Noah’s Ark (Malayalam)- Bible Stories For Kids! Episode 02

Lucy.. Lucy.. Jimmy… where are you guys? I’m tired of this walking. Lets go back home. They’ll come back
after sometime. Don’t be so lazy Mathew. Lets take a look over there I’m not lazy.. I’m just tired of
this walking around. Come on.. Alright, I’ll come with you, and if we don’t find them there, then I’m going back home. Here you are! We had been looking for you everywhere? Hello guys! Come here What are you doing here? I’m making paper boats, its so fun! That’s a lovely boat Lucy.. Thank you George.. By the way, have you heard of
the story of Noah? Noah.. Who was that? Noah was a a great disciple of God, who lived a long long time ago. I’ve heard Fr. John
telling me once that he had built a great boat
bigger than a football field! What? A boat bigger than
a football field? Yes, and it had a height of a
five stored building!! that sounds amazing!! Do you know the full story Lucy? I don’t know the full story.. But I have an idea! Why don’t we go to
the Church now, and ask Fr. John to tell
us the story of Noah!! That’s great Lets see who reaches
the Church first!! Beat me if you can.. See how I beat you Mathew.. No you can’t.. Good morning Kids! Good morning Father!! Father, can you tell us the
story of Noah? Did he build a boat which was as
high as a five-stored building? Was it true father? Yes Mathew, its true! It was called an ark, and it was bigger than
a football field. That’s amazing father! Can you please tell us the
story of Noah, and his ark? Of course I will.. Sit down children.. In the last story, I told you how Adam & Eve disobeyed God, and ate the forbidden fruit. By doing this, they distanced
themselves from God. Their children hated each other. The strong killed the weak, wicked people filled the earth. God saw what a terrible
place the world had become. He saw that no one cared about
doing what was good anymore. But God saw one good man. his name was Noah. Noah and his family
still cared about God. He listened to God and he always
tried to do what God said. Father.. Father where are you? Father.. let me also
join you in your prayers You are a good boy my son.. May God bless you! Come on son.. Its getting late.. Help me in getting the sheep’s back home I will help you father.. Hey you.. come here Noah and his family had a hard life, but they loved each other very much, and they always had
enough to eat. Noah never forgot that it was God who
made all of these things possible. And thank you God for everything
you’ve given to me and my family. Thank you for the strength to work hard, and for the food on our table. Amen. Amen. One night after supper, everyone kissed Noah good
night and went to bed. But Noah did not go to
bed at his usual time, he had a strange feeling. You look sleepy dear.. why don’t you go to bed. Are you coming? Yes dear.. I don’t feel tired yet.. I’ll take a stroll outside
and come to bed soon. Noah went out of his house and
started strolling around.. He was feeling very strange.. as if something big was going to happen.. He didn’t know it was God
who wanted him outside to say something to him. What is this? Noah? God.. Is that you? Yes Noah It is.. Please listen to the important
things that I have to say to you. Noah.. People do not love one
another as they should, so I have decided to wash the earth
with a flood and start over. This is terrible news! Don’t do this God.. Don’t be afraid Noah. I’m telling you this because you are the
only man who has still me in his heart. I have chosen you and your
family to help me start over. Listen carefully.. I want you to build a boat Noah, an Ark. After building this, you’ll take your wife, you
son’s and their wives. And you’ll take with you a male and
female of every kind of animal on earth, and birds too. I am going to make it rain for
Forty days and Forty nights to destroy every living
being that I have made. So much to do and
so little time.. I must wake my sons and
ask them to help me Wake up.. wake up my son.. I have a very important thing to tell you. What is it father? Come to the dinner table quickly.. I will tell you there This is what the God commanded me to do But Noah.. Don’t you think our
neighbours will make fun of us? Those people in the city will also
make fun of us when they find out. But father this is impossible.. None of us know how to build
and ark, not even you! Don’t worry.. God has
taught me how to do it I will help you father.. Yes.. If God wanted you to build an ark, then we all will stand with you. Thank you dear Yes I’m serious.. We are building an ark.. A big big Ark! Its okay.. Go ahead and laugh..
You’ll see.. This field is big enough. This is where we are
going to build the ark! Build it from fresh sticky wood. These are sticky woods
just like God asked me. The ark should be 450 feet long, 75 feet across, and 45 ft high. Seal the planks with tar And inside, there should be an
upper, middle and a lower deck. Make an opening all around the ark, just below the below the upper deck. And last, put a door on the side, big enough for the largest
animals on earth to walk through And next, bring two of every animal
on the earth with you. We have finished!! We have done well my sons!! Where is this old man who is
building an ark on an open field?? I too want to see this man
who says a flood is coming?? Are you that crazy old fool? My father is no fool. Oh is it? You must be his son.. Now lets take a good look at
the petty boat you have made.. Only a fool would build a
boat in the middle of a field Woww… Did you.. did you build this? You really are an
old and crazy fool. Who would do something
like this.. You must listen to
what I say. .. Oh is that so? You are so dumb.. Lets get out of here.. So much to do.. and so little time Don’t worry father.. they will cry one day for laughing at us. If only they were wiser.. I’m wondering how are we going to get the
animals into the boat. We need to figure
out a way. Father.. Father.. look over there!!!! Its a miracle!!! And it was a miracle. God had brought
one pair of every animal and
bird on earth to the Ark. Tigers.. Lions.. Elephants.. Giraffe.. Zebras.. And that’s it! Everybody is here! Look dear.. I think its going to rain now! Suddenly the clouds began to gather, and cold winds began to blow. Everybody inside? Is everything okay? Everything is fine All clear here Fine.. I’ll close the door!! And as God said, it started raining heavily!! Oh.. Noah.. I’m afraid Don’t worry dear.. God will protect us all See.. didn’t I tell you so.. We did it.. We did it Thank you Lord! He waited and waited waited.. but it never stopped raining. The rain covered
the whole earth, it even covered the
highest of the mountains Then after forty days and forty nights it stopped raining. It has stopped, the rain has stopped.. Everybody listen.. the rain has stopped What? That’s wonderful!! Hey Hey!!!! This is too good to be true!! When do we get off? Oh dear.. We’ll get off as soon
as the water dries and we find land What do you see dear? What did you see? Nothing but the sea dear.. Don’t worry Mother.. Now that’s my son.. But father, how will we know if there’s dry land
out there? That’s a good point.. Hey, I have an idea!! He went and borough
a raven, and took him to the
slit in the Ark. Then he let him go. Noah knew that if Raven found
land, he will bring something
back with him. Noah then waited for a long time
for the raven to come back. But when the raven returned he didn’t bring
anything back with him. The next day, Noah decided to try
again with the dove. Come back with the
good news!! But the dove too came
back with nothing. Noah never lost his hope as he knew God would
never abandon them. After a few days, Noah let the dove go again in the hope of finding land. And this time, the dove DID NOT come back empty handed!!! It carried a branch
from the Olive tree Father.. This is wonderful news!!! There must be dry
land somewhere close. Yes son.. we must be close to
the dry land now.. And soon enough, the Ark landed on top of
a very tall mountain. When it was safe enough, God told Noah to
come out Noah.. You and your family and the animals can
come out now.. The earth is dry, go out into the world and have many children. And tell them about me. And so you know that I wont ever flood
the world again, I’m going to leave a gift
in the sky after it rains. This will remind
you of my promise. And so Noah and his family thanked God for everything he
had done for them. Noah’s children had
many many more good and strong children and they loved God
very much. Wow.. so that’s why God
made the rainbow!!! That’s wonderful Now let me ask you
a few questions to see if you’ve fully
understood the story, shall I? Yes father! What did God tell
Noah to build? An Ark That’s correct! Here is a candy for
you George. Thank you father Who can say what is
an Ark? Me.. Me.. An ark is a boat that was very very big. That’s the correct answer
Mathew! Here.. take this candy Now the last question.. Why did God tell Noah to build the ark? I know.. Yes Lucy.. God was going to flood
the world with water, and that’s why God asked Noah to build the ark. That’s right Lucy.. Its amazing how God always protects the
ones who trusts his ways. Noah always
listened to God, and he always tried
to do what God said. And this is what
pleased God. Do you also believe in God with your whole heart? Do you? Yes father, I believe in God, and I’ll never do
anything that will make my
God angry I also will obey God, Father! Yes father I will.. That’s good.. Its getting late, all of you should be getting
back to your home now. We will see tomorrow bye Father!!!

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