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Pressure Washing ‘77 Buick Found in River w/Snow Foam Cannon

Pressure Washing ‘77 Buick Found in River w/Snow Foam Cannon

(Motor Whirling) (Electronic Music) – [Jared] Sam, you’re pretty smart going straight for the bunny suit Rather than waiting like
I did on the last one. (laughing) – We don’t know if we’re
gonna keep this series up for pressure washing cars, but we did get some recommendations from the viewer audience Sam, that we need to start pressure washing some of these cars that
we pull out of the river. – Well if you guys asked
for it, then like the video! I feel like a marshmallow now. I feel cool, like maybe we
should film a music video or something. (Electronic Beat) (Distorted) [Jared] Blue bong, blue car So this is the vehicle
they just missed Sam. – You guys gotta watch the
video just for the backseat, that was cool to see that
thing start to shine. Don’t give it away,
don’t show the backseat. But it’s, it’s cool. – And don’t go there right now because we, cause we have that Buick right now, – Yeah, yeah. – Sam’s gonna clean up. Maybe we should first
do like a walk around, show them what the car looks like before. – Probably So what we’ve uh,
identified this car as, Sam, is a 1977 Buick, and I think it’s a Buick Regal, is what everybody has
informed me that it is. – It was very heavy, probably six to eight
thousand pounds of mud. – I really love the color of this car, like just look at the coloring of it. If we can get, let’s say, 10,000 comments, not likes, I want 10,000 comments on this one. I’m gonna come back, you’re gonna detail
the inside of that car. – All right agreed. Got it. 10,000. – I think you’re pretty safe. There’s only one video we’ve ever gotten 10,000 comments on. (laughing) – Blue bong, blue car, gangster style, bullet holes. Gang-banger. – Yeah. – Sam it says diesel fuel only. Right there. – Sorry AT, my bad. – We know the diesel’s for the
uh, for the big burner there. The diesel heats up the
water, through the burner, and that way you get hot water
you can like stream engines and things like that. – Put a big ol’ rotisserie
chicken in there and cook it up. – Yep. (Motor Whirling) (Calm Guitar Music) – Washing filth away [Jared] There’s more holes
now than when you started – Yeah, I think so. [Jared] I would never
hire you to wash my car – I wouldn’t either. (Machine Whirling) It just keeps on ripping
right through the, through the tire panel. [Jared] Yeah you’re gonna
have to bond all those holes to cover them again – Oh yeah (Calm Guitar Music) – That looks pretty cool actually Good! (Motor Clicks Loudly) Yeesh! Thought someone was shooting at us [Jared] Well yeah we
are in the neighborhood it could happen. – This left side’s all, rusted out The right side looks good. – Now the reason why we’re
using Dawn dish soap. I went to Napa and I said, hey I have a car that’s been
underwater for like 30 years, what should I use? Well they said you know what really, go ahead and just pick
up some Dawn dish soap, Three times the cutting grease there Sam! – That’s right. This is a Foamer that uh, people use on those exotic cars and stuff – $13 on Amazon, like go get, snow foam cannon that’s what it’s called. (Motor Running) (Upbeat Rock Music) [Jared] You didn’t fill the holes in – Ah, no didn’t quite do it nah, you can really see where
they’re at now though. – EVO Gimbals is today’s episode sponsor, with that they have a couple Gimbals that they’re trying to
close out some old inventory so they have a special price going on, plus in addition to the special price they have an additional 10% discount on top of that special price if you use the link in the
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Adventure with Purpose Special. Smart phone gimbals, they have GoPro gimbals, any action camera as well as DSLR’s, like what we’re actually shooting on, like Sam is shooting on right now. You need go check them out because there’s
not a single YouTube video, Facebook video that I’ve done on this channel that I’ve not used the
Rage 2 for any of my stuff. I’m a smooth footage person, so go check out the
link in the description and thank you EVO Gimbals for
being one of our sponsers, pretty much on, from day one Sam. Do you know they’ve been
with us for that long? [Sam] I have not, no – Incredible people, go check em’ out. It’s been sudsing up
for, about a half hour 25 minutes, half hour. – Yeah yeah probably about that (Machine Whirling) (Electronic Beat) [Jared] What’d ya think Ryan? – Man, that thing is gnarly huh? – It’s got a really cool patina actually [Jared] Remember they have to get like, 10,000 likes or comments
and you’ll clean that out (Motor Clicks Loudly) – Oh! [Jared] Yeehoo! – I knew that one was coming – For those of you who did not catch the last pressure washer cleaning video, this is Sam. Sam is an incredible editor, like we all have our own
special skills in life. Sam is an incredible editor. He’s not only worked with me and he’s been like producing
or editing my videos, but Sam has also been editor
of some other YouTube Videos. Like, millions of views, if we told you who it was,
you’d know right away. Sam actually has a little
bit room on his dance card for some additional clients. – Yes that’s correct – So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna leave your email
address in the description below. – I wonder if the red one, would cut through the vinyl on the top. (Motor Whirling) [Sam] We’ve got a very nice patina here It came out pretty good, got a surprise – If you’ve not already done
so, what should they be doing? – Subscribe – Later later, buh-bye (Calm Music)

100 thoughts on “Pressure Washing ‘77 Buick Found in River w/Snow Foam Cannon”

  1. Is there ever anything useful to be pulled off of a car in this condition ? Headlight or tail light housings perhaps ?

  2. Keep up the good work, Jared! I was about to ask why didn't Sam clean out the inside of the Buick then went back to rewatch the video and found out why. I look forward to seeing the inside of the Buick!! My grandparent has owned Buicks for as long as I can remember. My mom told me a story that when she was backing her '73 Nova up and hit her father's Buick (not sure of model type), it left a small dent in her Nova's bumper but not even a single dent in the Buick. Old Buick's were built to last a long time!!

  3. Do you get decent money when you scrap them? I see you have several that need to get scrapped in your yard, These cleaning vids are fun.

  4. Hey guys! It would be awesome if you could let ya know if each car you pull out was stolen after you run vin numbers! Or if any of them have stories!

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