Peak 9 – The perfect day

Hi We’re Bill and Cheryl Rider, We moved here from Wilton, Connecticut two and a half years ago. [Bill] I worked on Wall Street for 30
years. All three of our kids went to high school back in Connecticut [Bill] but were smart enough to come out here for college. They kept sending me the bills and fantastic pictures and [Bill] I decided that perhaps, I’d like to have some fun as well. [Cheryl] We chose Breckenridge because I wanted to be close to Denver and Bill wanted a great resort town. [Bill] This is a real town with real schools, people live here, it’s a great place to be. [Bill] Breckenridge has Peaks Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten, huge variety of terrain but I got to say [Bill] Peak Nine is one of our favorite Peaks. [Cheryl] I like the proximity to town. We go to Cuppa Joe, get burrito and a cup of coffee and can walk right over to the mountain and ski [Bill] From the top of the QuickSilver lift it’s so easy to get over to the Mercury Chair or Beaver Run, where you’ve got a fantastic variety of terrain, [Bill] mainly groomed, but late in the day we like to catch some bumps. We like the Pearless bumps, they’re really fun. You like the Pearless bumps? I like the Pearless bumps! Cheryl likes the Pearless bumps. [Cheryl] After a few runs we go for lunch at the Overlook restaurant, which is newly renovated, it’s really pretty and you can sit outside on a warm sunny day, it’s awesome. [Bill] They have a fantastic noodle
bowl and got some chicken pot pies and of course a burger is always good too. [Bill] After lunch we come out, it’s kind of fun to hit it hard. Volunteer and American they’re demanding but I got to say our legs kind of run out of steam after a while. [Cheryl] Then we like to walk around town, that’s really my favorite part of the day. [Bill] You know there’s some great restaurants here in Breck and happy hour scene is a lot of
fun. [Bill] There’s a restaurant over on Ridge St. called Twist, that has a really neat menu.
[Cheryl] It’s one of our favorite places to go after skiing. [Cheryl] That is our perfect day
in Breckenridge on Peak 9, we love it here. [Bill] It’s got it all, that’s why we’re
here and truly is a perfect day.

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