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Part 1, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved

Part 1, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved

hello everyone, my name is Fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved finally finally a long long waiting for some of you guys
finally the tutorial of how you can make this awesome castle you see behind me so
first of all I can show you delay out I already put down the foundations so you
can see how many you need at least where to place them at the gate it is still in foundations white dinner
or five then it’s a convoy of three foundations entry foundations and then
it’s six foundations and the materials you need you can find
in the description of this video so you have to get at them and then you can
build this colossal also and I didn’t include the scaffolding so that’s all up
to you and yes I used foundations but you can use pillows and soothing since
well if you have on even ground so that’s ok so let’s get started we’re
going to start with building a tower was up so we gonna build him to routine
walls high and I want to show you four options you have before starting with
that I was so you can place the French foundations like this and ok so now I gonna grab the ball and you
can see you what happened and insulation around so I have to turn the
world around you I did to say so as you can see this option number one defense
foundations closest to the report of the foundation will it’s not nice the walls or not aligned and of course
the installation will make the wall lower I I don’t know what it is like it
is and this is option number two defense foundations mostly outside of the
foundation helped it’s a little bit better but still not okay this is the
French foundations turnaround racing each of my xbox at it you can see it is
better but not as ok as I wanted you can see you on the road so you can see the
world is aligned with our normal wall so this is option I want to use so it looks
the best so let’s removed it here and defense one day she is on this
foundation so in the corner that you can place a wall if you like to take it out
and all around you can see it aligns perfect so that’s the best for later
this so if you wanna know how to build around two hours you can check it out
with my two years I put a link in the descriptions and also in the screen now
if you are on the PC so did I plated for eight years and is not correct you don’t know how to build a tower
Toronto so yeah you were to turn them around because he placed dish for Dayton
normally on the wrong side so keep it in mind and always check with the walls to
your correct or not so I gotta continue building yes all the way around and all
the other 44 on all the other tree that was so I will see you back when I’m done
with it need for donations also and he already
had one as preparation also outside of the ventilation and I
want to use it in a one and yeah you don’t need them all the way into the
towers you can see them so that was cuz we have so many friends relations
louder but before we gonna do it we have to
play some pillows around the corner problem later so I guess I gotta play
all the way around to show you guys what I mean course so I showed you in tips
and tricks what to do with all the way in the ground girl so we need a high that is for the same thing here of course for this
evening so you can use such feelings and not expect to use here so I think you
need to stand inside you yes otherwise it will snap to this one
wall and that’s a bit lower so we don’t want it secrets in the ground or not I guess
it’s in the ground if not it will hold out for loss I only go this way thing corner is i eight high so order to have
to do later 5280 I guess twenty must be enough 100 was as you can see your it’s not in
around him because he thinks it’s in the ground that’s funny word here and it’s ok I don’t like the
look of it so I don’t use it you know we need some difference didn’t use any cheat or something like
that not just leveled up by weight a lot my
movement speed a bit making things this one is one I don’t need to be high
because I’m going to the malls it later and we had a little too high well I gotta do this all the way to do
the same so you’re building a tower and I make as you can see I finish it all
the way around so I hope you have to say miss me and now I want to please the
dyno baits how did girls clothes also don’t have to be proved it so that’s it so I can create used to measure of taste
as well you don’t have to exactly as I do a nice car doors I don’t do it yet
because we have to finish the towers so let’s do it should be fine round up of course also plays the walls so ya wanna
building without acquittal I heard this song before I head request so I used a
lot of scaffolding for death second floor have to do that but you can
see that the inner diameter video that seat creative the star and the other three will make
way too long building going to be so it should look like this
guy’s also so now I gotta place window frames no frames I mean like windows so
built on lap three high above the world it is already standing and you’re going
to do this all the way around so I’ll see you when I’m fitness with dole’s
order lost three so its winners all around and I hope you finish it as well
now we got to build those cars here wall and we need to fill the bill now I can treat it have a problem so how it’s going to be
the same here so it’s going to be like this on their
corner and those other two corners as well so let’s do it let’s make it a bit
so how did it all the way around the place to wall side of course I’m going to kill us
again for the gates then I’m going to place your friends
also just like the rest of it around Europe like this of course well that’s it and
4.1 going to continue building this car so
important I hope to have that soon as well I hope you enjoyed if you have any
questions about this boardwalk about what rebuild so far please let me know
in a comment result if you have any suggestions what to build in another
video what game in another video or what to do whatever you like to leave a
comment and I will see you guys in the next video by rounding no no no no no go
go go

55 thoughts on “Part 1, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved”

  1. Where did you start foundations at? Keep trying to build outline and running into it being to high on the other side

  2. I am having trouble with the round towers on the xbox one, i am placing the first fence foundation just how you have it. And then i turn the wall around like you do, but i have gaps in between the rest of it. No matter which way i turn the fence foundation it still has gaps in between the tower walls. So i really don't know what to do i've been stuck on the towers all day i can't even get one right. I also knowest on the second tower you built on the video there is a gap, and the first tower does it have a gap. I think the problem is sense your turning the wall in the wrong direction it makes gaps in the walls for me and i don't know how to fix it. So any help you could give me on this would be appreciated.

  3. Why don't you just use fly mate.. You're already using god anyways. We all know how to scaffold, we're not here for that. It's just making the vid tedious to watch

  4. interesting videos. I noticed you dont use K view building at all. It is especially useful when placing behemoth and dino gates. look almost directly down at your feet, activate the buildable, then press K. the gate ghost image should now be almost right in front of you. adjust angle by exiting K, moving the mouse left or right ever so slightly, then press K again and check allignment.

  5. +Fresonis I just finished a day of building on a server where I actually have to gather the resources and make the materials for the buildings. I want to tell you, I followed this video and building this building was so easy with your help. I built mine on pillars and ceilings as the ground wasn't level. I had to add an eloborate staircase/entry way to the front and it looks AMAZING!! I just wanted to say thanks for putting this video up and great job on helping us build.

  6. Idk how u placed it there with foundations unless they change some elevations on that map, been here 3 hours and over 400 foundations and no matter what there are always caps where u cant fill in!

  7. would you have a layout for the foundation? just trying to follow your awsome castle and don't want to mess up

  8. think in have a good location just trying to work out how many foundations across x how many up etc to lay out the Base plan

  9. Thank ya very much for your tutorials! =)
    I was a noob at building things in ARK.
    Then I saw your tutorials… ;D
    The best thing about yours is: You show examples of what can go wrong. So it's not sooo frustrating if it happens at the game.
    Very much better to find the mistake at a building!

    Keep on surviving!

  10. man i love this castle man i think its the best ive seen so far but im haveing a horriable time trying to figure out exactly where you started the build for the first row of 10 foundations i have gone throuhg 250 foundations trying to get the start right i was wondering if you could give the exact location where you started.i play on a server with friends and want to make this castle so bad but its killing me i cant get it right ill start the rows than one foundation wont snap im at 71 lat 34 ion trying to look at the place you started but i cant seems to figure it out i play on us pve KILL4PLAY is name of server id love it if you could show me where you starterd
    thx again ryan

  11. In all of your round anything tutorials you always reference another video, but never actually cover how to make a round tower… I guess we could figure it out, but stop referencing an explanation that doesn't exist…

  12. Hi
    Thx for that video, it's really great. Im building this on a pve server and in metal to be abble to not come if i go on holydays but i can't find a way to snap the behemot metal gate to that… i tried with a stone gate and it snaps correctly but not the metal… tried some stuff on solo and didnt work. Do you have any idea? Thx again Hope you will do a lot like that again

  13. Hi there…I'm having issues finding where to set the first foundation to be able to do the above.

    I used the screenshots posted on steam to orient myself/place the first location to hopefully make it even but you can see in this screenshot that it breaks up in spots where I can't place the foundation.

    Any tips?

  14. i found you a week ago cause i remembered you name and now i found this one 😀 i think i was with you on a server where you build it:)

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