[Mon Ster Holly] || (Ark mobile) Solo raid small base.

hello my friends I’ve been busy at work lately. There is not much time to play this game. Today we will raid this facility. Oh, the turret is set to shoot far. Today I will attack alone, no tapejan soack, no rocket quetaz. Using tapejan and quetaz is too boring. It’s not very interesting and I noticed people don’t like us flying birds and using quetaz rockets. I’ve been busy for 2 weeks and the publisher hasn’t improved the game any further. lol in October they plan to delete some server less players. In addition they launched a new server (small tribe) with x 2 x 3 farming, 6 members in a tribe. I think it will be like the previous servers, if they don’t improve pvp, add more TEK equipment, fire a rocket but look at Gigan to see if it has an attack setup. Turret is set to shoot far. It seems that firing missiles is not effective. ok, so we will use c4. I have just improved the video quality by having them recorded 4K images. If everyone watching on PC can adjust 4k image in the right corner of the screen. Damn, 2 turrets see the character. we will eliminate 4 turrets and 100% of the remaining 1 will see the character. try to find another location is better. never mind, a gun turret shooting we won’t die right away. Half of the health is missing, meaning 50% of the armor is damaged. (Based on the armor I’m wearing is like that) Ok to the next gun. the rear gun will see me if I move to the left, if the rear gun is set to average, then we can move a little to the left so that the turret cannot see it. Beer has not recovered, must be set quickly, otherwise the armor will be damaged quickly. 12 c4 for 1 metal base. Observe the facility a little bit. Damn, there’s a turret placed on the ground. an enemy in the house, lol, pvp ring has just changed. Damn lag, I can’t hold the shield. ok now This position is not good, 2 turrets 2 sides see the character. Just by knocking down this gun, we can break into the house. Damn, I can’t climb it. Damn it, that position can’t go into lag. lol, I mistakenly drank beer. as cc He drank beer and had to attack. It would be a waste, lol Good, but there’s no hook. 2k8 blood Oh, they put the generator on high. damn, Keep on attacking in this direction. Great it’s good now. There is a guy inside. It’s easier to play this game on your phone than PC, and we will save time. when we go to work, can hold the phone to play, and the PC can not. Compared to my current job, playing on PC is very difficult and I do not have too much time. Oh, maybe he’s AFK. As for this game on the phone, the game has been released for more than a year and the publisher has not upgraded anything. they have a few new dinosaurs, but it’s not too interesting. And more than what I most expect is that TEK equipment is useless outside of TEK rifles. He whistled to make the dinosaurs attack. damned. When I first started playing this game, I didn’t play pve, I went to a difficult server pvp, and got a lot of alpha attacks, lol I lived all over the map, and ended up living in an underwater cave lol and at that time I thought it was great to build an underwater facility, on a TEK equipped PC it could be built underwater and had oxygen to breathe. On the phone, it is useless, I wonder what they launch this device for. especially the TEK armor. too expensive to die to create, too weak to defend against turret bullets, useless in the present moment. also can not blame the publisher, they make a game on the phone is quite cool. But they need to improve on the game, it’s been released for over a year, but the development is slow. I think they should stop making more dungeons. instead … they should launch BOSS as on PC, it will help players and members of the tribe more cohesive instead of dungeons, I always run my dungeon alone, lollll kk. You have made a mistake. Quite a lot of turret bullets. he’s trying to take me out of the house lol. The enemies have started online online. :)) perhaps their equipment was left in the safe, so they couldn’t get the armor while I was here. ran out to store the equipment, the inventory is about to run out of space. fucking, theri .. too low. 1 guy on theri, 1 guy on Gigan, run out and lose his body. 1 bite near death. damn gigan lol Why does it bite that far, bites through metal walls. lol Damn, run But nevertheless, my feet were cold. (Maybe I can’t get it, damn it!) Gigan whore … lol, the picture is interesting, haha 1 enemy died. lol, he’s talking and calling for his comrades to come. What the hell is that, this guy is crazy. he must be gay, he wears angel wings, oh my god. hmm? This guy is possessed ma. thankfully it eventually died. 3 dead enemies. ok add the 5th guy into the game. and then another enemy. playing 2 is always good Oh, he seems to fly back to base. ok, drop in a bit of stamina. vkl. This guy tricked me already :)) kk, at that moment the PVP circle moved. haha, that was a sad story. alright, the video is entertaining, if you like it please like and share the video for your friends to watch. Thanks for watching.

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