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[Mon Ster] || (Ark mobile) Run dungeon and Show Tek Ramp

[Mon Ster] || (Ark mobile) Run dungeon and Show Tek Ramp

Hi. for a long time I did not run the dungeon Now I’m going to try this dungeon. It just came out yesterday. Now go find the key first. lol, die a little more. not too hard. do not let them close. You should run many dungeons. It gives us a lot of precious jewelry, especially maybe a gold ring. Just bring the equipment as I am using it. In the harder mode, armor is added. We should play one more offline mode. Through this mode to game experiments and improve skills. in offline mode, dinosaurs attack much faster than online. they’re pretty much like a PC, Damn, it was big. It attacks fast and runs so fast. lol, die a little more. This stage is not too difficult. ok, got it then. Now let’s build it. Not very nice. Thanks for watching. leave the video with a like.

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