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Raptor Claus Loot Haul! Ark Survival Evolved Winter Wonderland Update!

Raptor Claus Loot Haul! Ark Survival Evolved Winter Wonderland Update!

what is that poise it’s major savage
here it is December 25th so I thought I would bring you guys a nice Christmas
themed video this month in Ark survival evolved we receive the winter wonderland
update which adds a few unique dinos to the maps that give us presents like
santa claus this is a very cool feature a lot of the loot you get from these new
dinos is better than any loot you can get in any other way on the map better
than supply drops better than cave drops under water drops it’s better than all
of that while it’s supposed to be I’m not sure so in this episode we are gonna
hunt down Raptor claws and we’re gonna open up some gifts from him and we’re
gonna see if it’s worth it to go after these drops while we still can
I hope you guys have a great day today thank you to everyone that keeps up with
my content and has subscribed to my channel it means a lot Merry Christmas
and let’s get into it okay there he is Raptor claws is coming he normally
spawns in around midnight and 2 o’clock in the morning server time so I don’t
know where he spawns in from it’s always random but normal you can see him if you
fly high enough he’s a little yellow light in the sky so let’s get up here
and let’s take a look there he is right there
let’s see if we can get a good look at him with a spyglass room area there is
there is Raptor claws let’s go take a look the presents do fall at the same
speed as supply drops so you do have a lot of time to get to them oh there we
go we’re getting closer to he’s real look at that huh that’s fucking awesome it sucks because he is above skycap so
you cannot get very close to him and you can’t do any damage to him but let’s go
over here and let’s see if we can get a few of these presents alright this is gonna be our first
present let’s see what he gave us let’s see what we got
mistletoe coal element charred mushrooms cooked meat jerky elemental dust oh fuck
look look at all the ghillie Mastercraft blueprint ascendant blueprint and
ascended boots along with some crafting material we are going to take the coal
and the mistletoe and maybe the meat to end the element shard
alright let’s go see if we can get another one mistletoe coal journeyman kite me
ascendant sickle there we go alright way so we’re back at the base we just got
all of the gifts from Raptor claws we’re gonna take a look at what we got and see
how good it is all right so I put it all in this box let’s take a look we got a
few cryo pods which are always helpful we got a master craft sword blueprint
266 durability 220 3.9% melee damage that is decent simple pistol 351
durability 283 point 5 damage again very very good this is one that I saw and I
was really happy to get it this was the ascendant crossbow with 550 durability
and 280 2.8% melee damage we got a full stack of polymer plus a
little extra we got a lot of Gilley and ascendant blueprint a master craft hand
blueprint ascendant metal sickle a Senate ghillie
chess piece journeyman terror bird saddle that’s not really that great
master craft pike 111 durability and 284 point 3 weapon damage got a bunch of
cooked lamb chop tons of cooked meat jerky element shards
element dust and then of course we did get mistletoe and coal I will explain
what we used those for in another video it’s gonna be coming out right after
this one but that is a decent haul I wasn’t able to get every gift the timers
ran out on them very quickly and I could not move across the map fast enough but
these blueprints and this prefabricated gear is supposed to be better than
anything else you can find on the map these are better than cave red drops
underwater red drops like this is the best of the best and the event is still
going on so go out get your gear load up on what you need and save your
mistletoe and cult one thing I will say before the end of this video is I’m not
sure if the quality of the items in the blueprints is affected the drop rate on
the server we have slightly boosted drops and this gear is still really
really good better than anything else we’ve seen so I’m not too sure about
that but it could be don’t get me wrong anyways that is at the end of the video
I hope you guys enjoyed it have a great Christmas and subscribe if you liked
this video

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