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how many people ask because horrible and not just treat her good speaking not very creative so if you want to learn me being black keep watching also if you need my house forget to subscribe and you help me piece i’m taller can be wild that’s what I think creating one correspondence education and use your fingers to create and use your thumb to roughly pinch where you want i’m seeing and moves and Mark the position of light and carbon from soccer Kelly is offices white fondant and smoking site using about 50 small brain circles and site and smoking site creative I’d line the I even black boots and pants some pretty eyelashes on he can you wait for you to create feet i know i know you really creepy and develop policy it comes together 16 missiles s’okay sentences and fondant morally handle create more unless you think it’s necessary sickles face issues were but here very piece of the brain fondant all they sent me stand with fine and the fat end into the middle with no fear and create people adding more black doctor folders from Times Square and paint on from catfights you can just write and looking for all night underneath let’s give her some buffing site using edible paint I hate some characters of here to make a stand light and I let’s get on to creating a thousand detail the right pieces bonds and created an even more intense secret uncovered back of moral pairs and create some line to make it more like air another think the founders across the front and put eight or metal being nice to create hair nice so after the great guide whenever you’re sticking your hair pieces off my friends to perform during setup morning in and place the band at the front of analyses repeated until you’re happy beside her heretics and guys just a quick favor and you love it if you could give me some feedback online tutorial if you let me go more in depth or the like the movie on whether concise and straight to the point let me know in the comments after all if you’re going to make a need for and any feel for the sight of them I’d be happy to experiment of years by rolling and smoking for the family of all you can’t get me he’ll perform something detail ok nice before you can throw your father’s and be conscious of this point with one hand you’re nice to make some hair indentation makes you have a second together and work the respondent and can you get an aerial 2008 ships and start a cocktail stick environment that same roles exiled to the top 20 filled with ever going to do something to point until a guy and you can see how mrs. Farber watching the harmonica tutorial by clicking that link about let’s give minus some Shelby be legs roll some funders and you saw cts flatness upon and use your fingers to create curves with the need and Michael will be he’s a nice to create to unwind of the SDGs and keep decorating pills and create them to kneel by pressing down lightning with berto make them increase for hernias and start the barbecue here and click on your cake and repeat this for the other leg feeling monthly fee thanks to dry for a couple of ours more developed fundamental forces shift and former American shoulders use your fingers to scope the upper body and coming don’t be free from that has been steamed and start Barbie skier most of the way dying and stick out of however something superior love founders of ecology at some point here and some hot link here on to another ship opinion affordance and quickly and keep them on to your topic McManus message and on again you can catch any of this scale and full manic property carrillo not cake / tutorial kick tutorial and not going to go into making Lana’s arms very similar to making the legs the feet fond of luck with a hand is going to be your fingers treat her with available and first are going to be and then slice in some fingers and the thumb right then some fingers and the thumb i really need to work better wording for my tutorials to write off the fingers you can keep decorating so again create something you can defeat monitor arm floating shelves and repeat the theme for the other arm and thick back we’re spreading your head on your mama cake topper if you find this tutorial helped both don’t forget to give it a like and share with anyone that you think might find useful and well and of course subscribe to my from for more need be fun decorating tutorials if you have got a little right beside me here you want to learn the left oh I let me from frys all


  1. so cute, my daugher is obsessed with this movie atm … and paw patrol, I making a paw patrol cake for her next week, my luck last minute she will want moana! 😉 Do you have a Facebook page I can follow? mine is if you would like to see mine.
    you are very talented and I love the down to earth videos, so refreshing 💜

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