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NMAT 2017 Day 1 Analysis by NMAT Topper

NMAT 2017 Day 1 Analysis by NMAT Topper

all right just quick check are you able
to hear I think you should be able to hear right now just have a quick check
shubham says yes milani, aishwarya kashif disha alright a lot of you
guys have been saying yes right now okay great
quick instructions for all of you guys okay I shall post it up on the sticky
message okay great yeah I wasn’t speaking that’s where I will you guys
were not able to hear okay perfect so a quick instruction to all of you guys
don’t worry about the lag in video like a lot of you guys keep saying that
there’s lag in the video slides you know whatever it is going to be there so the
slides will be shared with all the few guys towards the end make sure you keep
taking notes and screenshots of whatever is being discussed all the important
sliders and last ten minutes i will keep for but for all your question and answers in
terms of what needs to be done how to do and what you should be going ahead with
all right we will quickly wait just for five minutes for rest of you guys
worried but will join in right now guys will keep joining in late I have put up
the instructions on the sticky note up there for all of you guys so make sure
you are reading that and keep following it all right nine five sharp we start you yeah she teams guys don’t funny there
was an audio issue because I put it on mute till the time you guys are
connecting since you are waiting for us for students to join in so don’t worry
there will be no audio or technical issues today with all of you guys we’ll
make sure that we are kick-starting with the entire exam structure analysis
everything which done today ok so keep all our questions towards the end guys I
just have a few things I want all of you guys to punch in your dates of your exam
how many of you guys have your exams coming up like in the next week thanks
levar you know everything perfect alright
quickly so punch in your dates of the exams like coming up and a couple of you
guys might have your exams tomorrow Oh Bob Ronnie hasn’t done 6:00 tomorrow
perfect 1st November 5th November 17th third year 7th 17th 12 all right so we
have right from ranging from tomorrow 6:00 to going down right through the end
of November or Kate great nice amazing so guys who are having our exams
tomorrow this is the last thing L are going to do today for your preparation
for the exams after this workshop just go down sleep relax and go tomorrow with
a fresh set of mind all right great so that’s good I think we’ve waited a
lot for a lot of you guys to join in let’s get started with the entire
session right now so the first thing foremost which has been bothering all of
you guys in terms of worse how was the difficulty level of the paper right so
the good thing is the paper was not difficult it was easy to moderate no
surprises as compared to last year the pattern is same no changes at all in the
pattern and in fact for all of you guys who have been following rigorously
religiously all the previous webinars where we’ve been discussing about you
know what to study in each section which chapters to do and not trust me in the
paper is aligned towards that so guys we’ve been sincerely following whatever
but I’ve been recommending you guys to do what is on for you guys we got to
make sure in Martin’s clacked all right so let’s just get
started meanwhile you have any questions
feel free to punch them in and major questions will they get towards the end
alright this is the first quick overview slide
which I’m sure by now all of you guys are fed up with have any questions how
much time still if there’s someone who is not aware of this please keep this
fix in your head each section there is a time limit and you cannot exceed you
cannot save time in one section and utilize in the other 148 questions 60
minutes work wants 40 questions 38 minutes for LR 32 questions join two
minutes in your language section alright and remember there is no negative
markings so each one of you guys I will make sure that you are attempting each
and every question all right make sure you don’t leave a single blank mark
anything if you’re not able to do all right George Nanashi don’t worry this is
the first session I’m going to be doing the important topics definitely right
now just after this so it’s alright if it’s your first session we will be
covering up CEU Kindle all the previous seminars you came in webinars you can
check out on YouTube I stick to the function the links towards the end for
all of you guys okay now I just want to make sure only up question Skoosh how
many di questions how many LR questions everything hold your horses
we will be covering up these questions each pick what you need to study and in
fact where you need to study from and how do you go about in the next few days
towards your exams alright so keep your questions to limited for a while and
then let’s make sure we are quickly solving all your questions as well also
and last 10 minutes I’ll be there to happen happily answer all your queries
alright moving back so guys first time for attending I hope this is pretty much
clear now 120 questions what 20 minutes that’s your time limit all right no
negative marking so you got to make sure you are attempting all 120 questions
come watch me okay and the marking scheme is three marks per question all
right but there is one thing that there is
normalization which happens which is the reason why
people get scores like two zero eight two zero nine two one three with two one
four which are not multiples of three right so that is because of the
normalization now how the normalization happens is basically over the entire
window where we have like 1520 days yes they have and your normalization
will together excuse me so over the entire window the normalization will
happen by each questions difficulty level is mapped then it is seen how many
people were able to solve it correctly and how many were not able to do on that
basis you get your normalized scores which is why I’ve been recommending or a
few guys that make sure you finish so or giving two attempts of your end mat in
October and November keep these two months focused to crack n Matt and don’t
wait for post your cat exams because by then I’m sure everybody’s aware
questions he cut out so your normalization pulls your schools down
usually towards the end of December all right great so moving on ahead to I
will go ahead with understanding each and every section so let’s split it up
the section so what’s the agenda for today is you have an overview of the
exam so now next we are going to do is we are going to discuss about each
section how many questions come what was the difficulty level and how the overall
paper was there in terms of the overall sectional cut-offs okay what is expected
and then we will discuss about what should your schedule be for the next few
days post that we will be open for questions so till then all your
questions how do we improve with what to study where to study please keep them
towards the edge okay I will not be taking your questions in the middle of
this right now because this is very very important for you guys to understand
what and how to study I was right click moving on will first move on to the
first section which is the most padded section by I’m almost all the students
up here which is your quantitative ability and data interpretation it’s in
fact the most easiest section the only issue there
is da data interpretation is lengthy and as we have been always discussing and
keeping in mind again the paper today was full of arithmetic and algebra
questions so this is the quick summary of based on the two slots of the exams
today there were 20 questions of data interpretation that means there were
five sets all right of data interpretation easy to moderate but
definitely lengthy when I say lengthy there were more calculation intensive so
you should solve this towards the end of the exam good thing is they’re worried
as efficiency questions beyond the DI so there were six questions of data as
proficiency which again were based on your concepts of arithmetic and numbers
not very complex so people were able to understand that okay then you had quants
22 questions trust me Kwan’s was easy to moderate for anybody
who has studied the entire basic books of cat King and in matter official guide
this section would have been a cake walk free okay let’s understand the
bifurcation of each of these sections of points what all came from where okay
arithmetic we saw eight questions right from your basic and the most easiest
chapter of purpose stages profit and loss simple interest and
compound interest each having one question three questions from time and
work time and work is disease become a must
favorite another section topic which did not come in today but I would definitely
recommend all of your just study is mixed frozen allegations okay I hope you
guys are keeping and making notes so I could this could be described you know
writing down what additional things you have to do so make sure mixtures and
aggregations you are definitely study all right then we had time speed
distance two questions from that which is fairly simple based on your direct
formulas these were the major topics from arithmetic eight questions followed
by algebra where we have six questions of algebra like I had mentioned before
and in almost every session I always tell you in math does not have an
on-screen calculator so you definitely expect
turns off hcaaf LCM remainder theorem because these are time-consuming right
so that detects easy but time-consuming so make sure you do these chapters
really well there were lot of questions like three questions from equations and
numbers if I may give you a split there was one question from quadratic equation
one from linear equation and one from your basic divisibility rules of numbers
okay so when you are studying numbers make sure to do rules of divisibility
and cyclicity okay two additional things I’ve asked you all to study today mixed
dozen allegations and then you have numbers rules of divisibility and rules
of cyclicity samyaza mixture all of these questions how to study towards the
end two days three days definitely maybe taking it up so last few minutes we have
another but you should fairly easy there was one of geometry which was based on
parallelogram and the other two were based on your main solution okay Oh
Ashley good question what is cyclicity cyclicity is asking you numbers you know
divisibility in terms of what will be divisible by what numbers like the order
if it is a 3 4 3 3 4 3 is divisible by 7 right so just check out those concepts
once from your numbers basic numbers that’s it
ok guys who are facing all your issues please reconnect okay there’s a button
right on the top which says reconnect let me just quickly put that up on the
sticky note for all of you guys okay great
so that will help you guys you know for that Oh Abbi Sigma yeah yes
I mean cyclicity of remainders that’s correct basically remainder theorem and
rules of divisibility those questions okay great
perfect moving on ahead after your trauma consideration of three questions
based on that we have five questions from modern nice for guys who hit this
section good thing is there were very few questions on that right so you had
permutation combination through questions probability one progressions
one and logs one for people who have not liked logs I’ve never studied it it’s
okay one question you can mark randomly tonight so don’t worry about that if I
tell you the overall section it was an easy to moderate section when it comes
to quants di was lengthy because of calculation intensive okay so what I
would suggest all of you guys is that you should be doing is start with your
Kwan’s because that’s more familiar place and direct then you move on to the
data interpretation and data sufficiency questions towards the end because di is
pretty much lending Ruth row the screen is pretty much clear for everybody I
think so you know do it towards the end refresh should reconnect once it’ll be
better field general there were no ratio proportion questions in today’s paper
but definitely do those concepts you can expect that sang d’etat for hung in how
much time you should say for di at the end uh if not 20 questions 20 minutes
definitely write your objective does not change which I’ve been saying multiple
times each question of Kwan’s and di 60 seconds 60 seconds for
question if you’re able to solve good if not then move on and hit this will
ensure that you have more time for di okay
you should be helpful and Mon I would not advise leaving geometry but if you
have the time I would suggest at least do the formulas once if you are able to
do the formulas and do 5:5 example questions of geometry and mensuration
you will be able to understand okay I’ll put there aren’t any formulas of di for
di you have to only keep practicing your questions do as many as much as you can
okay apart yes they do provide rough sheets
blank sheets for rough for this time the good thing was they had provided instead
of the glossy paper on it was a little shabby this time they had given you the
transparency sheets and a mock-up so it should be less cumbersome but let’s see
dependence on each Center how and what they give you okay should think yes you
cannot MDI first if you’re very good with it a good question guys out of the
entire set of these questions one di question must be left okay Annie there
were a mix of both pie charts bar graphs and mix all them with it surely I would
not recommend that that randomly mark di sets because the eye sets up fairly easy
it’s just under they took more time for solving guys do not go with any prefix
motions that this topic I am going to randomly mock what you are going to do
is read the question and if you are able to understand then randomly market
otherwise if you are not able to understand then randomly market George
now we will talk all of these questions towards the end guys I want to fix your
questions when you’re asking me questions right now focus on the
particular section we are discussing generate questions please keep it
towards the end okay goosh that’s correct
one set has to be left one set of the di would be so difficult which you should
be leaving it okay if you are not able to solve this di
we’re to study for all of these books tacking basic books and Matt official
guide and give mock tests which are actionable marks that’s what you have to
give thanks I am that’s actually what precisely I’ve been trying to say keep
your questions towards the end we’ll be able to understand very much well okay
keep your questions I will take care of all your questions towards the end so
hold on tight now all right this is the entire paper which is there for your
quads and di alright so this is what you have to keep in mind guys I’m repeating
your questions I will be taking it towards the end all of them will be
covered up what to study where to study so please hold on your questions I know
it’s a lot you have a lot of doubts but it will be much helpful for you if you
go with understanding first the paper then how to study and move on to your
questions alright so all your questions last ten minutes we should sort them up
okay good moving on this entire section you have
an idea right now right so what you have to do is in the next few days is please
focus on all of them right so now what I have told you guys is first attempt to
your Cohen’s questions definitely your di because it helps you to save time and
I’ve also mentioned leave one set of di now what do I mean by leaves I’m going
to be referring to leave in a lot of questions in these sections right leave
means randomly mark and move on because you are not going to leave any question
unanswered there’s no negative marking so let’s try our luck right so make sure
you are attempting on the questions leave mclubbe don’t waste your time
solving it just makarov touka and go ahead okay Bouchon the first result
result of the first window should be out within the next 30 days like 15 20 days
after the window is over the VI yes it’s okay if you solve the examples in the
basic books Ankita clocks and calendars good
question you have to attempt it you have to study okay make sure you are studying
all the questions all the chapters and more you cannot rely on all the sets
in your approximations because the options are going to be pretty close in
some of them that’s why I’d be like exactly okay great now let’s move on to
our next section which is the most interesting section that is your logical
reasoning in fact in today’s analysis this was B this was the most toughest
section because of the time it required and balancing the 38 with its time and
40 questions okay great so let us understand what came up in your logical
reasoning paper as expected eight questions were from analytical puzzles
which were fairly easy and moderate based on your seating arrangement and
all of them okay then you had verbal reasoning ten questions remember
yesterday’s session also I told you vocal reasoning is very important ten
questions are going to come from there here you have it guys that’s your most
scoring area it took a little time because a lot of people were not able to
understand the questions for guys who’ve been listening to me and I’ve been
solving verbal reasoning questions you will not find this lengthy because they
were easy direct questions based on inclusion course of action strengthening
weakening which is nothing but your critical reasoning and inference based
questions okay out of this lot of more questions which y’all can usually expect
is based on a course of action and inference these questions okay guys no
skipping any chapters topics which were not covered in the exam you will still
to study them don’t leave anything in option this is an math we’re talking
about of course if I said today there were for one question of percentages
it’s not necessarily it’s going to be that tomorrow as well also right it
could be from averages as well all right so make sure you are doing
that input/output was very easy only one set of four questions so all you guys
who were fearing input/output be very happy just one set okay and the most
scoring and the best part today was you had a lot of questions from a basic
Eller coding decoding for questions blood relations which were your family
tree and syllogism questions – yes syllogism was asked okay then you had
two questions based on detection sense which were very very easy
not at all tricky we had two questions from set theory also which was again
easy a little time-consuming your mathematical operations and symbolic
operations okay so mathematical operations and
symbolic operations you had four set of questions which is nothing but you don’t
you’ve given a series of numbers and some operations to be done like plus
minus or eyes tell you P hashtag P hash Q stands for P into Q you know these
kind of numbers so basically your operations based on numbers this just
took a little more time it was not difficult but took time then you have
your number series questions this the missing series find the next number okay
all of those questions worked for these questions tend to take time because not
necessary the logic strikes you right at the beginning so make sure you are
giving that much time and justice to it okay overall if I talk about the
difficulty level of the paper it was easy to moderate the only thing which
took time was your verbal reasoning for guys who have not practiced it okay and
you had your number series which was more time-consuming comparatively this
was the toughest section in terms of your time management skills okay that is
what is the problem hardik I have been mentioning how many
were easy and moderate your analytical puzzles easy moderate verbal reasoning
was moderate input/output very easy basic LR very easy set theory and
diagram was moderate and then your mathematical operations and this was
there okay this kind of question distribution of questions for Anita will
be expected throughout of course number of things will be you could have two
questions of inference based tomorrow or something like that so that much
variations will be there but overall this is the major split like not the
major topic wise you could have such kind of questions the main
difference can come probably tomorrow you have three analytical persons right
so it could be eight to twelve questions okay which is that now which questions
should be left in this and what order till you follow in logical reasoning
start with a basic lr questions they are very easy okay so start with a basic and
our questions then move on to your analytical puzzles and then do verbal
reasoning input/output and keep the number series and mathematical
operations towards the end because it depends on how to strike the logic which
said to leave depending on the difficulty level you can leave one
puzzle or you could leave the number to see these questions leave means randomly
mark and move on it okay guys same thing again all of you are asking the same
questions will we have the same split of questions of course not it’s not gonna
be the same spirit of questions but it’s going to be similar
maybe tomorrow you have three questions of coding and decoding and three
questions of blood relations right so be alert for that and keep and understand
what all you have to study on what spirit of questions come okay
Swapnil repeating the order again for you start with the basic L R then do
your nautical puzzles then do the other questions like set theory Venn diagram
and then do the verbal reasoning for not by your number series and lenda
questions and input/output okay so that’s going to be drawn e helpful for
on a few guys okay so summarizing it again it was an easy to moderate
question and do not worry about it the only concern was time management so
what you have to do is in each of these questions keep an upper limit 45 seconds
if you are able to do great if not move on okay so 45 seconds is a time limit
for your nautical reasoning section coming to the last section which was a
verbal ability section okay so here again we saw a lot of questions coming
from vocabulary based questions okay when we had Watson or in question
for internals questions one analogy and one per fill in the blanks there were
two different types of them okay so the fuel in the blanks were there you had
double blank questions like normally and you had three blank questions based on
your prepositions which was like the most easiest even a school kid could do
it okay so that was highly scoring then you had close passage based on your
prepositions again for questions okay then we had grammar the spot the error
in grammar three questions para jumbles three questions and reading
comprehension it questions together okay so this is what your entire paper was
there it was an easy to moderate question the only reason people were
slow was the IOC’s were time-consuming which it always is if you follow the
rule of 30 seconds here you will not have an issue okay
so 30 seconds for question do and move on and while attempting the paper
this should be your order start with vocabulary then close passages then your
grammar followed by parallel jumbles followed by a reading comprehension okay
leave the RCS towards the end they work very moderate questions not very easy
and not at all difficult okay so they were moderate RCS today start with
vocabulary then close passage grammar error jungles and our seas in between
you could also expect instead expect instead of grammar to have critical
reasoning questions it’s okay no worries keep the orders in okay a few of these
guys felt that vocabulary was time-consuming and difficult it was only
because guys have not studied butafter for people who have been studying
vocabulary this was not a difficult area it was an easy to score and I think most
of you guys if you have been doing it would find it easy
oh our C’s you should have at least 10 minutes for your our C’s because
vocabulary based questions take 10 seconds not more than that right so keep
10 minutes for your our C’s alright great so moving ahead now the most
important question with a lot of you guys have been asked
where do we study from vocabulary because that’s the most trickiest part
right people who have not been following what to study from vocabulary are the
ones who found the paper in lengthy firms look that very point of view rest
of you guys will be able to find it easy okay in fact this is a screenshot of our
cat King basic book which you have one of the sub questions which I found was
circulated from there itself we had quite a lot of vocab questions I’m sure
you guys would have been seeing around the various groups and you know what
kind of questions have been coming but y’all can keep doing that it’s it may
help it may not help all right but make sure you’re studying from other things
okay so somehow the vocabulary words which most of my students have told
today were very easy like chivalry which is all of them right so that’s very easy
words chivalry and vicious I’m sure you guys have heard about that before so
make sure you are doing definitely okay and apart from that the where to study
from make sure you are definitely studying from Norman Lewis people who
have not done it run through the videos of Norman Lewis that is there then you
have the cat King basic books through the synonyms antonyms as well as the
fill the blank from it and then do the and Matt official guide for guys you
don’t have the cat King material you can drop in a note you know better hold off
the cat King books from one of our cat King centers which will help you to do
it and understand forever okay so this is what you have to keep in mind for
your vocabulary section okay so that is no no help so if you can see in the
screen the books which have helped you like the kind of vocabulary words apart
from that you had chivalry vicious you know pretty easy questions
so vocabulary in my opinion was very easy so long as you have studied it for
people who have never studied no vocabulary of course you’re going to
find it difficult right Arabic no part a part
world by made easy that’s that Oh Swift I don’t know what’s your name but Swift
only basic books will not be enough you should do the Norman Lewis then the
basic books that much is still enough and do the end matter fish a kite
personally these three things are a must and mandate to do for your book Apple
alright great so I hope you guys have understood about now what came in the
people now coming back to some of the questions which all of you guys were
asking can we leave rest of the topics no no topics to be left ok you have to
study all of them definitely all right now can we start with the questions no
we would not start with the questions guys you will have more things you’re
expected cut-offs and how should you study all of them ok sound that yes they
are mostly hidden in the middle between and which now this is I think the second
time I’m saying though in matter fishing day yes the thousand words up in matter
official guide you must do all right great
now coming to the most important summary slide take a screenshot of this slide
and keep with you guys ok this is the most important slide for you to keep in
mind the overall paper difficulty and the expected cutoff okay
now the expected cutoff will vary of course when it comes a comes to the
actual exam but overall you can see easy to moderate points and di okay where the
di was a little lengthy but the overall difficulty was easy to modulate a good
attempt would be somewhere around 27 to 30 now what do I mean by good attempt is
number of questions will should be correct obvious the 27 to 30 is a good
at at the expected cutoff would be in the range of 71 to 75 logical reasoning
though there were 28 minutes 40 questions since they will any questions
we are reducing the good attempts to a little lesser this time from 50 to 27 so
the cutoff could be 65 to 68 but if the exam comes easier or more less lengthy
in the next few days keep a target of 30 to 25 questions
to be attempted in your LR section okay then your language skills where you will
have 20 to 25 questions is a good attempt cutoff is as it’s usually it’s
between 50 to 55 overall the cutoff will be in expected in the range of 208 211
so there’s no much difference in the expected cut-offs because the paper is
on the same lines as it has been all this shouldn’t you’ve been asking the
cutoff monami Mumbai the Navi Mumbai cutoff would be somewhere around 170 to
180 depending on how the cut-offs go for any Mammoth’s Mumbai what I would
suggest you guys to keep the target or any man miss Mumbai right now okay no
such things of giving the exam on the first day or the last day or midway
between is difficult or advantageous no such things Angele no strategy for
marking answers randomly take a smart guess read the question eliminate what
would not be the option and choose your answer don’t go by any strategy any
logic which people say that you know you have McCall be then my call see and
random orders don’t follow any of them okay there is no such thing as maximum
score that can be removed and all of them okay
Akash what will be the cutoff for mis be Bocconi good question for guys who do
not know about MIS be of Bocconi it’s an amazing college especially for people
who are looking for in a global exposure it’s an Italian college where you have
Ray Ban Gucci all of these companies which come in for placements an amazing
place to get him an international exposure where you get time to spend in
the Italian campuses but also in fact we should be doing a detailed session we
could ask you know Alexandre to come down to train you guys on your GDP I and
how to give your interview skills and interact with them where we could
discuss the more details about the cut-offs as well also I know for from
him more in fact Matt is a good college when it comes to your global exposure
okay Bangalore cut offs could be around 190
8200 okay great let’s move on to understand it now what
you have to do on the day of the exam like a lot of you guys were asking me
questions like which section do choose first so keeping in mind which section
to choose since we have the Liberty to choose our order we are going to be
focusing on three strategies or three approaches one which is the detailed
strategy which the first strategy is keep your best foot forward that means
start with your strongest section whatever it is be it quants lr di or
mobile whichever you are good at start with that stronger section then move on
to the midweek section and then end with the weakest section this will help you
to understand that you know you’re scoring as much as you can all right
time management which you have to keep in mind is same for all the strategies
wants 60 seconds and move on LR 45 seconds move on mobile 30 seconds okay
so that is very much important for all of you guys to keep in mind okay your
strategy which is best foot forward whatever it is your strengths start with
that okay moving on next to the strategy true which is the verbal first this is
what I personally recommend students is whatever it we start with vocal whether
you’re good or bad start with it because it’s 22 minutes your entire section will
get that you will not will realize it plus you will have me more fresh so
you’ll be able to read faster your asses will go on faster for you and after that
do logical reasoning so that you are being able to do analytical skills and
then do points because France is more focused on formulas so you can do it
towards the edge okay guys questions in the last ten minutes were variable to
understand your schedule and study plan as well also for the next few days vocab
yes Sharia definitely gets repeated we will talk about cut-offs for all the
courses keep your focus right now on understanding and aiming for the highest
all right the highest cutoff is going to be of nm
IMS Mumbai so that’s going to be 208 great
so moving on next to the other strategy apart from mobile first is the isolation
strategy which I do not recommend for most students because it’s very time
consuming I would suggest Heidi to go with the
second strategy which is verbal first but nevertheless the third strategy says
pick up any section and do three rounds of hydrations on it that means first
start with your easy questions get done with it then run through the entire
paper through the medium questions then run from the entire paper again and do
the difficult questions okay so that’s the approach which is for very smart
guys you know whatever but we’ll look at the question and say the difficulty
level only then chart great so I hope all of you guys have been able to
understand guys trust me I’ll answer all your questions which camp is better what
should your approach we have any marks and everything keep your questions for a
while hold on for 10-15 minutes understand what you have to do because
it’s going to help all of you guys alright a particular window is 17 DS
okay great so now what we have covered up till now a quick summary of that is
what was the time limit for each section okay then we have discussed and spent
some time on understanding your how the paper today was there in terms of number
of questions which have come okay in each topic in each section then we have
also spoken about your expected cut-offs from all of the sections and the overall
cutoff then we spoke about three strategies first start with your
strongest section first second strategy was verbal first do what will first come
watch me third is the complex strategy of doing multiple iterations like easy
medium and difficult questions okay great now that we know what all has been
done let’s move towards understanding what
should you be doing in the next few days like most of you guys have been asking
what should my approach via have makes them on 15th on 16 for two days how many
mobs to game what to do what not to do this is the same schedule which I had
given a few days back for guys who ever are definitely gonna do well for guys
who have not yet father and still in the Dynamo should I study from invite
officially died or not never too late but dice starts right away you’re in
that official guidebook is helpful for each and every section okay get up
everyday in the morning give a mock every day be able to the
state because locked when your actual Marcus it’s the same schedule as before
guys so make sure you’re giving the mock then doing fifty questions from the end
matter of the she’ll guide and do fifty solved examples from the capital basic
books guys should not have the basic books can reach out to me towards the
end of the session I could let you know the nearest centers for you to get an
idea and collect the Box shown there okay it’s never too late starts now
itself but please do it okay so this is your
mock schedule and get hold of mods which are the most realist mucks closest most
of the real in match okay the closest lots there you are and Matt are you’re
in Matt official guide and also the cat King walks this is what I will recommend
for all of you guys okay I hope you guys have taken a screenshot of your mock
schedule post this up on your walls and keep giving the mocks and give yourself
a target to increase the scores accordingly okay each lock should be
doing better on an average you should be in the range of 210 to 230 in your marks
to make sure you are definitely able to do that okay great so now come into most
questions what do I do next since all of will have that question of
what to do now but you know what if the exam is all about right so this is what
you have to do one give one cat King mock daily and give the N that official
guide mock the mock which is available on their website as well as the marks
which is available in the end met official guide book okay in additional
to them for each of the sections you have to study the following things for
logical reasoning the unmount official guide completely and the cat came basic
books okay Anna thumb yes it is pretty much similar to that second for
vocabulary is a major chunk vocabulary from Norman Lewis official guide and the
cat King basic books okay mocap comes from all of these
things god of mocs are not freely available you can take in the moss okay
then you have once fault wants don’t leave any chapter an option
each chapter pick up the basic books and do 10 solved examples okay pif you’ve
completed that keep giving more and more mocks or shalini and go wrong these are
marks which are real difficult higher than your actual expected and much
Shriya we’ve discussed the idle attempts and clearing the cut off sections we
will do that again and the summary towards the end once again okay great
then you have your d ideas revised all the questions of your basic books again
for di the S comes from your questions based on points your arithmetic your
algebra and equations all of those chapters itself okay so let’s say soft
nail your chances are good but it all depends on how you perform on your final
day of the exam okay alright or difficult other words definitely
different or shit is you can practice with offline maps but I would not advise
that because at the end of the day the exams is online so you should be ready
with the practice of the time keep and also giving the online exams ok great so
this is all which you have to keep in mind for all of them ok like a lot of
you guys were asking me about the basements of mis be and what it is and
how the campus and cut offs are so this is a quick overview of the mi is the
Bocconi like I said they have accepting all your scores like n Matt can’t g-man
GRE all of them in fact you guys would while attempting or filling in your
forms you would have the option to select Mis leave Oconee on it definitely
go ahead and choose that when it comes to people who are looking for fine
exposure in terms of your global experience right so that could help for
someone who tasked me the average package the average package was 10
points 11 the highest is 21 lakhs which is good
enough like plus you have a lot of faculties who are from Milan in fact
there we would be having Alessandro coming in who’s the director himself to
train you guys for your GT class or you’re not doing well in fact they have
one more teacher of Sigma mom who’s from Howard Business School and she was my
teacher for communications so we will try and rope her in as well also to
train you guys for your gb NPI right now just focus on getting a call
be rest assured we’ll take care of your converting the calls make sure you are
doing well the cut-offs would be varying in the range of 190 to 200 rest a month
we could come to no because M is B is more over a profile based college so
they look for people with good profile a mid only I think the intake is around
100 so you guys can also go a little bit more research on their website and
getting on of them shit yes you can run through the website and get some more
insights about all of them ok we will have a detail session in few further
ahead as well also to understand more about it but this is primarily a good
option for you guys for y’all are filling your forms right now put in M is
give one of the options and go ahead for that incase if you haven’t you can reach
out to M is the website and understand how to go ahead with that ok great so
now I like I promised all of you guys we will keep the last 10 to 15 minutes for
your questions you can shoot in your questions but before me I take up all
the questions I would quickly like to summarize once again your good ideal
attempts and your expected cut-offs for all of the sections because a lot of you
guys were asking that questions and that is the most important okay so this is
the most important slide keep this with you guys
definitely okay so summarizing once again you’re good attempts in points and
D I was 27 to 30 questions then you’re expected cutoff was around 71 to 75
logical reasoning some felon on 23 to 27 is a good attempt and you have 65 to 68
expected as the cutoff verbal section was easy too
Shh where you have 20 to 25 as a good attempt see 255 being your okay excuse
me guys with that yes now we can have discussion on all the questions diksha
was asking where do we study verbal from guys I have given you all the list of
books to study that came basic books and Matt official guides that’s it if your
test alone ate some extra just keep revising your formulas revise your
normal loose book and give two mocks oh yes magna they’re a good representative
of that Shekar you can check out the videos from now attacking on YouTube you
can keep noting that down it will help you that vocab words do come from the
amount of facial guys definitely a words do get repeated many a times in the same
window and different windows it happens all SRT geometry can be done in three
days you just have to make sure you are doing the formulas pretty well yes Surya
you will have to apply separately on its official website just have a look at the
website you will get more insights on it or the minimum gap which means not is everything normalization happens for a
question so it’s overall deeksha I just answered your question verbal reasoning
and matter official guide cat King books that’s it madam I do not understand
which abroad options were you talking about
so be more specific about that three months how many attempts I would say
definitely three attempts for your second attempt otherwise you can
register after two days should think I yes there are sectional cut-offs which
is why we’ve kept up this slide open what are the expected cut-offs in each
of the sections so please remember n Magnus has overall cutoff + sectional
cut-offs for cut-offs okay so shipra you have to study from that I
don’t know what was your question you can ask it again
with E this is normalization that is not range for it guys don’t delve into areas
which is not your concern right so you have a lot of people asking how is
normalization done how many questions exercise they don’t do them don’t think
so much about it a minimum how many marks charger you should be giving at
least five to six knocks thanks that shredder for sharing the vocabulary
video for everybody this is the video which you guys can have a look at notes
not first timer is 26 after 15 days you can take the second attempt minimum gap
between two windows shipra is 15 days kshitij it depends on how people perform
that’s all completely how to boost off your computer confidence free are keep
practicing give marks which are your realistic to the closest to the actual
marks don’t do too many difficult questions and keep studying in
practicing advice for years of experience should not be any problem
human to know they do not have any sectional cut off work X does help to
some extent because your overall more focus is on 70% is on end match a farm I
am me also has a cutoff which is around 195 to 200 who could non-ascii questions
30 seconds for questions that’s it Nikhil yes it desktop like an animal
farm I just put in the cutoff 195 to 200 our students we do not have any that
Bernard tomorrow the next webinar is going to be for mobile which is what
will happen on Monday so you guys can sign up and have more interaction with
draw as well as bet on your vulnerability how the studied for book
after the infection which from and going ahead to that Anil up the tug on the
sections like I mentioned the difficult question is the toughest was just
manager time action of Francis Willie soaring coring 16 availability without
vocab means a good thing so make sure you are doing that and still going ahead
with vocabulary as well also going on advice for working folks or as high as
you can somehow to improve the wubbulous section
do more of vocabulary at that facility condo help do more for capillary and
verbal reasoning questions that will help for guys if you missed the starting
yes it will be there on your YouTube light you guys can check out there and
we’ll share the recorded video with your McCool NMS Mumbai does have sectional
cut-offs your this is the slide take a screenshot of it each section section
cut off is there josva closest to the actual mocks you could tag refer to the
tactic mocks the link is given below here or you can reach out to me on my
number that’s nine a double three 265 a time management for working
professionals is please take out one our everyday at least diksha wobbled
reasoning from the end mat officially guide as well as the catching books okay
great so does anyone of you guys have any different questions any more
questions let me know otherwise focus a lot on increasing us course and each
section divisor basics once again pooja it’s good but aim for a 210 plus Irish a
good average score in marks would be 210 to 230 abhishek you do not have to carry
anything to the center make sure you carry your admit cut because that’s the
only thing which will be allowed to rest everything you will be having lockers
outside where you will be keeping them with e it sometimes does call people
okay for di practice your shortcuts and formulas and then go ahead with that
should then I would say focus majorly on the Animus mumbai campus first and then
you call for the other campuses definitely mumbai would be the best yes
all of them are good minister you can buy it online and we will get the books
shipped over to ships to you google in match marks all of you guys should in
202 230 okay
but neither criteria for M is B is pretty elaborate it’s based on your
overall academics your profile and your in match or cats
whichever entrance exam score that you will give it and a lot focused on your
achievements or extracurricular activities and all of them a some people
feel difficult so yes you can go beyond 210 in your game and you can apply but
over the screens it’s 9h double three nine eight two six three five okay for
guys who are asking the number once again I should post it up here so that’s
my number you can talk to me on that J I would say to LOD one and to booth yes
harmonic progression is a part of the syllabus our buyers don’t avoid parents
numbers unless you read the question you’re not able to do will only follow
the schedule like a shed where you are giving a mock every day and 50 questions
that should be your schedule for the next twenty days missing the cutoff for
everybody is 208 to 211 how much it takes ok X no more kicks there is no
difference some of the words which came today were vicious and chivalry rest I’m
sure all of you guys could discuss with your friends who’ve been giving the
exams to get an idea otherwise you will not be able to give two attempts in the
same window itself but I would suggest given the next window it will be helpful
for our encore I would say leave marks which are relevant to the most actual
marks that’s why I’m saying in Matt official guide and cackling marks so
that you know by your plan landing actual scores other where yes there is a
free mock available for in match as well also oh yes questions are what we didn’t
do in test windows they do get that promote
I think you will have to check the fees on the website but it’s an out 25 do not
keep a Mac and guys it’s for global selling no yes they could get repeated
you never know no hard and fast rule that it will or it will not specifically
okay so I hope you guys have enjoyed this session I’m gonna take the last two
questions okay and then we will sign up for today let me know what are your two
things that you would like to discuss thanks Goran for sharing the words with
all of you guys all could take notes of them Jenna just wants questions I think
a lot of people would have discussed at multiple platforms you couldn’t have a
look at that no such thing as normalization increases by end of
October normalization happens throughout a window or throughout Ankita it could
you never know in terms of the kind of questions and what should you study how
you should study watch most okay so guys will be giving on different mocks which
are difficult level and scoring in the middle between ninety two hundred and
150 please don’t give those tough walks are giving your actual tractable
in mad eleven mocks so you could have a look at at the end match 2017 mocks like
that King that’s your end match Maximizer and that’s pretty much
important if you have any doubts or questions you guys can reach out to me
so for people I have written doubt my number up on the screen you can reach
out to me and we could discuss more at length a quick summary of everything you
have the part of unity between 208 211 so follow that the last question which
you had the order to be followed for your vocal and reasoning start with
vocabulary move on to your verbal reasoning and those kind of questions
and last reading comprehensions yes they’re all of this will be sure
with you guys online itself oh yes they are giving most definitely until I just
shared the plan with all of you guys a few minutes back so please make sure you
give one of them okay so that’s really going to be helpful some guy I think the
work cavalieri words me not really separately done you can study from the
Norman Lewis and the end matter of facial guys and Kathleen books that’s
going to be more than enough more than the rest of the videos okay good it’s I
hope one of you guys had a great time you ready you have any doubts any
questions feel free to reach out to us make sure you would relaxed calm and
composed for your exam and go for the kill
don’t worry and go and click okay so it’s a fairly easy exam so keep say
positive and make sure you do well okay great so all the best guys hope to see
you and eagerly waiting to see you guys for your in mad GDP eye training okay
all the best do well and track it with a 210 plus and

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