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Raiders of the Lost Ark: A Boxing Match (1981) [HD]

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A Boxing Match (1981) [HD]

Indy: They’re going to fly it out of here. When that Ark gets loaded, we’re already going to be on the plane. Dietrich: Ah, monsieur… …let us toast our success in the desert. To the Ark. Belloq: When we are very far from here. That will do. Big guy: Hey, you now… …come here! Come here! Marion: Indy! Belloq: Stay with the Ark! Stay with the Ark! Marion: Look out! Oh, my God. Indy: Marion. Marion: In here, Jones! Up here! Up here! Marion: Indy, come on! Indy: Hold on! Marion: Move up! It’s gonna blow up! It’s stuck! Indy! I can’t push it off! It’s stuck! Indy: Turn it! Turn it! Marion: It’s stuck! Turn it there! Nevr mind! Get back! Get back! Dietrich: Get the Ark away from this place immediately. Have it put on the truck. We’ll fly it out of Cairo. And Gobler… I want plenty of protection. Belloq: Jones.

17 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Ark: A Boxing Match (1981) [HD]”

  1. 4:23 to 4:27 me when I’ve had enough of getting comboed by a good smash player I’m playing against who’s at about 20% percent damage and I get that damage up to 85-90%

  2. 5:06
    Dietrich : Get the Ark away from this place immediately! Have it put on the truck! We will fly it out of Cairo! And Gobler, I want plenty of protection!
    Gobler : Jawohl, Herr Ob…
    [Gobler is interrupted midsentence by an explosion]
    Belloq : [to himself] Jones!

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