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Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier And welcome to Monster Legends Now the developer of this game approached me And asked if I wanted to be paid to promote their game And I said… How the fuck did you know i play this game? It was supposed to be my dirty little secret (Bad Markimoo!) NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO KNOW! But I said yes Because, like many other brand deals that I’ve done in the past… It affords me the opportunity to donate to charity And this time around, we’ll be donating $10,000 To the Miracle Foundation If you don’t know about the Miracle Foundation Please check out the website I’ll provide a link in the description Along with the PROOF *jingle bells* Of donation By the time you guys are watching this, The donation has already been made, So thank you to Social Point Games for allowing that to happen And thank you guys for watching! Now let’s get into the game! Now, uh, admittedly… I am a complete amateur at this I… started playing a few weeks ago And then… I kind of got addicted to it And I was playing it on and off But when they approached ME… They gave me a whole bunch of SHIHIT And it’s AWESOME!! I don’t even know what half of this stuff does (You never do…) I mean, obviously I know the basics of the game And I’ll give you guys and overview of what its doing But they gave me… A whole bunch of new monsters And especially this one monster that they definitely want me to Show to you guys Called Eribus Who’s aptly named ‘the boss’ Now he’s a new character that works off of cards and shit And if you don’t know about the game in general Here’s, *cough*, the basic summary that I can make You breed and hatch monsters And use them to fight And get gold And gems And then grow food to feed your monsters, make the monsters bigger Be able to go through dungeons and crap And get more stuff So that you can do more things And KILL more monsters! That’s the long and the short of it but That is DEFINITELY the short of it because the real game is MUCH more in depth than that If you played city builders in the past This one… thankfully A-A lot of these city builder games have you waiting around for a long time And not that this one DOESN’T Because obviously you’re waiting for… your crops to grow! You’re waiting for your gold to get in Uh, you’re waiting for a lot of stuff But in this game in particular… There’s always something to dooo While you’re waiting Which is awfully nice And doesn’t always happen with other things So You got your farms over here that you gotta make m’food for And I’ve already been growing stuff So I’m just gonna repeat everything that I did But I guess I’ll show it because that’s… PROBably important You get… you get your FOOD here Jungle peanuts Snow peas, sea grapes, red… tigernut, y’know Whatever ya got Standard staples in nutrition, at least for monsters anyway So if you wanna grow… SEA grapes You go… Phbbtt Wait no, you go.. Phhbbbttt With the gold that you got and that’s gonna be growing up some food Then you use the food to grow your monsters And they boosted a lot of my monsters And they actually gave me some new monsters that I don’t know And one of ’em that I’ve been using, uh, just recently, who is… By far… my favorite… Just because of how doofy he is Is this guy right here Uh, his name is ‘Ben’… But… H-His monster name is ‘R.O.F.L’ and he is… The internet… shoved into one box But only the stupid parts of the internet Y’know the old… 2011 internet memes All shoved in(Ben does deal-with-it and becomes mlg)- yup, there he-, uh, thanks Ben Thank you SO much Ben *giggles* All the- old memes have been shoved into this one character Because you can see… even on the screen… Is an old… rage comics And I used to- I admittedly, I used to be the guy That goes to F7, U12 I-I went there… All the time, like, everyday And it was hilarious, like, for 3 solid weeks Everyday that I went there, I laughed my ass off And this was years ago, but I laughed my ass off And then one day… I went there… And all the funny was sucked out of it All of the comedy had been squeeeeezed out of the comics And there was nothing left for anyone so It’s a little old… but I love him to death, so What they wanted me to show you is mostly battles and stuff And they wanted me to show you Eribus is his name, is the name of the boss And… just because my OCD is getting to me, I’m gonna collect all this gold *Markiplier’s natural tongue* Uuuh, there’s more islands that I don’t have yet but I’ll get ’em later I probably have enough given that they’ve given me so much extra stuff They’ve probably given me a bunch of stuff And, by the way, this game is free It’s another one of those free to play games I mean there’s micro-transactions, obviously, but I’ve gotten this far We-hell not this far, obviously, because they’ve given me stuff But I mean- I got- I was playing for a long time Without needing to buy anything And they probably wouldn’t want me to encourage you not to buy anything But my main point is that the game is free And that’s, one of the reasons why I’m happy to PROMOTE it Because there’s really no risk in it just… Don’t go too deep with your parent’s credit card Or DO! What do I care? (Nice role-model Mark) So anyway, you go into, uh Mostly, what I do, because I’m a big bubble-blown baby Uuh, I don’t even really do multiplayer a whole lot so I’m gonna try it! (Big mistake) Oh Gawd Oh nooo… *whimpers* Search enemy?! *mumbles incoherently* – gonna do? Oh God, he’s low level Thank goodness, I’m gonna KICK the CRAP outta this guy *giggles* Oh man, I’m so happy that he’s not gonna put up much of a fight So anyway, Eribus, right here Can just SMACK the PISS outta these guys! HABOOSKI!! I’ve got a bunch of damage runes on(OH GOD 20% BATTERY LEFT) ’em and in your uh- woops That’s not good In your uh, In your monster battles You can give them runes that can give them like, more damage, uh, more speed, more health Just basically buff ’em in a whole bunch of ways but- YOU’RE NOT BEN!!!!!(markimoo realization) What’re you doing here?! I don’t- I don’t know YOU! Get outta here! *Sexy man groan* Alright, I gotta- I gotta change my team because this isn’t right Yea, what are you Bud- get outta here. Gimme me Ben, Minotaurus God, gimme my guys Geeeeeeez Ok… I got mah real team The dream team is going on here Habuh! A’right let’s go Well that seems a little bit tougher… I’munna fight someone else *scared chuckle* I’munna find someone else Someone probably easier Nah, you look tough *Disappointed groan* *Even more disappointed groan* Yea alright, I’ll try you guys *Swish swish* See, there’s so many monsters in this game that I haven’t actually seen a lot of ’em But Ben is great Because Ben has a lot of like debuff/buff abilities(too many dank memes) That he- and he’s- I got him buffed up on speed runes so he’s very fast So straight flush, let’s just wipe that guy out *Markimoan* Oh no, he’s gooone And they won’t be able to get away from my Minotaurus, which is good Because he’s got just tons and tons and tons and tons of health *Markiplier’s native tongue* Thank you Alright so he’s debuffed down a bit *Markismooch* Which is gonna be good for meee Accuracy increased? Oh no! Oh shit! You took down like 10% of mah health! So… Ben also has… Various different abilities that are rather silly like ‘Trololo’ Which means that they can’t get- they can’t attack for 2 turns You got ‘Very Speed’ which buffs- which debuffs them so that they’re slow And then ‘Falcon Punch'(the captain approves don’t worry) Which is very nice *Thump thump thump* And not EXACTLY a Falcon Punch But if it misses, it doesn’t do JACK CRAP! So screeew that! I’munna double or nothing you, IT BETTER HIT THIS TIME! There we go, thank you very much Aaaand gone, and then loses their turn You can see the turn order at the top of the game I DO NOT CLAIM to be an expert at this game by the way Like I said, I started off as an amateur *giggles* I didn’t know what I was doing But once you’re- as you’re fighting along, you get a special move Uh, this one’s called ‘Labyrinthian Demolition’ and I just wanna do it Because it’s there and I can show you guys and it’s REALLY cooool Y’got it? Cooool! Alright he’s almost dead, but he’s debuffed to hell and back so he’s not gonna be able to do anything ‘Very Speeed’ Alright just ‘Trololo’ him so he doesn’t actually do anything Oh God, the old meme- the old mehems Oh man… I mean, it’s not SAD, I don’t mind the char- I still love that monster, that monster is fantastic Um, let’s see… ‘Gambler’s Ruin: Deals low dark damage to ahll’ So ‘Gambler Le-Ruin’ attacks all enemies and you kinda wanna do that first But this one… We’ll just take him out Boink! Thank you! Habooski! Aaand I win! And it’s just as easy as that But while you’re off, like if you’ve played these various games, people can attack you Uh, when you’re doing your thing and then you- Do your thing *serenades us* you live your life Oh food! Perfect! Ok… So, the other thing they wanted to show you Because they didn’t give me enough stuff, I’ve got so much stuff I’ve got a little Erebus egg And he’s frickin’ adorable even though he grows up to be all weird and goopy But I’ve got an Erebus egg, so I’munna hatch that Would you like to- I don’t- I don’t want that. Sell it! Get outta here. Yes, sell it! I don’t even want it I need to hatch my egg And they- this is why they gave me gems And gems are things that, uh, you get from either watching ads or-or buying them in bulk But I’m gonna finish this right away because I wanna show you guys… Habooski!(habooski count:3) He’s adorable! He’s a little baby! Look at ‘im! And so you got this guy and I dunno if I’ve got any space to set ‘im Oh! I’ll put ‘im with- I’ll put- *giggles* it’s- it’s daddy and baby Erebus. Oh look at ’em! He is horrifying! Uuughhh, He’s SO UGLY! ‘Vanapagan’? ‘Vanapagan’!(we know mark) I’munna rename that, that’s terrible Get outta here ‘Vanapahgahn’ I’munna call ‘im: ‘Bubble Butt’ (Cause that’s better than Vanapagan) Because I don’t name enough things ‘Bubble Butt’ (How about the island in Subnautica?) And I like Bubble Butt (We know Mark, we know) Alright, so he’s gonna be- and this is how you grow up a monster! SHOVE FOOD INTO HIS FACE!(is that safe?Probably not knowing mark) AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Oh geez, the teenage years He’s still a little awkward. Not as quite as cool as papa And then you get skills and you need to assign them to your slots You probably have seen something like this before. ‘Cold Deck: Deals moderate Dark damage. 50% chance of making the target Bleed’ OK. That sounds good! I’ll take that. Not that I have any other options Uhbububuhbuhbuhbuh *Read skill description* So basically there are so many monsters in this game and each of them has a very specific skill set You get this… enormous variety of potential when you’re going up against enemy players Or building your team And y-you gotta organize them in special abilities That overlap with each other and try to find the best combination There’s just a lot of strategy to be DONE in this So I dunno if I want that low roller Low roller? That sounds like CRAAAP, I don’t need that! I need to raise mah level Yep * 4 And Shabooski! ‘Risk Premium’ *Reads skill description* Hot Damn… This sounds awesome! Alright I’munna replace ‘Steal Life’ ’cause that’s just one basic thing, but I need this other one ‘Risk Premium’. And now Erebus is the- Max level that he could be Or not the max level but at least he’s… all grown up. Aww, look at ‘im. Look at mah little Erebutt Oh, I should’ve called him Erebutt, that’s a much better name. I’munna call ‘im- I’munna call him Erebutt. He’s no Bubble Butt; Bubble Butt’s too cute Call ‘im Erebutt I-I like to name all of my characters… butt types There’s Dark type, Light type, Butt type Boob type… Lot’s of types… Alright so- ooo fast breeding? ugh… That’s sounds weird Yea, why not? Let’s do that Alright, ‘Skill Activated’, because the next thing that they want me to show you Is how you make MORE monsters! When a daddy monster and a.. *giggles* a mommy monster love each other very much… You take ‘The Boss’ And ‘Ben’ for some stuhrange reason… and ya start breeding! Oh GO FOR IT! Oh geez Why’d ya throw that cat ‘Ben’? OK, so the breeding is done. I did it again just… because I can and… uh When it’s done breeding, you get an egg And the egg goes to the hatchery And then you can either speed it up, which I’munna do because I really extra stuff And then you get a little new monster! And I don’t know what the algorithm for getting a new monster It might be totally, completely random Because these monsters don’t have anything to do with this lightning bird But… I’ve got ‘im so… *High-pitched* Boink! Yaaay! Look at Shanky, he’s so cute! ^.^ But anyway, I’m not gonna place him yet because this-this is disorganized chaos in here right now Thank you Fertility Goddess, for blessing this land with better monster breeding It is much appreciated OK, the other thing that I wanted to show you that I actually enjoy is a dungeon I’m actually part-way through this dungeon so… The dungeon basically explains itself You traverse through a dungeon and you get rewards as you get through the dungeon And you can fight so long… buh, everytime you log in the game, but this one Is easy because my team is ridiculously over-powered *Markitongue* So, *chuckle* also the sounds in the game are delightful I don’t have headphones in at the moment, but it is just… adorable HA-BING! Oh, amazing. You’re all gonna die I need to give, uh, my Minotaur, uh, a[n] A.O.E attack cause that’s gonna be good Oh, looks like they’re not gonna even need it They are dead Ooo wait. O-o-o we got thug life! WE GOT THUG LIFE! THUG LIFE BABY! Yep, this is where you throw the cat which is a rather bizarre attack but it works i guess(*explosions* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, airhorns, dank memes are here)… And the- yea… that’s Ben… that’s Ben I love Ben. Ben’s awesome *giggles* So anyway, that’s pretty much Monster Legends If you enjoy this game and wanna try it for yourself, please feel free to click the link in the description below It’ll take you right to the page, it is totally FREE You play it on any mobile device and I think even on… Facebook I’m pretty sure…? But I don’t play it there, I play it on my phone But it is a lot of fun, I actually do recommend it And thank you to Social Point Games for helping me donate to the Miracle Foundation And thank you everybody out there for watching! Maybe you’ll find me in the game and probably destroy me But now that I got a lot of buffs from the developers, maybe not! So, Thank you everybody so much for watching! And, as always, I will see YOU in the next video! BUH-BYE! Oooh! How does that help me at all? You just broke into the- aaaaaalrighty then… thank you Oh! There’s a horsey! I’munna getcha! Oh get ready for it! *Markimoo’s mating call* look at Ben’s dank memes, this is great

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