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Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Truck Chase (1981) [HD]

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Truck Chase (1981) [HD]

Sallah: Holy smoke, my friends…I… …I’m so pleased you’re not dead! Indy, we have no time. If you still want the Ark… …it is being loaded onto a truck for Cairo. Indy: Truck? What truck? Belloq: Let’s go! Indy: Get back to Cairo. Get us some transport
to England.. …boat… …plane, anything… Meet me at Omar’s. Be ready for me. I’m going after that truck. Sallah: How? Indy: I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go. Belloq: He’s there! Idiot! Idiot!

88 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Truck Chase (1981) [HD]”

  1. As far as I care, the best action scene ever filmed. If you fall 1000 ft off a train going over a bridge, or if you go under the wheels of a truck you are equally dead. But how often does an average person face the hazard of falling 1000ft off a train vs getting run over by a truck?

  2. Try this: Turn off the sound. What's impressive about this scene is that it's still riveting even without sound. Example of excellent directing and cinematography

  3. Good crowd control at the beginning. A few rounds in the air make the overly curious back the hell up. Maybe we should do that on Black Friday…

  4. I just love the sound of that truck as it shifts through the gears, it’s just an extra element that helps build the tension and adds realism most films don’t capture

  5. Now why can't Lucasberger devise an action sequence this perfectly tight and kinetic again? The Temple of Doom mine car chase, a spillover from Raiders' unused ideas, comes close, as does Last Crusade's relatively slow-moving tank chase and the chase through the woods in Crystal Skull UNTIL Mutt starts swinging from vines like Tarzan.

  6. One of the reasons I saw this movie so many times in the theater when it first came out is it was the only way to hear John Williams' brilliant music in its entireity! On the soundtrack, it was edited.

  7. Just as Indiana is getting thrown out the windshield, you will notice someone else is driving the truck with dark hair. Pause at 5:53.

  8. Some people say that it was very painful for the nazis, but I'm really glad about this moment. The truth is that the ark belongs to museum!

  9. must have watched this scene for the 363rd time…absolutely great…for me the best action sequence in movie-history ! Pure fun and excitement to watch, great acting, great editing…never get bored of this !

  10. Everytime I see indy go underneath the truck I get goose pimples!!! It's such an amazing scene Nothing comes close to it Utterly fantastic Spielberg is a genius

  11. 2:56
    Guy: 😲
    Indy: (looks at soldier) Laughing
    Soldier: Laughing
    Indy: Pushes soldier out of car
    That always cracked me and my brother up as kids and still does now

  12. Indy getting back in the truck, beating the shit out of that soldier, throwing him out, running him over, and then violently shifting into gear to accelerate at the car and ram it off the road, all with a furious look on his face, is the greatest moment of catharsis in any movie ever. Everything comes together, the actions, the cinematography, the music and the sound effects to make this unparalleled. Probably THE most badass moment par none.

  13. Loved the mechanic at 5:21. Should’ve won. Man crush from a very young age. My cousins and I used to act out this scene!

  14. 3:35: Jeep approaches on the right, gets run off the road.
    Driver says to himself, "won't let him do THAT to me again!"
    4:05: Jeep approaches on the left… gets run right off a cliff.
    Yep, Nazis are dumb in Spielberg's world.

  15. In 1981, Siskel and Ebert reviewed this on their PBS show, which aired before dinner on Saturdays where I lived. Dad clapped his hands and said, "Hot damn! Boys we are going to see that." We all got dressed for it like we were going to church. The map room scene was great. But the Truck Scene was holy-shit, stand-on-your-seat, whooping-and-pointing, did-you-just-see-that awesome.

  16. It just sucks that nearly 3 decades later when they released Crystal Skull, they had to do the car chase primarily with CGI.

  17. Watch this video but listen to "I Need a Hero" and start it when we first shows up on the horse. The song ends a little too early but it fits so well. It's fantastic. You won't regret it.

  18. Unless its maybe Marvel, do action sequences in film measure up to this quality anymore? Fantastic scene in every aspect in this

  19. Saw this in the cinema as 7 year-old kid and was a bit shaken up by its energy and intensity of the action- but in a good way.

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