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National Forests – It’s All Yours

National Forests – It’s All Yours

As a child my dad told me that this
forest near our house that we had owned it As I got older he started explained
that we owned it with other people and eventually the idea of National Forests
was explained to me. I think that understanding that we actually own that,
it really changed my life. I think that there’s a disconnect
between the public and the lands that they own. Some people don’t realize what
the National Forests offers them. People are just forgetting to go and see these wild places. One of the biggest problems facing our National Forests is just awareness. I don’t think a lot of people are aware that it is their public land. I think it’s really easy to take National Forests for granted, because it’s always been here for us. I see it as our most valuable resource in this country
and as a citizen I think it’s our greatest right to wander and roam and be
connected to this earth. The thing I wish more people knew about National Forests is just simply how incredible they are. They’re life-changing. You know I’d have to say that my time and experience within the National Forests has had a
huge effect on who I have become. The National Forests means many different things to many people. My family can attest to the fact that after I get done
climbing I’m a happier, better person. It’s where I go to find my peace. It’s
where I go to reconnect with nature. In National Forests I am completely present.
It’s one of the most important things for me when
I need to disconnect from the rest of the noise. It makes me appreciate
everything else I have in my life. It leaves me with a sense of confidence
that I can’t get anywhere else. It’s in the National Forests that you see the relationship between the land and the animals. Makes me feel alive. That’s the
feeling that I’m looking for in life When you own something when you truly
own something, you have an inherent responsibility to take care of that
thing. That’s in all of us. To me it’s our shared lands, it’s our shared heritage,
and it’s my responsibility to take care of it. If we take care of it it’ll take
care of us. The responsibility that comes, with being a steward of these lands, it shouldn’t be intimidating. I think this is probably one of the greatest things that exists under the banner of what it means to be an American. It’s hard to
really convey the value of National Forests, but if you take a group of kids
out there, it becomes pretty obvious the looks on their faces, I mean that’s how
you can understand the value of it. Showing future generations to come, that
this is a place where you can go and this is a place where you can heal, this
is a place where you can grow as a person. When I talk to my children about
the forest and the important to me it’s everything that’s good in this world in
life. It’s really a symbol of freedom just seeing what the potential of
humanity is. go play. go discover. go beyond. It’s all yours

5 thoughts on “National Forests – It’s All Yours”

  1. I just read an article that says that you all are going to kill thousands of prairie dogs by poisoning them and they will die in a slow painful way by bleeding out bc farmers say they are ruining their land, first they help churn the soil, second they have been on earth sentries more then us, third you all are talking about how you love nature but yet your going to kill it?

  2. Disconnecting from the negativity in our day to day existence is important now more than ever. Thank goodness for our national forests. Hiking, fishing, listening to the sounds of nature is better therapy than you'll find in any psychiatrist's office. It's truly the best place on earth.

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