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My Date With A Giant Pacific Octopus!

My Date With A Giant Pacific Octopus!

[MUSIC] Hey I’m behind the scenes here at the Monterey
Bay Aquarium with my friend Alicia. Hi, how ya doing? Alicia, what do you study here at the aquarium? I specialize in cephalopods. We are behind
the scenes of the Giant Pacific Octopus exhibit and I’d like to introduce you to a good friend
of mine. It’s going to like me, isn’t it? I have to warn you. They don’t like everybody.
It’s going to taste you and it’s going to decide if it likes the way you taste or not. It’s really strong! They are really really strong. So these arms
are made of pure muscle. So here she is. Oh my gosh. So should I just put my hand in
there? Yeah! So just so you know, that is the mouth
in the middle there. So you want to stay away from the mouth because these beaks are made
for crunching crabs and clams and they can definitely do some damage on your fingers. Oh it looks like she likes you! I’m going to be part of the exhibit from now
on. I don’t think I can get off of this octopus. And they do leave hickeys. Just as a warning. It’s going to look like I had a really interesting
date after this. So how many suction cups does a Giant Pacific
Octopus have on its body? It has about 240 suckers per arm. So that
comes out to about 2,000 suckers. They use those suckers for pretty much everything.
They crawl along the bottom and they stick their arms in to crevices and they can use
those suckers to taste and to feel textures and they can tell if they land on a pray item
or not. So this octopus is really curious. It just
wants to find out about me and the world. Yeah you can tell that they want to be doing
this. If she didn’t want to interact, she wouldn’t be up here. Are they intelligent? Yeah! They are intelligent in their own way.
They have a huge central brain and each arm actually has a little mini brain. They are
thinking, they’re assessing the situation and so that’s why we try to keep them engaged
because that is what they’re used to. All that sensory input trying to solve those puzzles. See these little bumps on their skin? So they
can manipulate those to have different textures and they use that also as camoflauge so they
can look like a rock or a piece of algae or somehting. So they are pretty amazing. WOAH! Does that mean she likes me? Yes! I’ll say that. We will pretend that means
she likes you. Alicia thank you so much for introducing me
to my new best friend, the Giant Pacific Octopus. But one more question to settle it once and
for all. What is the plural of octopus? That is a great question. The plural of octopus
is octopuses. The word octopus comes from the Greek octopod. Octopi would be a Latin
pluralization and it is a Greek word so it is just octopuses. You heard it from an octopus expert. Be sure the check out the rest of our videos
from Monterey Bay. We’ve got a whole playlist full of ocean awesomeness. All right, thanks
a lot! Stay curious!

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