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Raiders of the Lost Ark: Cairo’s hassle (1981) [HD]

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Cairo’s hassle (1981) [HD]

Indy: Do we need the monkey, huh? Marion: I’m surprised at you, Jones… talking that way about our baby. He’s got your looks, too. Indy: And your brains. Marion: Oops! I noticed that. She’s a smart little thing…smart. Hey! Hey, where you going? Indy: She’ll be all right. Have a date. Come on. Come on. Marion. Marion: What’s this? Indy: It’s a date. You eat ’em. Marion: How come you haven’t found some nice girl to settle down with… …raise eight or nine kids, like your friend Sallah? Indy: Who says I haven’t? Marion: I do. Dad had you figured a long time ago. He said you were a bum. Indy: Oh, he’s being generous. Marion: The most gifted bum he ever trained. Marion: You know, he loved you like a son. Took a hell of a lot for you to alienate him. Indy: Not much, just you. Marion, get out of here! Duck! Marion: Right. Shh! Shh! Indy: Marion! Marion: Help! Over here, Indy! Indy: Get out of the way! Move! Move it! Marion: Help me! Marion: You can’t do this to me! I’m an American! Indy! Indiana Jones! Help me, Jones! Jones! Indy: Marion! Marion: Indy! Indy: Marion…

20 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Ark: Cairo’s hassle (1981) [HD]”

  1. 0:44 Funny when Spielberg and Lucas do it, its funny. When Count Dankula does it he nearly goes to prison.

  2. Illustrates the precise-meaning of the saying: "Never bring a knife to a gunfight!" (No matter how big it is!) I mean, he's HOT, he's TIRED, he's like: "Oh, to-hell with it–just SHOOT-the sumbitch, an' be done with it!"…..!☺

  3. Indy really knows how to punch every time he hits someone it's like bammmmmm lol. He not all that big a dude close to 200 lbs in later movies like the temple of doom but not here

  4. The cult scene, where Indiana Jones instead of getting into a fight with an Arab, just shoots him, was the idea of Harrison Ford, who at that time was not able to perform complex tricks, as he suffered from dysentery.

  5. I am happy .,!! But watching indie in this seen is what makes me smile the biggest ever…!!!!
    Funny and very unique he is … lucky ..!!!!!

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