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Original Moose soup Lady!

Original Moose soup Lady!

I think this is Charlie Huntington wooooooo! yep thats Charlie Oh my GOD, oh my god, get your passenger son of a bitch damn it dirty bitch FUCK you guys are doing good come hurry up. is that Charlie? (Umm Rooster Claven) Oh dirty Son of a Come down later for Moose soup (gonna need some I’m cold) yeah you guys come down here after, I got Moose soup and everything. (Charlie is a couple minutes behind us) All right you guys are doing good son of a bitch HEY I got you on video dirty son of a OMG Huntington boats everywhere G Raven
just lost a passenger gee I was glad I got that on video Ha ha ha ha ha come down for Moose Soup after you boys ha ha ha ha Get it! ha ha ha giggling ha ha ha Oh my Lort that was freaking crazy

88 thoughts on “Original Moose soup Lady!”

  1. That lady needs to 86 the moose soup and start getting hydrated. She needs some Water ASAP. Jeans could not get any looser. Embarrassing.

  2. This woman is gold however not that unique, the entire southern half of penisylvania is soley comprised of these people. Especially the Im broke but have boats and harleys people, thats everyone I know.

  3. she was just glassin, then that dirty son of a bitch lost his passenger!!! At least he is well hydrated now. Unlike the Eastern Bloc Mommy.

  4. The first thing I immediately thought after watching this video was that I really and honestly would like to try some moose soup. I bet it's amazing.

  5. Durty Bitch!!!!…. Only Ever Heard this on the "Pomcast"… just assumed for some reason they were on a Ski-Doo!  Still "These Guys are Doin' Good!"

  6. Hi mommies! I think this is about my 6th visit in the last few months. Just cant seem to get enough of this, it's like moose soup for my soul.

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