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Narnia: Prince Caspian NAMAKEN! – De Onmogelijke Filmmakers Challenge | MonkeyWithACap

Narnia: Prince Caspian NAMAKEN! – De Onmogelijke Filmmakers Challenge | MonkeyWithACap

This is indie filmmaking tot the f*cking max! To make a professional movie, you always need a whole lot of people and equipment. But what if you don’t have any of that? We are going to challenge areselfes to re-create famous movie scènes, for the next few weeks. Only without the professional recording equipment, cast, crew, props, wardrobe or usefull locations. More important, we have to travel to another country where we don’t know how to get any of that. Also, we just get to know the scene we have to make on the day itself… Because those are written by or family and friends. The ultimate test. ”I am going to put on a dress.” Are we professionals? ”We are actual filmmakers.” This is.. The Impossible Filmmakers Challenge. Welcome for tuning in to this very first episode of ‘the impossible filmmakers challenge’! It’s time, to challenge ourselfes and to see how much of professional we are And how good we are at out craft. At the moment we are at my place. Are we going to take the first scene in here already? I would do that, yes. So we can leave today already. That would be the best for me. Yes that is very true.
– Done.
Easy. Everything.. depends on whats written on those papers… Our entire journey… Are you going to take the first one..? Take it! Take the scene. What is it? Read it to me, Bert. Narnia: Prince Caspian. For you I have chosen, the final battle of Prince Caspian. I will see the knight armors and swords with pleasure. Shit!
– Damn!
Narnia! Alright so far..
– What are we doing again? Most important for now is the location.
– Yes. Let’s check all our options at first and choose the best out of that. So we know where to go. Alright. Bert is looking at some options to fly to over here. Give me an update! I want to know! What did you find? So, there is a flight at 7 to Kos, Geece.
– Yeah.. So I was thinking to get on that one. Bert, are we going to Greece? If we can make it, then I would like to. Yes Are we able to fix that right now, or do we need to go to the airport for that? We better go to the airport, that would be a lot faster, I think. But does that mean we have to leave right now? Well, maybe in, let’s say.. Ten minutes?
– Ah yes, okay. Ten minutes. Sure! That’s the only option..?
– And if we only take a single ticket? Bert. – Yes.
What’s the deal at the moment? We have tickets.
– We have tickets to f*cking Kos! F*cking b*tch! For how much? Like, 400 euros less then usual? Yes, something like that.
– Great man. High five. We are in Kos!
– Town. – Greece! Whitin a day! That means! That we can start tommorrow, with the actual challenge! To make this very first scène we have to make.
– Very nice, my man! Ladies and gentleman.. it’s crazy.
We just had breakfast. But. We need a plan for our shoot for today. So let’s make that plan. First of all, let’s find out what we need and how it looks and what location we can go to. I will go search for a location?
– Yes If you go do that, then I will look what else we need. I have made a breakdown for the stuff we need. We surtanly need a third person to help us out. Because we can not do this on our own. Also, ofcourse, the outfits. First we need the location. Did you find any? Yes I have found one where there is mountains and ruïns On google it looks very good, but I don’t know how that will be in real life and how hard it is to get there. It just looks like the perfect spot.
– That’s right. Alright so plan of action. We first go look for the props in this town. Then we travel to this location… …then we are going to ask for help out there. And then we are going to…
– Film. You understand this. We are looking for shops. And there are shops, but none that sell swords. And….
Wait, isn’t that a toy shop? I hope so.
– There is a toy shop over here! They have to sell swords. Ahh… Avengers!
Iron man…! I see some medieval stuff here! Playmobile.
– But it’s playmobile.. Right…
Okay, what do we have over here? There is some shields?
– Shields and swords… And an axe.
– And on there is a lion. That’s definitly from Narnia. They can only take us serious with that. But are we going to take this ones or those?
– No, those! What’s this? These are pirate swords!
– Ah! Right…
– This one is better. This is a round shield. Yes! We have..
– Our swords and shields. We have our props right here. We know where we need to go. We only need to take the bus to get there. That is a pretty long trip.
But I see behind us, there are busses. So, we can just ask them if one of them can take us to our location? We need to go to…
– Pili! At 13 ó clock. Alright… fun! We are in Pili!
– Pili. Pili?
– Pili. Where we at axactly and where we need to go, we don’t know. So what’s the plan? Well, I see mountains over there, no mountains over there. So let’s go that way! Alright let’s go that way. We still don’t know where to go exactly. We don’t know where we at. I have found the spot that we where looking for originaly, with the ruins on top. And I was thinking to just ask the owners of this restaurant to help us out… … on where this is and how to get there. *sigh* We need a song, Bert. [I am not translation the bullshit he is singing right now..] Bert! Status update.
– We are at the mountain! The mountain!!
On top of this one we want to film our first movie scene! We see some people, that’s nice.
That means this is the point where people start to clime So we are now going to clime this mountain. We have found out that we have taken the wrong road.
Which means, we have to go back down and take on another one. So we loose our time and some energy, but we don’t loose hope. Everything will be alright. Will everything be alright..? what? We are there!! We are on the f*cking top of the mountain. This is where we are going to shoot our very first scène for this challenge. The sun is getting real low, so we need to hurry up a bit. This!.. is the imposible filmmakers challenge! B*@$#!! Alright, so this is your wardrobe.. You also need a black pants. A belt..
You can take on. I have absolutly nothing for my character. This sweatshirt?
– Yes, that’s the right color. Maybe you take the black pants and I take mine grey ones? This is all I got. It doesn’t look like a knight at al… Alright, we have this little thing, to try to re-create the symbole on his chest. I am a… knight.
– He is a knight! We are playing the scene on my computer so we can see how the scene works shot for shot. So we make each shot individualy, to create the illusion we know the choreography. Because we have no clue how it really works. So first we shoot all of your shots, then all of mine. Shouldn’t we get our wides first?
– Oh, maybe that’s right. Yes. Yeah, so we know some better of what’s going on in the scène. We are litherly risking our lives right now too, because if we take one step back, we end up in this cliff. So it is a hard one…
Also because we are both kind of beaten down. So yeah, that’s pretty rough.. My arms off!
– No it isn’t. Alright, so normaly with an over schoulder shot, there would be a camera operator standing right here. Now we need to take the camera. Hold it up like this and try to keep the same shot while doing a sword fight. This is what we need to do! This is indie filmmaking to the f*cking max! This!… is the impossible filmmakers challenge! I think there is a reason for it to be called impossible… Yes, but we are going to prove that it’s not. Result. Conclussion. We have beaten ourselfes up. We gave everything we had. I don’t think we should be the ones who decide wheather we did a good job or not. Did you think we did a good job? YOU DO?! HMM? Come here then!! Alright, this was the first episode of the Impssible Filmmakers Challenge. I hope you liked watching this, if you like to see us bleed. If you liked it, you can subscribe.. I mean, this is YouTube. You know how it works. This was just the first episode. Next week we are back with a brand new one. So tune in. Stay tuned. Stay up to date. Be sure to share your love about us on social media. Make us happy. Bye!!!

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