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Narnia Wardrobe Book Nook

Narnia Wardrobe Book Nook

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today we are
going to take a look at Kristal’s latest model which is this decorative bookend
and, actually technically I guess it’s not a book ‘end’ as it’s designed to kind
of live in between the books on a bookshelf and we’ve kind of just started
calling it a book nook which kind of rolls off the tongue, and in case you
didn’t guess from the books that were on either side of it during the
introduction, the front of this model represents the Wardrobe from The
Chronicles of Narnia and when you open it up, you get a glimpse of Narnia itself
on the inside, and I’m actually gonna take the top off so we can more easily
see what is going on on the inside. In the foreground we have some trees with
the iconic lamppost and then some snowy terrain leading back to some mountains
and the White Witch’s castle. Now there’s obviously not a lot going on here
mechanically so I thought I would explain how some of the design elements are
assembled instead. The model is mostly brick built with studs up and obviously
the doors are hinged and that hinge is achieved using these 1 by 1 bricks with
a vertical bar on them connected to a 1 by 1 plate with a clip, and there are
three of these assemblies on each door which results in a nice smooth and solid
hinge action. The paneling on the front of the door is just a mix of tiles
connected to a stack of these bricks with studs on their side. The branches of
the trees are built using these 1 by 1 plates with a bar sticking out of it,
connected to a bar holder with a clip as well as some 1 by 1 round plates with
hollow studs. And then we can stick some of these plant stem pieces into those. And finish it off with some of these
plant stem pieces. And the tree is comprised of a mix of these double branches with some similarly designed single branches… like so. The lamppost is just a regular Lego
lamppost which I managed to very carefully drill a hole through using a
hand drill and a small drill bit (to run the wire) and actually counted it as a success that I
only destroyed one lamppost in the process of doing that and the light is
just a transparent orange cone with an LED in it and it is surrounded by a pair
of these clear hemisphere pieces. The snowy terrain is just a collection of
curved slopes and the mountains are built using regular slopes and these
spires of the castle are built using these 1 by 1 round tiles with a bar on
them, connected to a light saber hilt, topped off with a unicorn horn, and the
moon in the back is just a regular white 2 by 2 tile attached to a 2 by 2
transparent brick with four LEDs stuck in the back of it, and the LEDs are all
connected to a pfx brick in the back through this rat’s nest of wiring, which
we’ll clean up at some point, and it is powered by a power functions battery box.
And, as always, I hope you enjoyed the model. Thanks for watching, keep on
building, and I’ll see you next time.

54 thoughts on “Narnia Wardrobe Book Nook”

  1. Really enjoy your videos, but I think it would add a lot if you removed the background noise from the mic. Regardless of whatever software you use, it should be pretty straightforward and would add a lot, imo.

  2. Those power bricks seem to be really handy, and the build looks great as well! I remember reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in elementary school and watching the movies

  3. This is just an idea, but you could do a Hobbit hole one, where the opening is shaped like the entrance to a Hobbit hole.

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  5. I watched Narnia, but it took me some time to realize that these are trees,
    at first glance the look more like vines or something like that. You could fix that. But like always awesome build.

  6. can you please post building instructions for your older models, and in the future can you always post building instructions when you can.

  7. Nice build! My wife loves it especially! What part did you use for the gold door pulls? Also, are there any low-profile Lego switches that could be built into the interior's ground to turn the lights off when the doors are closed? Lego bookends are a great idea, I'll explore it a bit

  8. Nice, I especially like the depth-based effect! I also built Narnia Wardrobe with lighting and some moving functions – take a look on it!

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