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Part 2, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks

Part 2, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks

hey there, my name is Fresonis and welcome to Part 2 of How to build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved

26 thoughts on “Part 2, How to Build a Castle with Round Towers in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks”

  1. I would like to know what YOU would like to see for my 500 subscribers special !! It can be a build, a tame, a challenge or whatever. The channel grows really fast and I thank you all for that!! 😀

  2. Hey, nice tuto, maybe u can make one video with some tips like our u made ur interior, or some builder tips like the fence tips u explained

  3. Damn there is a hole in our roof near the side of the behemot gates that cannot be filled…
    Well, you're castle is awesome but I suck to do it ><
    Wish you could come to our server Fresonis-senpai xD

  4. Hey Fresonis, I've been a subscriber and supporter for a while. I must say the castle build is what caught my attention. All your videos are good but the castle is grand. I'm ready to see another build and I think others would agree. This build is what made you big. Stay true to your creativity. Thanks!

  5. Hello Fresonis, i am now building your awesome castle, but i have a problem placing the ceiling on 20:04. It wont place halfway, as it is suppose to… It really annoys me… I feel i have done everything you have 🙁

  6. Thank you so much! I managed to build that and it was perfect! Thank you really much again 🙂 I like your dutch accent 😛 dankjewell (greetings from germany). Your voice, your microphone, your gameplay, everything was perfect! And I really like how you wrote what we needed for the castle. And perfect updates! Your updates (like how to build a round tower updated) really helped me. Thanks a lot! I wish there are more Youtubers like you. You are the only YouTuber I could say, that deserved the subscription 🙂 I don't know why you don't have much more viewers! I could write much more positive things to you, but I don't know where to start and my english is not the best 😛 Anyways, dankjewell perfect videos! Doei 🙂

  7. Got any tips for laying the foundation? i find i hard to make the foundation without gettn obscured, i dont know if there is a better way..

  8. So I've built your castle several times already, but now i'm running into more problems than before. :s At 10:38 where I need to place the ceiling in the middle of the other ceilings, and then place the pillars down to the ground, everything is demolished after I've placed everything down, and remove the wall I start up with. Is that for everyone? If so, have you got a fix for it?

  9. Hey Fresonis, love the videos – they are helping me a lot! Can you tell me please: is there a reason you don't snap the dino gates to fence foundations? Sorry for asking this in an old(ish) video. Keep up the good work and good luck with the channel 🙂

  10. Fees, hat off to you my friend! Building and designing are my favorite things to do in Ark. Thanks to you and your tutorials I'm able to do so much more! I just completed this castle as a test build. Looks great! Although admittedly only one tower was spot on! Dang fence foundation snap points! Lol.
    I want to make a sultans palace in Scorched now, but the dang blueprint commands aren't working for me on PS4. I'll figure it out though! Would love any tips you may have for me! And having said that… There's a challenge for you! A sultan's palace!
    Again thank you for everything you're doing!

  11. The pillars in the corner trick is patched out, here is the new trick:

  12. great tutorials, I would like to see you try something with the tek tier. I know it's pretty limited at the moment as far as building materials, but you clearly think outside the box and I think you could make some crazy things. with the new underwater bases maybe something that is above and below water? I don't know, but it might be fun to check out.

  13. Fresonis, are you still playing and building? If so, I would like to invite you to our server to see if you could help us build or give some instructions? Let me rephrase, its not OUR server but an official PVE server 602.

  14. Hi Im very late but I just started playing ARK , I know….Um I just want to know if this amazing castle can be built if I add a basement underneath the castle ( will I reach my height limit) Foundation , wall and then ceilings,castle built off ceilings.I ask for water pipe and electrical reasons.

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