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Mutara Nebula Battle #1 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [CC English, Spanish]

Mutara Nebula Battle #1 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [CC English, Spanish]

Kirk to Spock. It’s two hours, are you ready Right on schedule Admiral. Just give us your coordinates and we’ll beam you aboard. Alright Kirk: I don’t like to lose Spock Hello mr. Spock – I’m taking this bunch to sick bay – by the book – by the book regulation 46A. If transmissions are
being monitored during battle Savvik: no un-coded messages on an open channel you lied – I exaggerated hours instead of days – minutes instead of hours they’re inoperative below C deck – what is working around here – not much Admiral, we have partial main power – that’s it? – it’s the best we could do in 2 hours. Kirk: That young man, he’s my Son Spock: fascinating…. Admiral on the bridge – Battle Stations Kirk: Tactical Spock: She can still outrun us, and outgun us but there is the Mutara Nubula at 153 mark 4 Scotty, can we make it inside? The Energizer is bypassed like a
Christmas tree, so don’t give me too many bumps – No promises, on your way Savvik: The trouble with the nebula sir is all that static discharging gas clouds our tactical display. Visual wont function, and shields will be useless. Spock: Sauce for the goose mr. Saavik. The odds will be even Khan: There she is, there she is. Ahhh. Not so wounded as we were led to believe. So much the better… Spock: Estimating nebula penetration in 2.2 minutes. Reliant is closing Juaquin: They go in there, we’ll lose them Khan: Explain it to them! That was close – they just don’t want us going in there Savvik: Admiral. What happens if Reliant fails to follow us into the nebula? Spock: I think we can guarantee that she will follow us Lieutenant. Remind me to explain to you the concept of the human ego best speed Scotty Spock: 1 minute to nebula perimeter Khan: Why are we slowing? Juaquin: Can’t follow them into the nebula sir. Our shields would be useless. They are reducing speed – Ohura, patch me in – aye sir – you’re on Admiral This is Admiral Kirk. We tried it once your way Khan. Are you game for a rematch? Khan, I’m laughing at the superior intellect. Khan: Full Impulse Power No sir, you have Genesis. You can have whatever you – FULL POWER, DAM YOU I’ll say this for him, he’s consistent – we are now entering the Mutara nebula Kirk: Emergency lights Khan: Tactical Juaquin: Inoperative Khan: Raise the Shields As I feared sir, not functional. I am reducing speed. Target sir – phaser lock inoperative sir – best guess Mr. Sulu, fire when ready Aft Torpedoes FIRE Hold your course Evasive Starboard Kirk: Fire. Juaquin Yours is superior I shall avenge you Could you use another hand Admiral? Man the weapons console Mr. Checkov.

100 thoughts on “Mutara Nebula Battle #1 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [CC English, Spanish]”

  1. I love how the interior of the ship looks like something futuristic out of this world.not like jj abrahmsverse where the ship looks like the hull of a ocean vessel not space ship

  2. What the hell happened to the torpedo bay crew scene? That was actually one of my favorite scenes where you really understood the teamwork of the crew. Everyone has a job on the ship such as making the torpedo's fire. It's not just a button on the helm console at the bridge.

  3. I just noticed the anachronism of the Christmas Tree reference. I am no exert in cannon, but I was under the impression that religion was an outdated concept in the "advanced" Star Trek universe.

  4. The music really did contribute to the quality of the film. It has held up over the decades. Something which can not be said for the special effects, sadly.

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  6. Kinda scared to go to Mayor Saddiq Khan’s London nowadays with all the Klingon knifin’ goin’ on. If he’s insulted that I think his city is dangerous, then I’d have to Start Trekkin’ 2 The Wrath of Khan…

  7. Ah the mutara nebula….. electronic sensors all disrupted, no target locking.
    Pity no one thought to put in basic glass window to look out of.

  8. Chekov returning to the bridge there at the end…didn't exactly seem like he was back to 100% yet, did he? Given what he'd gone through, this is all perfectly understandable, but personally I'm not sure I'd have put him on something as critical as weapons duty first minute back. Of course Kirk knows his ship and knows his crew, and Chekov did just fine when they encountered Reliant a short time later.

  9. so the phazor shots from the enterprise and the torpedo from the reliant are doomed to fly thru space until they hit something…. right?

  10. If khan had been patient and held back, he could have won eventually. Unfortunately that would mean no Star Trek 3,4,5,6, etc.

  11. Khan and his navigator are a little too knowledgeable of things they couldn't possibly have studied in their wasteland – for my taste

  12. very popular movie and episode, so do i dare say it might make more sense if Khan commandered a ship and became a pirate – super-being or no, he needs more time to study things he couldn't possibly know

  13. 8:17 didn't ANYBODY on set or in the editing room catch that the guy blinked/flinched AFTER he died? Kinda ruined the moment.

    I can maybe overlook the obvious styrofoam chunk of metal Khan lifts up but that.. c'mon y'all.

  14. 7:54 – Khan struggles to pick up that piece of debris like it's 120 pounds then tosses it like it was a Nerf basketball. LOL

  15. I think this gets points for also being one of the more horrific starship battles. That torpedo room explosion and fire is so brutal. I like the JJ movies but man can ships in those not take a pounding. plus all that happens is extras get sucked into space. Give me battle wounds that arent just a forehead cut.

  16. Joachim would have made a far better leader than Khan… seriously. If they had just left Kirk to go zip around the Alpha quadrant, there definitely would have been a coup.

  17. my friends,you don't have to watch this through,was making a point about hollywood actors not being"white",not my words.

  18. The original ruse reminds me of a line from Nemesis Games in the expanse series. "You know the difference between a cipher and a code? After enough time you can break a cipher. Unless you're in the know you can never break a code."

    Spock and Kirk have been sitting on that one until needed.

  19. "The energizer's bypassed like a Christmas tree"
    Normal if you daily drive a Jeep which makes every day a Star Trek scene with Scotty.

  20. hmm, with the view screen not working due to interference, why doesnt some one just look out the window for the other ship? I mean the Enterprise has plenty 🙂

  21. Okay, okay, okay, wait a minute! At the moment the Enterprise goes into the Mutara nebula (@ 5:04) and the crew react to a jolt, why didn't Kirk fall forward in his seat. Khan lurched forward. Script writers missed it.
    Still the best S.T. movie ever though.

  22. I wish they would use digital effects to clean up the interior shots. It's easily the best Trek film but the cinematography is pants as are the wobbly sets. The FX shots have aged quite well for the most part.

  23. We've strayed from such art and beauty. Why can't Hollywood return to an industry carefully created by story tellers, model makers, and led by the director instead of the boardroom hacks? Can we make a new Hollywood to compete with old Hollywood?

  24. It was good that the Enterprise and the Reliant didn't collide in the Mutara Nebula due to the visuals on those ships not working properly while they were in the nebula or Kirk and his crew wouldn't have been able to get out of there.

  25. The theaters need to re-release some of these old movie, say for a discount. I guarantee they would do better than movies made today in some cases.

  26. I always misinterpreted "Sauce for the Goose, Mr Saavik", I know now that it means like what's good for the goose is good for the gander, but I thought Spock also meant like, making the fight better, it's already exciting, the sauce will make it even better

  27. So was the torpedo meant as a warning shot? Never understood why they didn’t just shoot the Enterprise to stop from going into the Nebula?

  28. Kirk: "That young man, he's my son!"
    Spock: deadpan "Fascinating"

    You just know he's thinking of all the times Kirk had a tryst with a woman without a condom.

  29. I think that the use of models in the original films looks more realistic than the use of CGI, CGI gives it that "video game" look…

  30. These two Vessels HAVE to be some bad muthafuckas… All that radiation in that nebula. And 1701 again, got her ASS handed to HER. Why didnt they have a funeral for that one nigga that got incinerated in the port torpedo bay?

  31. I just realized that the lifts are not operable below C deck that means Scotty got off on C deck and climbed his way down to engineering. Talk about being in shape. 😉

  32. Saavik: Visual won't function and shields will be useless

    Kirk shoots a look to Spock that Spock reads as "You want to explain it or should I?"

    Spock: Sauce for the goose Mr. Saavik, the odds will be even.

  33. This movie smells like Sun Tzu. I like movies that show the power of strategy instead of just seeing who has the biggest gun.

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