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NMAT 2019: Window 2 Analysis by NMAT Topper

NMAT 2019: Window 2 Analysis by NMAT Topper

Alright Hi guys welcome back to the NMAT series of CATKing I hope all of you guys have been following all the videos for NMAT your study plans and all of them for people who are seeing for the 1st time guys this is Anisha here MBA 2015 batch of NMIMS my score was 222 when I had given NMAT so lets target each one of you guys 1st attempt only to get in that scores people who have not given the 1st attempt make sure you guys make the 1st attempt itself count and the ones who have already given lets understand window 2 analysis today so that we can make sure that your next attempt of NMAT goes even better alright lets talk about how the level of the paper this time was more or less if I compare it to the window 1 it was the same okay when I say more or less the same its overall when you see because some section saw some minute changes here and there difficulty level was increasing decreasing all of that but overall window 1 &2 there was not much of a drastic change in difficulty level wise okay lets understand each and every section that will be helpful for you guys so that you all can structure your preparation okay so if I look at your quants and DI section arithmetic is still prominent with 9-12 questions almost the entire week there was atleast one question of time speed distance or time and work or mixture and aligation for sure there okay its not necessary ke every day it was there but more or less all of them so the most important chapters for your arithmetic people take it very for granted mixtures and aligations boats & streams pipes & systems and your time and work some questions come on them averages and ratio come combined together making age based problems and all of those that’s some thing which you all can easily score up SICI saw a prominence every day so make sure you remember you clear cut fundas of simple interest compound interest formula based alright the you had modern math which again window 1 had seen the spike in that this time there were couple of days when there extra questions of probability and logs like 3 questions of logs so good luck to people who like logs and bad luck for the ones who don’t like it alright thats in your modern math geometry has been going down like in the last window as well also the 1-2 questions of geometry which where there numbers 3-5 questions how we saw increase in this because data sufficiency based questions are also coming based on numbers especially based on your remainder theorem solve nahe karna hai but data sufficiency se you should be able to say whether I will be able to get the remainder or not thike so that’s where numbers also comes into place and DI standard 20 questions 5 sets are there 4 questions each make sure you are doing all of them one set has to be left when I say has to be left means you are not spending time solving it but answers to sab mark karne he hai thike one of the most common which people ask is Maam if I flag the question will it be considered or not yes it will be so any question which you are solving will doubt hai you want to come back towards it flag it come back later on even if you don’t get time to come back apne answers submit kar diya hai that will be considered there is no negative marking so nothing to lose alright so that’s about your quants and DI section even when you look at the difficulty level wise iska difficulty level thoda bada hai from easy to moderate I would say this became a moderate to difficult exam people who don’t like maths don’t get scared of it you still just need little bit of more practice thike so important formulas karlo ratlo unko infact I have put in the the description I have given you the link for the most important formula make sure you are revising all of these formulas download it print out and keep rooj subhe half hour spend on that alright so that’s about your quants and DI section Then we’ll come to our Logical Reasoning section this section saw more or less no change okay jaise pehla window 1 mai tha vaisa he abhe bhe hai 16-20 questions of verbal reasoning critical reasoning is there something which has created a havoc in everybody you know verbal reasoning critical reasoning kisiko ata he nahe hai make sure you do not miss on any of the NMAT Thursdays and verbal Wednesday because all the CATKings students I am pretty sure assumption what is implicit what is course of action jitna aaplog ko pata hai utna kisko idea bhe nahe hai thike so that’s a very good advantage for you guys brownie points for you guys to capture 16-20 questions which is verbal reasoning thike hai that is major chunk of your LR basic LR ke 5-8 questions hai you know blood relation coding decoding normal wale questions syllogisms is as good as not there 0-2 questions some of them have it some of them don’t Input output and arrangement 4-8 questions if Input output is 8 arrangement is 4 if arrangement is 8 then input output is 4 arrangement is based on your linear arrangement or circular arrangement okay so this is your logical reasoning ka section this has not seen too much of change in terms of difficulty level also its still the same as your window 1 which is there alright lat comes my verbal section this section now has become easier not because verbal is our strong area but genuinely this is over a period of 1 week interacting with lots of students here and there we have understood that yes verbal has become easier good thing is the number of questions is fixed Rc’s 2 passages 4 questions each 8 questions are there Parajumbles 4 questions analogy 6 questions vocabulary which is synonyms and antonyms 4-5 questions grammar ka 5-6 questions whichis very easy spot the error & your close test which is one close test passage which is fill in the blanks based on preposition that’s your verbal paper revise you word list revise your concepts of how to approach RC how to approach para jumbles here answer options bhe nahe not like CAT jaha pe everything is you have to do for parajumble so this is way much easier over all summarizing window 2 quants & DI are little increased in the level Logical Reasoning stays same Verbal level has decreased overall still manages to be the same kind of exam where we can expect 210 to be a cut off. And for people who are now planing to give you NMAT exam coming in the next few days please make sure NAMT mock 6 I repeat CATKing NMAT mock 6 is very very very similar to exact this level in terms of types of questions all of them make sure you give that mock infact all of you guys who have given it punch in your score in comment I ‘ll analyse what has to be done the ones who has not yet signed up for it who do not have access to the mock go get buy that today it self infact Diwali season is here alot of offers are going on as well you can see out the description and what kind of codes what can you use but mock number 6 you have to have to give all right stay tuned for more updates and analysis on the upcoming NMAT videos and if you guys have been liking the videos and following the channel make sure you guys subscribe to it all the best do well Press the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update from CATKing

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