Laughter] These are Pumpkin’s legs. You ready to give this
another try? There are some differences, you know. – It’s almost impossible to
collapse with them now. – Okay. They’re going to
help her walk. – I want ’em to.
– Let’s hope. – You never know if they’re
gonna accept ’em or not. So it’s always that
unknown feeling of anxiety that I get. – She’ll miss her, but it’s just
for a few minutes. – Come here. Thanks, buddy.
This is great. I made ’em Pumpkin color. – Moment of truth, Pumpkin.
– Yes. There you go. You ready? Okay, here we go. I got her. There you go. Let’s see if you’re up enough
on those backs yet. That’s a lot better.
All right, buddy. – Come on, Pumpkin. Yeah, there we go. That’s what I was hoping.
[Laughter] Not easy. – I don’t think she’s ever
moved that fast before. – Oh yeah? Okay, good! I did not expect that at all.
– [Laughter] Look at her. She looks happy. [Laughter] – Whoa! These are the moments
I kinda live for. – Come on, Pumpkin! – Not bad, buddy. Whoa! [Laughter] Wow. It’s like the other
animals know. – Everybody’s excited today! ♫ – You can see when animals
have that will to want to live, and move. And she had that. And– that can make
all the difference. – You can just see how happy
she is. It was like she knew, her legs
just felt better. This was exactly what we
hoped for. – I think she kind of
feels free, and able to be herself,
and walk without pain. I’m just so happy. – He wants you to make him shoes. – You want me to make–
I can make you shoes. Pumpkin’s doing really well
with braces. And Pumpkin knows once
the braces go on, she’s going outside. She’s gonna have
a good time. Today, we’re going to
introduce Lucy to Thea and Pumpkin to see if they can
get along. – Come meet Lucy! ♫ Pumpkin is very curious. The introduction actually
went really well. If it continues to go well, they’ll move in together
permanently. And they can become
their own little herd. Since day one, Deacon
wants Pumpkin to run with hem so badly. And now she actually can. She’s a lot faster, and she
explores more. She’s still the same
Pumpkin, but she’s happier,
and you can tell. This journey has been
a very long one, but to know that we have
made a difference for her, it’s 100 percent
worth it. It’s literally why we do
what we do, take these animals that
nobody really feels have a chance, and give them that chance
at a good life. ♫

100 thoughts on “Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E05”

  1. To help with Pumpkin's ongoing care, you can support Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary: You can also keep up with Pumpkin on Instagram:

    We hope you enjoyed this season of Comeback Kids! Next Sunday, we'll be debuting a brand new series called "City Pets" that we can't wait to show you!

  2. Listen. That little pony is cute and I’m so happy he made her new shoes work but can we take a moment to appreciate how precious that little boy is. Mommy unicorn??? He’s so sweet, my heart is a puddle now.

  3. This video made me so happy knows some people understand that animals also have feelings and they also need help!! Human are not the only species that need help!! ☀️💕🤩🙏🏽🙏🏽 The people who disliked this video have no heart ♥️🚫

  4. OMG
    You made me cry like a baby 😭😢 beautiful pumpkin can walk again awesome video. From Summerland British Columbia Canada
    SIERRA and Cameron

  5. your little boy is so warm empathetic and sharp as a tack! i bawled when pumpkin ran for the first time as if she was doing it all along.
    i wonder if she used to dream about running

  6. Okay this is a heartwarming story and I've seen the story where this man made a brace for an elephant on the dodo series on Animal Planet. But who in God's name would breed these miniature ponies it's horrible genetically it's going to happen 90% of the time and their god-awful ugly I'm sorry to say but they are freaky looking.

    Please stop crossbreeding these things and it would not happen and we wouldn't have animal suffering for no reason.

    With that said good luck pumpkin I hope you enjoy a full life and I hope they stop breeding ponies like you because of bad genetics.

  7. Every person is sent to the world to do something special and this people is what they sent for to help this little animals cuz they can't do it themselves good job love what you do for this pony and they teaching to their kids what is right the little boy was so happy watching the pony running God bless you.

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  9. ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    بارك الله فيكم جميعا وجزاكم الله خيرا

  10. Ty for showing us pumpkin, this story teared up a 62 yo lady, I never tear up but this sure did it. Congrats to all the family and the amazing human f
    family caring for the babies no one wants or gave up on, ty from the bottom of my heart.

  11. What a wonderful heart warming real story!! I feel so touch. Fuel of hope with this lovely story of Pumpkin!! The doctor. The lady. The precious little boy. Oh. Lord GOD bless you all. I will love to visit your Farm!! Is this possible?? ❤️

  12. There Are People on this planet who just kill such wonderful creatures and don’t care and there Are People like you which gave so much effort for one ☺️

  13. That was the most beautiful story ever it brought tears to my eyes. If you need any kind of help please let me know. Thanks doc your the best

  14. Pumkin is limping when they introduce her to the other horse (8:50). I don't say, it is not amazing what they did, but they should be careful not to harm her.


  16. That little child who ws so innocent snd wants pumpkin not just to walk but too run.god listens to the children.
    Mumma u raising him really well..he is such a good infact great child🙏

  17. To you I take my hat off for helping Pumkin. I think you son is going to become a great leader in whatever direction he chooses to follow.

  18. I’m so happy she can walk now she’s going to have the best life ever with Teagan her mom also with Lucy💙😁😁😁😁😁😁

  19. "Mommy unicorn is going to miss her!" That did me in. :*)

    I am now going to write something I feel extremely reluctant to write and admitting to others. If I had not been raised with animals as a young boy, loved them and learned their love in return, I don't know what kind of violent young adult I would have become. I am very much in the belief that I would have made the news in a very horrific set of circumstances. I am not saying it's the cure, for some young kids though, that's the only unconditional love, more so it is something else they can think about and be free around.

    People often tell me that they are amazed how well I've done mentally. They have no idea. Everyone always assumes it was adult influences. Not a speck of my spirit accepts that. Animals taught me more about being human then any person probably ever could.

    On a sidenote: Serial killers are famous for a tendency of killing animals in torturous ways as children……….so animals are not for every child. (oddly those children aren't usually considered "bad"…..they're usually considered "good kids, that were curious and didn't know it was bad")

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