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Old man in Sweden with two pet moose

Old man in Sweden with two pet moose

Where are you now? Yes! Come here! Where are you now? Yes! Come here then! Yes! He always comes but Lotta usually stays. Yes, you eat right there! Good boy! Last summer a moose cow gave birth to
two calves right below his house She got scared and left the calves
and when she didn’t come
back after 36 hours
he decided to start feeding them With help from milk and supplemementary food
he succesfully saved their lives The police were about to come and shoot them
Lennart released them back into the forest Now, August and Lotta are one year old
and have become like children to him Lennart: they’re losing their winter fur
and there’s lots of hair that’s
about to be shed – you get a nicer fur! It’s just as fun everytime they show up. In the winter they’ve sometimes laid
right here and waited. Watching us. Reporter: waiting for you to come out?
Lennart: No, but… yes,
they’ve been with me when
I’ve chopped wood and I’ve occasionally
been forced to stop the snow thrower
they laid right in front of it. So, they’ve been with me everywhere all right! They actually tipped over the log pile
so that I
had to put them all back up. I just laughed at them! I usually just feed them once a day,
but now I’ve been feeding them more… … because of the bear we’ve had by the road.
Then I’ve been feeding them in the afternoon aswell
so that they’ll stick around in the area. I’ve actually sat down right between them
when they’ve laid down, talking to them – they never got up and left! Narrator: August has begun to grow horns… … but Lennart is not worried that they’ll become
too bold or agressive as adults. After all, there’s a proud father speaking! Lennart: don’t fuss around or I’ll smack you! You hear me? Don’t fuss around! You hear me? … Don’t fuss around! Lennart: I usually say that… time will tell
what happens to them. If we only shoot the really big ones they’ll
make it. If we make that decision. Ten points and above. Nothing else!

100 thoughts on “Old man in Sweden with two pet moose”

  1. Very nice! Sorry that I don't understand the Swedish language but it's clear this man cares deeply for these 2 moose. Does he have any other pets, such as cats or dogs?

  2. När dom kommer i brunst så kan dom definitivt bli farliga. Får hoppas han har vett nog att förstå det 😛

  3. Jag kan säga att dom var grymt underhållande, jag hjälpte farfar hugga ved så smyger dom upp bakifrån å luktade en i håret, en av dom roligaste sommrarna jag haft.

  4. There hands that kills and hands that nurse the weak back into health. Helping some in need is always the true human thing to do. Show mercy to receive mercy.

  5. I've heard tell that them ole Swedish fellas like to partake in a bit of moose ever now an den ……Iffin ya know where imma comin from…..Cuz I don't mean eatin moose steak…….I mean makin moo moo with the moose…….

  6. The police were about to come and shoot them' NO ! …..trigger happy
    police over THERE too? It seems wherever you go things don't really

  7. A nice news item. It does seem that where ever you go the police seem to what to shoot everything. whether it be human. animal or each other. Must be a genes thing.

  8. Wish I could understand what he's saying. Still love what he's doing. I keep hoping one day I'll see a moose out here in Utah.

  9. 0:48
    Finns så många jägare i Norrland, som inte klara av att förena sig och avliva polisen.
    Utan låter sig tagas en och en.

  10. Heehee, such cute bibis.
    But in English is it one moose two moose, or two mooses, or two meese, two mice?
     And in winter are they moosicles?

  11. Perhaps he should put a collar with the written words " Lennart Bjork's  pets" on it, similar to the collar he had on them when they were young so if anyone sees them in the forest they'll know they are someone's pet and hopefully not harm them.  Thank you for sharing this video, I really enjoyed seeing the friendly moose up close and interacting with Lennart.Most enjoyable!

  12. I can only pray nature and other humans will be as kind to them as their human father has been. Lord, please watch over them as best you can, but know how hard it is because of other humans. Beautiful story at east.

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