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Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

Origami Christmas Tree
Level: ★★★★☆ Design: © Paper Kawaii You Will Need: (check description) (slightly cringe worthy zooming in on origami tree and presents 😜) If your paper has a white side, start color side up. Divide this edge by 5 and mark along the lower left. Fold this flap into 5 equal sections. continue until the paper has 10 equal sections. Flip the paper over and divide again so that it has 20 sections 🙂 Try to make sure the sections are all even. You can squash it against the table. Make this fold on the others. We are going to pre-crease the paper. (crease pattern in video description) Tips: Hold the paper tightly, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Now we need to reverse all of the pre-creases. You can use a ruler if it helps Do the same to the next 2 rows. You can make a pop up christmas tree card with this. Do the same to secure all of the flaps. Slot one end inside, you can use a paperclip to help It’s possible to not use glue but not with my paper.. I glued only the lower section Careful because the paper can easily rip here To shape the tree, you can pull out some of the folds and re-fold them (link to the pot in video description) use 10x10cm paper To make the soil, wrap some paper around the trunk. I stuck a lucky star on top You can use anything. Link to lucky star tutorial is in the video description

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  1. Anyone wanting to make this, you can download the crease pattern here: 💗
    You can also print this and score the lines with a ruler and scoring tool, I haven't tried it, but it should produce a more exact result.

  2. I rlly want to make it but my paper is smaller than A4 paper can you please tell the centimeter for my paper to be in 5 marks

    My paper size is:21.5 x 27.9

  3. 7:36 now we reverse everything………..NOOOOOOOOOO SSOOOOOO MUCH TIME WAISTED FOR SOMETHING SOOOO CUTE……………..WHY!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

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