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PIGEON CONFIT in duck and goose fat – We’ll See How We Go

PIGEON CONFIT in duck and goose fat  – We’ll See How We Go

I’ve got a pigeon in the freezer. I woke up this morning thinking hmmm, i could
do that, perhaps a confit? With the confit, i don’t really know, this
is all completely guesswork for me, I’m gonna try and do it in a sous vide bag with maybe
some goose fat, and some duck fat? What’s going to go with it… I don’t know, but uh, I guess we’re just going
to have to see how we go! So this here is our pigeon. to be honest he
looks a little bit like a horror show at the moment, but with a little bit of work I’m
sure he’s gonna be absolutely delicious. So you saw that I’ve got the thyme there, with
that thyme im gonna stick it in the goose/duck fat or whatever I can get my hands on, and
then put all that in a sous vide bag, cook it around 63 degrees celsius, I think that’s
a good poultry temperature? Then hopefully we get the thyme flavour penetrating
right deep into that pigeon, i mean, he’s only little, look at the size of him, but
also, he’s quite lean, so I’m hoping that that fat provides me with a little bit of
moisture, if not, hopefully, a bit of tenderness. So that’s gonna go in there for around about
2-3 hours, at a fairly low temperature, and then hopefully by the end of it, we’ve got
a good one! as for it’s accompaniments we’re gonna have to figure that one out, everyone
is saying pear, but I know we can think of something different. Alright, I’m off. Alright so it’s all happening, as I said,
I got two types of fat, I got duck fat and I’ve got goose fat, gonna mix those together,
that’s gonna go in with a bit of thyme, and then that is all going to go into a bag with
my pigeon. Now with all of this stuff, we’re gonna have
this stuff. We’ve got purple potatoes, normal potatoes,
and an orange, that’s all going to become a puree. Then we’re going to have lightly sauteed onion,
with apple cress greens, berries, and we’re gonna make a sauce out of the balsamic vinegar
and maybe some molasses. Finally, we’ve got a bit of chocolate that
I’m gonna grate over top, and that’s hopefully going to give me a bit of a bitter pop. Now what I’ve gotta figure out though is…when
it comes to doing this chap, do I break him down first? Or do I not? Okay so looking at him, he’s not nearly as
meaty as I thought, so I might not break him down, but I might frog him. Frog him you say? Let me show you. So i just want to talk a little bit about
the reasoning behind my flavour selections here, just so you understand what I’m doing. So we’ve the pigeon in there with all of that
fat and all of that thyme, now the thyme itself is very fragrant so with that, beautiful thyme
flavour as well as the incredible fattiness of what I’ve just put in there, but the leaness
and the intensity of the meat of the pigeon, I chose a series of ingredients that were
going to provide an ample amount of contrast and balance to the dish, so with the potatoes
and the purple potato all coming together in a puree, I’ve added a citrus element, thats
going to slowly and very very delicately cut through the fatty layer of the pigeon, now
for dealing with the intensity of the meat, I’ve got the currants here, now these currants
are basically here as a countermeasure to the strength and intensity of that meat, so
they should hopefully cut through it and provide and nice amount of contrast, to the umami
flavours I’m presenting, and then finally to bridge the gap, between both sides of the
dish, on a herbal level, I’ve chosen something a little bit more mild, so that’s apple cress. Now this apple cress has got a sweet, very
very sweet but slightly floral flavour to it, and I’m hoping that should ease in the
thyme, into the rest of the dish. Hopefully providing a bit of blending or a
little bit of almost, “flavour shading” to what I’m doing. Now that should all come together fairly nicely. And then, just the little elements of things
like chocolate should provide a little bit of sweetness, a bit of bitterness, all the
extra things that I’m not quite getting. But that will… should… work. Alright so, here it is. As you can see in that timelapse I just did,
I tried to work out the plating so we had a nice circle, I’m a big fan of doing plating
in shapes. So you can see that I got the potato on first,
and then just slowly layered things up, sort of trying to get the right amount of things
for the flavour balance I was talking about earlier. So the sauce that I have here which is one
that I didn’t show was a simple mixture of molasses and balsamic vinegar with a little
bit of garlic powder and you just whisk it up, reduce it down as then as it cools, it
gets nice and this and it sticks really nicely. So I only put a little bit of that in the
middle, because its quite strong. Other than that, we’ve got all of our ingredients
layered up and I’m gonna give it a go. So…. I’ll try and get everything in one bite. So we’ve got out pigeon, get a little bit
of that, a little berry in there, some chocolate and some leaf, apple cress, nice and sweet… Yeah so the flavours evolve quite steadily,
so you end up with like… WOW that’s quite crazy… So you end up with the potato starting up
first, a nice sort of, very generic potato texture, a little bit of orange then the meat
punches right through, and you can definitely taste the thyme in there. Then after that you end up with a little bit
of sweetness first from the onions, weirdly enough and then after that you’ve got a pop
of sour from the currants, and then after that herbal flavours, and then finally, ending
up on the chocolate. It’s an interesting experience that one… I’ll try the next round with a bit of the
sauce coz i missed it completely but every bite should be different in this, I like being
able to combine things in some bites, and leaving some out in others, and seeing how
it goes. But, surprisingly good. The only thing I’d say is that I’d probably
cook the pigeon for a little bit longer. It’s nice, but I think a little more fall
apart tender would be really really good. But I’m happy! Yeah. Definitely happy.

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