Not Giving Spoilers On What Relationship This Cat And A Baby Goose Have (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

“I’m a good hunter” Hunter, Chorok Oh no, don’t approach her goosey! o_o Oh, licks her?! Not tasting;; don’t worry~ Guardian: They always (go around) together, and look out for each other. “I’m gonna go out” Okie Charismatic cat mom ☆.☆ and baby goose, Dudu, coming through♡ Today, I feel like playing with dirt Do whatever you want, our baby I protect ma baby!!!=+.+=Other birds can just go scram!!=+.+=My mommy is da best♥ You’re the apple of my eye..♡ Wherever you lay your foot on I’m right there behind ya..♡ Guardian: Chorok keeps following Dudu Guardian: (Dudu)got bigger, but Chorok still seems to see her as a baby Even during mealtime Nom nom nom While eating “Do I smell food???” -Dudu If you come runnin’=^x^=I’ll willingly put down my chopsticks=^x^=♥Cause sharing is caring♥ Mmm tassssty Guardian: The goose steals all the cat food.. Of course we’re curious about one thing PD: Then..Where’s Dudu’s real mom? Guardian: Them PD: Ahh~Them! Even though real mom and dad are in front of Dudu What’s the reason that Chorok became the mom…? *Alert mode* Dudu suddenly leaves Naturally, Chorok isn’t far behind~=^x^=Is there a problem? o_o Just a sudden #2 ^ ^;;; Even Dudu’s hardcore mom also got shook Ooh that’s nasty=+.+=In the end, it’s up to the guardian to clean it up…lol The bathroom breaks that come without warning ^ ^;;; #oopsies You made a poo-field! They have no care for what the guardian says;;; They’re just busy being lovey-dovey mother and daughter♡ But while the cat mom is enjoying her sleep Dudu came out alone..? And an unexpected guest arrives…? A flustered Dudu And the party crasher approaching Dudu Mommy I’m scared… Will the cat mom be able to protect Dudu this time? Part 2 coming soon..

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