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One day in Tokyo | Tokyo VLOG

One day in Tokyo | Tokyo VLOG

Hi folks. It’s Spring break for me. I am going sightseeing around Tokyo. We are at Tokyo Sky Tree. Are you searching where it is? Look up! I am going to do Zorbing on the water! Ha ha! I am really excited! Oh! That was so much fun! Can you see a big Coelacanth? I am going to get these pizza shoes for Daddy! It’s the Pokemon store! I am going to do some shopping! Look what I got! I have come to Senso-ji Temple at Asakusa. It’s so crowded here. Finally we came to the temple! Let’s get the blessings of Lord Buddha. Spring is the best season in Japan. Can you see the Sakura and Koi Carps? I am at the Orange street! Do you know what’s here? The animal cafe! Look! They have many animals here! Meerkat Owl Sugar gliders snakes, monkeys and Capybara! I have entered the cafe! Look at the big scary fish! Look! Here’s a Cockatoo. I am going to feed him. Look! There are three Flamingos! Baby, mommy and daddy! I think they are sleeping. Look! There’s a Capybara! She’s so friendly! I’m going to touch her! I am going to feed the Capybara! Bye bye! Look! There’s a big white Owl! I am going to touch him. Can you see? There are many other Owls too. Here are two cute Meerkats. I am going to feed them. Here’s some more for you Capy 🙂 I’m going to touch the Meerkats. The animal cafe was too much fun. Wasn’t it? This is the famous shopping street in Asakusa. You can get anything you want! Now I have come to Ueno park to see the Cherry blossoms. Its been a long day! And finally I have come to Shibuya to see Hachiko! Did you know? Hachiko waited nine years to see his master after he died? I thought I could relax here. But look where I ended up! Ooh! Its been a long day! And I am going to get some rest. There are many more places to see in Tokyo. Maybe I will try to visit them and make a video next time! If you liked the video, please subscribe to my channel. Until then, bye folks!

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  2. OMG!😍 This fine young man is having adventure of his life!💕 One of our family's bucket list! (🌸🌸🌸Sakura and Koi!) This little fella exudes pure joy! Thank you for showing us around and sharing your fun adventures with us!😊 We'll be waiting for more!

  3. That was AWESOME !!!! Rithul is as bright and chirpy as the spring !! 😁 AND at 4.08…. his priceless laughter was to die for !!! The BG song was sooo apt to the mood of the video !! Enjoyed to the core ❤️❤️❤️

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