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WOLF written by music by as captain Kloss starring production manager photography by directed by They’re coming. – Everything is in order.
– Al l of them? lt’s not the first time
l’m doing it. Poured over with petrol
and set on fire. Kurt!
Everyone into the car! Why! ls the war over?
Why aren’t you moving on? lt’s none of your
fucking business, sir. Kloss! Take down the name of this
scoundrel. Don’t write anything, captain.
The general wil l remember my name. l’m colonel Lutzke. lf you don’t move on at once
you’ ll be court-martialled. We will .. . l’ve just told my men
to fil l the tanks with water.. . because there’s just enough petrol
for one vehicle for three kilometres. Let’s go, Kloss. Where to? We’ve been ordered
to attack american tanks. l cancel this order.
Whose order was it? Gruppenfuehrer Wolf’s. l’m the defense commander
of this town. And you are not soldiers,
but a group of crazy kids. Your anti-tank guns won’t stop even a
single tank and you’ ll get mangled. – Go back home.
– What about the Fuehrer’s order? l’m counting to three.. .
Leave your guns and rush home at
once. ”l take over all the authority
over this town… even if only one German soldier
should remain alive… Gruppenfuehrer Wolf.”
Do you know that Wolf? He’s arrived from Berlin yesterday. – But you’ve been to Berlin.
– Yes, but that was a week ago. Try to get in touch
with him, Kloss. After all l have to know
with whom l am to defend the town. ”This is Radio Hamburg. To all Germans.. .
to all the German nation. .. to soldiers and civilians. You are going to hear a massage
of great importance and gravity. This morning died the Fuehrer.. . of the Great Germany,
Adolf Hitler. He died at his post fighting
against Bolsvevism to the very end. He died a soldier’s death… while defending the capital
of the Great Germany – Berlin. By virtue of the Fuehrer’s
last will … al l the authority is taken over
by admiral Doenitz.” lt’s over now. There won’t be any defence of the
town. It’s over.
But before the Americans come here… Wolf will manage to send
several hundred kids to die.. . as well as a number of deserters
who couldn’t stand it al l. All right. l’m assigning you a task, Kloss…
the last task during this war. l want you to assemble some of the
tankers from that square surround… the Gestapo building and permit no
one to leave it until the Americans
arrive. l want them to know that the
Wehrmacht has always been against
those curs. Always? Or since it became clear
that the war was already lost? You’ re tired. We’re al l tired. One more thing, general. About 500 captives worked in
factories here. All Russians and
Poles. The factories are under Wolf’s
command. l’m worried about these
captives. l strip Wolf of any authority. The army fought and only
the army can talk with the Americans. Execute the order, please. The Wehrmacht has surrounded the
building. They’ve put up machine-
guns. Dirty swines! They want
to trade us away to Americans. Wernitz is right. l told you, Ohlers,
we shouldn’t have hurried with
those… Firstly, nobody knows about it.
And secondly, such was the order. The order of Gruppenfuehrer Wolf.
We couldn’t have acted otherwise. You’re right, Leubov. We were acting under orders. We can’t be responsible
for the decisions of our commanders. May Gruppenfuehrer Wolf
answer for that. They have to capture him first.
But that won’t be easy. Come in! Hello. ..
l’m lieutenant Lewis. .. the acting boss
of this waste-stuff depot. Captain Roberts, captain Karpinsky
from the special service. l can guess. l’ve been informed
about your arrival. Al l the first floor is at your disposal. Unfortunately, there’re no
secretaries. We’ve brought ours along. Have you prepared anything other
than the rooms for us? l’ve isolated the officers.
They’re kept in one wing. The privates are in another place. But it’s possible that there’ re stl l
some officers hidden among the
privates. ls it true you’ve got
all the local SD organisation. Yes, it is.
General Wil lman made us a gift. We’re getting to work in the
afternoon. Bring us the list of the officers
of the Wehrmacht and the SD. What do you know about
the Russian and Polish captives? They’ve probably been evacuated. – l don’t think so.
– Let’s have a drink. Schreder! l must admit that
their manners are strange. They should start from me,
don’t you think so, Kloss? – l’m of the highest rank here.
– You should have shot me there. They would have certainly
got interested in you. – They are interested in murderers.
– Even they disdain traitors. You’ ll pay for having
our building surrounded… and for surrendering the town. l’m accustomed to being
referred to as ”general”. l take al l the resposibility
for everything l did. You’ ll have to do it too. Gentlemen, the guard is listening
to us. lt’s no place for quarrelling. Fahrenwirtz! They’re asking about Wolf. – Your name?
– Otto Fahrenwirtz. – Rank?
– Standartenfuehrer. – Family status?
– Married. Four children. – The course of your military service?
– A member of the SD since 1 938. l operated only in Poland and Russia.
l never shot at Americans or
Englishmen. l only executed the orders.
You know how it is in the army. Stand up! – Did you know Gruppenfuehrer
– Yes, l did. His description? Fair-haired, 1 .80 metres tall ,
of about 40. – ls he in the camp?
– l don’t know. – You’d better tell us the truth.
– l haven’t seen him. There were 500 Russian
and Polish captives in the town. – What’s happened with them?
– l don’t know. – Then you’d better recall .
– That’s enough. You may leave. One might think you’re only
interested in Wolf and those 500
captives. – And what about you?
– Me? l already know what’s happened
with them. An hour ago l questioned
some SS-man from the liaison
service. Wolf had them executed. Why is it only now
you’re telling me that? Has that man seen Wolf? No. He just happened to overhear
some conversation on the phone. He heard the order concerning
the execution of the captives. Then who has real ly seen Wolf? Ohlers, Wernitz, Fahrenwirtz
and Leubov. Only them. Even the car driver who
brought him from the airport is dead. – Then l will talk to them.
– You needn’t hurry. Even if we find Wolf we’ l l have to
extradite him to the Russians. He’s wanted for the crimes
committed in Ukraine. We’re also looking
for war criminals. Certainly. You’ re hopelessly
short-sighted, Karpinsky. You’ve always been. A spade, a broom, a spade. A spade, a broom, a spade.. . A good German. lf you go on working like that
there may be a reward. – Your name?
– Hans. Military intelligence service? – That’s right.
– Where? ln Poland, Russia, France, Germany. Where did you stay the longest? ln Poland. We’re colleagues,
in a sense, Mr. Kloss. We’re both professionals and
l believe you understand the situation. l think you’ ll tell us
many interesting things. l don’t understand. You had quite a good
spy network in the East. We did. Exactly.
Do you have a good memory? Very poor. Nothing happens quickly
in this world. l guess l’m right thinking that neither
you nor we want to stay long here. – Did you know Gruppenfuehrer
– Unfortunately not. – Unfortunately?
– Wolf is a war criminal. He ordered the Polish and
Russian captives to be kil led. – Do you know about that?
– l do. How long have you been
against Hitlerites, Mr. Kloss? – l’m sure Wolf is in this camp.
– l wouldn’t be so sure. Why is finding Wolf
so important for you? Could it be due to some old scores
between the Abwehr and the
Gestapo? – lt should be important to you.
– Do you suggest cooperation? We might be willing to accept it
but not only in connection with Wolf. ls it clear? – Haven’t you ever met Wolf before?
– l’ve only heard about him. How about those four
from the local SD? Did Ohlers, Wernitz, Leubov
or Fahrenwirtz work with him? They did. They must know him. They must know the cover-up
name he’s using now. Unless.. . What? – Unless one of them is Wolf.
– Are you through yet, gentlemen? lt’s nice to meet a German officer… who is so eager to help
with the search for war criminals. You’d better
be serious with us, Mr. Kloss. We won’t let you take us in. You may leave. How do you like him? Who knows: maybe he real ly wants
to help us find Wolf? You suffer from persecution mania.
We’ ll get Wolf. l wonder if he wants to sell us
what he knows.. . – or if…
– What are you thinking about? Germans underestimated Slavs
and their intel ligence service. And they paid a high price for that. We have to decide what to do.
Are we staying or running away? But there’s always a danger
that the escape wil l be a failure. People who can only be charged with
executing orders shouldn’t run away. – l guess it’s clear to everyone.
– What are the chances? l happened to get in touch
with Sturmbanfuehrer Brunner. He’s managed to get the uniform
and the lD of some dead man. There’re a few of our men with him. They’ve got tatoos and they’re afraid
of any closer inspection. That’s why he suggests fleeing. Do you know Brunner well , Ohlers? l can vouch for him.
Nevertheless l’ m against fleeing. Unless l were given
a hundred-per-cent guarantee. l prefer staying here
and watching Americans seeking
Wolf. l’m for. Any way, we have to be
prepared for being troubled about him
a lot. What do they know? Even if not much at the moment
they’ l l soon learn more. And you know what penalty he’ ll be
liable to if they collect all the data. Byelorussia, Pomerania.. .? lf they catch him they’ ll have to
extradite him to the other ones. Let’s quit this conversation now. l’ve talked to the HQ. A Russian officer has already
visited their mission. They want Wolf. And we? Easy. .. .. .we’ ll find him. Maybe we’ l l have to
look into the SD records. .. to their personal records,
of course if they fall into our hands. Why do you attach
no importance to this matter? No, it’s not the case. l just have many
more important things on my mind. Then you should have seen
the bodies of those captives. Piles of half-burnt bodies and the one
who is responsible for that is here. lt’s very likely he is. There’re also some others
who operated in the East. .. and know about the things
we’re interested in. What are the things
we’ re interested in? Didn’t you by any chance
make a mistake joining the ClC? l didn’t, but l guess you did. About turn! Forward, march ! Stop! About turn! Forward, march ! Stop! Catch ! First they debased the nation
and now they are debasing
themselves. l guess you are aware, Kloss… that at least half of these soldiers are
SS-men who aren’tjust little fishes. They’ve taken off their uniforms
and now throw mud at everything.. . they made us believe in
for so many years. How long has it been
since you lost your faith? Does it matter?
Now l don’t even remember since
when. Since Stalingrad?
Since the first thrashing? Let’s drop it.
There’re more important things now. The war is lost but it’s not the last
war in the history of our nation. Do you really think we could start
everything from the very beginning,
sir? Do you know what cover-up name
Wolf is using? – Why are you asking?
– He must be found.. . – and handed over to the Americans.
– Don’t play the fool, Kloss. – You must have some trump card on
– Trading to save your own skin? To save the honour of the German
army… to save the dignity of the
German soldier. Will you join us? No… You claim you’re Vogel
and that you’re a sergeant. But one of your comrades
has ratted on you. Right at my door l found
a sheet of paper. .. which makes it clear
that your name isn’t Vogel. .. and that you are no sergeant
but an SD official. My name is Vogel . l could have your clothes taken off,
your hands raised up.. . and examine your SS tatoo.
But it might make me sick. Besides l know it’s true.
l know human nature. lf you own a bar in Texas,
you have to know human nature. One glance at your face tel ls me that
the anonymous letter told the truth. l was a non-commissioned officer
and l just executed orders. The anonymous letter says you
executed orders in a concentration
camp. And downstairs there’re two such
guys who are looking for men like
you. Well , l might forget about
this letter, but on one condition. Don’t you want to know
what this condition is? – l can guess, lieutenant.
– l expected such an answer. Keep your eyes open.
Do you understand? l want order here – no fleeing.
lf you see three men talking… you’re to be that third one.
ls it clear? Herr Schitel . Yes, sir. At the assembly tomorrow you’ ll be
assigned to clean this office. Not only you, of course. You must be able to find
some 5 minutes to report to me. Get lost! You knew about the order
to blow up the factory. No, l didn’t. Wolf said he would see
to the factory and the captives
himself. An innocent.
Didn’t Wolf tel l you about anything? l was responsible for administration. You supplied ”Cyclone” to the camp.
We know that already. – Now tel l me where Wolf is.
– l don’t know. You said he arrived from Berlin
two days ago just before. .. the capitulation and
that he didn’t leave your building. – Yes, he was very busy.
– 29 death sentences for desertion. The last three – 5 hours before
our soldiers came. – l didn’t sign anything.
– You wil l show him to us? 6000 people.
How shal l l find him? We’ ll help you. Let’s go. Look and talk! None of them is Gruppenfuehrer
Wolf. – Or maybe Wolf had no tatoo?
– Maybe he didn’t. You’ l l never find him. Captain. l’d like to talk to you. – Let’s get inside.
– Just a few words. Maybe it’ l l be even better here. – Yes, what is it?
– l want to help you find Wolf. Why? Let’s say that
the motives are unknown. Tell me everything you know. Not much real ly, almost nothing. – So what do you want?
– Just a trifle. Your help if need be. – l’d like to carry out experiment.
– Who exactly are you? l want to help you capture Wolf.
lsn’t it enough? At what price? That no one will learn
about our conversation. – Not even captain Roberts?
– Let’s not mention any names. What does he want from us? How should l know?
He said it was urgent. l’m not very fond
of those dandies from the Abwehr. But we can listen
to what he wants to tell us. He’s coming. l’ m coming to warn you, gentlemen. A group of officers
under the guidance of Willman. .. those who stopped being
national socialists two days ago… want to seek favour with the
Americans. Wil lman wanted to seek their favour
even before the capitulation. He locked us up like rats. Do you know which of his officers
carried out that mission? Does it really matter? Now Wil lman wants Wolf
to be handed over to the Americans. – They have to find him first.
– Why are you telling us about that? You were the closest associates
of the Gruppenfuehrer. .. – and only you can help him.
– You mean fleeing.. . but how? l wouldn’t come here if l wasn’t sure,
that an escape is possible. One of my men is a stoker
in the boiler house. The chute of coke is outside the
fence. lt’s well-hidden but it’s enough
to throw some coke aside and… – How do you know that?
– l was in the town last night. And you returned? Clothes and lDs are waiting
for us at my friends’ place. We can stay there for a few days,
orjoin our folks right away. Do you stil l believe that there’re
any of our folks around here? The war is not over
as long as the last soldier… Enough, Kloss. We know that.
We made up this tale ourselves. Now it’s time we started
saving our skin. Why are you doing this?
Motives? l was the officer who executed
general Wil lman’s last order. – You, swine!
– Be quiet! l knew about that. lt’s good you
said that. l was waiting for it. When can we flee? Even tomorrow. Right after the assembly
we’ l l hide in the boiler house. After that guards
don’t move away from the door. And it will be safer if
the Gruppenfuehrer comes last. Al l right, Kloss. Tomorrow at 21 .1 5,
in the boiler house. Let’s go. Leave it and take
the empty bottles. Fetch the ful l ones from the mess.
Be quick as l’m waiting. A flight tonight,
six people – all big fishes. Wil l l be released
with the first group? lf you’ re not tel ling lies. l’ ll handle that myself. Captain. .. did you already want
to go home? Alone? Or maybe with someone else? Talk! To a dark cell !
Bread and water! When you’ve spent a night there
you’ ll start speaking. Take him away! We’ve been lucky. lf it hadn’t been for the fact
that they were so hasty… we would have al l been caught. l wouldn’t.
l knew it would end this way. – Why didn’t you tell us?
– l learnt about it at the last moment. l was just ruuning to warn you,
when l saw him being taken away. Do you mean that one of us. .. There’s someone
who wil l explain everything. Would you, please, tell
my over-trustful friends.. . who Hans Kloss really is. Who told you to lock up Kloss? Why didn’t you inform me
about that report at once? – An escape was being planned.
– There was no escape. Do you mean l’ve been deceived? Release Kloss immediately. .. and report to me before
you make any decision. What’s this fuss about Kloss?
Lewis locks him up and you release
him. – An experiment.
– On your own? You don’t mind that, do you. He may be helpful. Wiil he deliver documents
concerning the ”East” group? He wants to capture Wolf. Lieutenant, why? There has been no attempt
at any escape! But l saw them myself, lieutenant.
Captain Kloss and some others. You should have called me in then. We’ve been waiting for you.
We knew you would scramble out of
it. l didn’t tell them anything.
No one suspects you. We believe you, Kloss.
We believe you’re a good German.. . a great friend and
a first-rate officer. lt’s no time forjoking, gentlemen. lt was only the five of us
who knew the exact time of our
escape. There’s a traitor among us. We’ve also come
to the same conclusion. We even know who the traitor is. Kloss. .. Hel lo, my old friend. Hello, Brunner. l didn’t expect to meet you here.
You should have been hanged long
ago. Life is also tough on you. But l guess there’s going
to be no miss this time. Hands up. You can’t always succeed.
You have to fail occasionally. – l only wish l had captured Wolf.
– No one wil l ever capture him. Shall we give him a pleasure
before he dies. .. and tel l him where
Gruppenfuehrer Wolf is? There’s no need to.
l already know that. Do you? Quit it, Brunner! Our old scores are going
to be settled now, Hans. Do you remember cousin Edyta. ..
Tolberg? Now it’s the third time. .. Quickly! Stand by the wal l !
Hands up! Who shot here? – You know who.
– Answer my questions. – Hauptman Kloss.
– Kloss? – Where’s he?
– He’s gone. Why are you asking us about it? – What’s your name?
– Brunner. – Sturmbanfuehrer.. .
– Or Gruppenfuehrer Wolf? – No. Kloss can confirm that, anyway.
– We’ ll ask him too… but first you have to
tel l us everything. l’ve got nothing to tell you.
l just executed orders. After al l l didn’t kil l Kloss. They should be here soon. The HQ had to permit two gentlemen
from beyond the Elbe to visit our
camp. Their liaison mission claims
that Gruppenfuehrer Wolf. .. whose extradition we promised
to them , is right here. We know nothing about that.
We’ve been looking for him too. You’ve disappointed me. And you let yourself
be taken in like a child. – l did my best to find Wolf.
– lt’s not the point. lt’s a shame that Bolsheviks
should know more than we do. Our allies. Not only al lies. lf Wolf is really here you, Mr.
Karpinsky, wil l go back to the States. l dream of nothing else, general . Come in. They’ve arrived. – You know why we are here?
– l do. – Why, it’s you?
– You’ve won this round. l guess the next one too.
l borrowed a coat from you. Would you, please,
return it to the right person. You claim that Gruppenfueher Wolf
is hiding in our camp, don’t you? l don’t know anything about that.. Cal l in the fol lowing
Gestapomen, please: Ohlers, Leubov.
Fahrenwirtz and Wernitz. Lieutenant Lewis.. . l know the history
of your escape, major. We’d rather you weren’t
our antagonist. lt’s up to you, general . Let’s drink to our victory.
To our common victory. To peace. – Well, which of them is it, major?
– Just a moment, general. Stand here in the following order.. . Wernitz.. . Ohlers.. . Leubov. .. Fahrenwirtz. This is Gruppenfuehrer Wolf. We demand that these people
should be extradited. They won’t manage to charge their
mythical boss with their own crimes.


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